Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good to be Back

It's Like Superbowl Sunday!

To answer the age-old question, "Does absence make the heart grow fonder," well the stats are still being compiled on that one, but as I've long suspected, absence does make something grow harder.

It was so nice signing on this morning and seeing tons of emails from friends and getting to chat with even more friends - all of whom I've missed a lot.  I've missed the fun that can only be had on NF.  I've missed posting on my blog and I'm just generally glad to be back (and on my back ... knees ... side ... desks, floors, bed, etc.  tee hee).

I'm glad I got to catch up with a lot of you before "game time."  If you don't see me online later today, look again - because I'll be back (this can be very addicting).

What I Really Want ... 

I want you to watch those football games today and get that testosterone bubbling to a boil and I'll be back later to help you burn off some steam (maybe in my cheerleader outfit).  Oh speaking of outfits, I did have some schoolgirl  fun today on the desk of a very naughty teacher who insisted that I watch a little dirty movie with him and mimic what I saw.  Funny thing was that it was a Catholic school scene and ironically, the girl was wearing the same uniform I wore to school - right down to the plaid pattern and the cross-snap tie (a tie which looks much hotter on a bare neck than it does wrapped around a button-down cotton blouse.)  

Well I'm taking a bit of a break ... but I'll be back later on ...
Hope you catch me here (and throw me down on the bed and show me just how much you missed me :)
xxo Ashley 

(oh I'm sooo naughty today ... wonder what got into me - tee hee)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rumors of My Disappearance

... Have Been Greatly Exaggerated 

In fact, I'm back (in black) and sexier, kinkier and maybe even a little darker than before.

Cum play with me and let the fantasies fly.

I'll be around late Saturday night and I'll be around for part of Sunday morning too (wouldn't want to interrupt that ball game).  Think of me as the post- and pre-game entertainment.

Let's take a ride, hug the curves and cross the lines - I'm ready to rev it up!

xxo Ashley