Sunday, August 30, 2015

Expanding my Repertoire

Sunday - Something New Day

Who says that Sunday's are boring?  Not me!

While most of you know that I'm a pretty straight one-on-one kind of girl, I have to say that most of the porn I've watched couldn't top the morning I had today.

I had two calls this morning - both out of my realm of character and both stimulatingly wonderful.

The first is something you guys wouldn't be interested in probably, but let's just say that although I'm often the sweet, submissive type of girl, I was able to channel my erotic side into a more dominant role.  Not something I'd be comfortable with on a regular basis, because as I've mentioned here before, it's a lot of work to be dominant.  You have to constantly come up with ideas, you have to be one step ahead of someone else in thinking, acting and initiating.  Exhausting.  But this morning's call was like soft dom, so I got to be my sexy-voiced erotic self, while also indulging some of my more personal desires.  I'd do it again, but only as a change to my normally mindless submission to men who tell me what to do or how they like it.  I'd rather create around a vision than come up with the vision myself - if you get that.

The second call - well, it was a cuckold call.  In the throws of a normal, nice-to-meet-you conversation, I found myself getting roped into being someone's beautiful object of a wife.  We travelled around the world and our mission - well my husband's mission - was to find me men who could satisfy my needs in a big way.  What's not to love?  Of course, he liked to watch - which I love being watched, so that was lovely.   I was so thrilled with the prospect that I didn't even take offense to his comment that the only thing he'd change about me was to buy me nice big fake boobs.  I was all in.  Natural is nice, but fake never fails.  They're always the same, and let's face it there are plenty of things I'd like to wear without a bra that would just look better with bigger boobs.  Yes, he had me at the word "go."  Especially since he bought the boobs and paid for everything - I didn't have to work or even buy my own clothes.  He did everything for me.  We were on one big, long vacation that never ended.  I swam in pools, I wore sexy clothes, I ate for free ...Who wouldn't want that?  My only responsibility was to take it deep and hard and often - a no brainer if you ask me. 

Being such a submissive yet independent girl, it never really dawned on me that I might like that type of lifestyle, and maybe it was good only as a fantasy, but what a lovely fantasy it was.  Truthfully, the thought of being so taken care of actually got me to the juicy point more than once - or shall I say consistently.  Maybe it was just the thought of having such a variety of men - I'm not sure; I just know it felt good.

He especially got turned on when I let those men splooge on my new implants and rubbed it all over them (my implants, not the men).  I was happy to oblige, especially since it felt good anyway. 

Yes, two calls today so far - both completely out of my realm and both a nice and unexpected change for me.  It is a Full Moon out after all.  I should have known something strange would occur. 

Of course, I can't wait to get back into my submissive life, but if I can please a few small-dicked men along the way, so be it.  Saturday and Sunday - two completely different days for my first full weekend back.  There's something to be said for variety.

This is exactly what I meant when I called myself a chameleon.  I guess I'm just a very accommodating girl, and if you don't agree then I'd have to say we've never talked.  Why not change all that - later tonight when I'm back perhaps. 

xxo Ashley

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ready for the Weekend

Are You Ready?

It's been so much fun signing on once in a while, sort of getting my feet "wet" again (not to mention other parts).  I've have to say that 95% of the few calls I've had so far are from old friends, and luckily for me, they've all been among my "favs" or favorites. 

The response has been really positive, and I've been welcomed back with open arms (which usually close around my body in the most pleasant of ways).  So thanks everyone.  Really.  Each one of you is special in your own way and the depth of our connections have not been lost in the trips of time in between.

Speaking of "in between," I'm positively juiced about this weekend - in a most literal way.  As fate would have it, all of my friends are either away or busy this weekend, so I foresee no interruptions in my weekend.  Of course, I will be taking breaks here and there because girl cannot live on sex alone (but she can try). 

Aside from a quick walk to the local pool (to taunt the neighbors or just cool off) or a nap here and there, I plan to be around a lot on Saturday and Sunday.  This is not work, it's fun!   And I could use a little de-stressed fun - I bet you could too. 

And in addition to my long-time friends, I want to invite anyone who is curious about me.  Some of you have bought my short stories (thanks!) or listened to my audios (thanks again!) and some of you just visit my blog or my listings and leave.  That's okay, no hurt feelings.  But why not cure that curiosity with call.  If you're new to "Ashley's Playground" (as I like to call my world), send me an email on NF and introduce yourself.  Perhaps I'll even generously send you a free minute or two so we can get acquainted (wink).

So, what do I like?  Mostly, I like pleasing men.  It's my turn-on.  But as far as men go, I like older guys, although I'm an equal-opportunity flirt, so really, everyone is welcome.  Anyone who is my age or older, that is.  You can keep the inexperienced 20-somethings; some girls like them 'cause they're fast and hard, but that alone is boring to me.  I like making love (some of your are so passionate - I love it).  I like certain fetishes, and even if you have one I've never tried, I'm pretty open and willing to give it a whirl.  Perhaps I have "daddy issues," but what girl doesn't?  Besides that makes me take on certain behaviors (like wanting to please or wanting to be spanked) that you guys seem to like, so if my dysfunction is your green light, then so be it.  What I'm saying is although I'm classy and I look "refined" as one gentleman put it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at just what a dirty girl I can be. 

So join me this weekend and give me all you got.  Remember, I'm insatiable.  

PS:  Some of you have expressed a wish to contact me over Skype or Yahoo or have me watch you on cam as you build up steam, but I think all those electronics just interfere with the mood.  You'll find that our connection and imaginations are far more effective in achieving the desired results.  To be honest, screwing with computers and EMFs is not conducive to having a wet and wild experience.  I mean, how many hands do I have anyway?  Not enough to operate a buzzy toy and a mouse simultaneously while also running my dirty little hands down your chest and inside your shorts.  So, in other words, Ashley is Phone Only.  But then again, that is why they call it "phone sex."  Right?  Trust me, you'll still feel every bit of me - and vice versa.  If you don't believe me, just read some of my fabulous feedback on NF.  Afterwards, you may even be inclined to leave some feedback of your own.  Good five-star feedback gets me off like you wouldn't believe. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I love words.  Especially words that are so descriptive that they can capture an entire mood with just a few syllables.  Insatiable is my word of the day.

I woke up with my usual obligations - work to do; things to do, but I couldn't wait to take a break so I could sign on to NF, even though it wasn't planned.  It's just that ever since I decided to come back, I can't help but feels this insatiable appetite for sex.  Not that I ever forgot about sex, but I think that NF offers a way to explore so many rich fantasies that sometimes people don't always live out in their day-to-day existence. 

I share my fetishes and fantasies often here - or at least I have in the past.  It's very freeing to be able to express yourself in this way, don't you think? 

I find myself being extremely horny this morning ... more than usual.  When I stepped away from NF for a bit, I was hoping that this would be one of the results of my abstinence and gladly, it is.   Yes, it's true that while I was gone the real Ashley also kept herself to herself.  I've spent more time on building a life here, making friends and working hard.  It was not easy.  And there was a time when I went extreme and even denied myself of my own touch.  I have to say that when I finally gave in, it was mind-blowing.  I get the tease and denial thing even more than I got it before - even learning to edge myself as I've done to so many others.  Being on the edge of combustion and denying yourself the ability to go there is tantalizing to say the least.  But deny myself I will not any longer.  Now that I've tasted this intoxicating fruit again, I can't imagine ever stopping.

I just went through my closet and got reacquainted with all of my outfits and shoes and even started looking online in order to refresh my toy box.  I feel like myself again and it's exciting.  And I am also excited about sharing myself with you. 

I'm still quite submissive - a chameleon I like to say - lending myself to the fantasies of others, or simply lending myself to others (tee hee), but when asked, I never have trouble creating a scenario that leads to the desired out-cum. 

Honestly, right now - at this very moment, I'm so insatiably horny that I can feel myself slipping down that slippery slope.  You know the one where you find that no matter what it is you're doing, all you can really concentrate on is sex, sex and more sex.  It's s intrusive that I can't even concentrate on writing this blog.  I had an original idea I wanted to write out, but .... honestly writing is the last thing on my mind ... so until next time (after I've gotten this out of my system - yeah right)...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sleeping-In Sundays

Relaxed, Rested and Ready as Ever

It's been a crazy week.  I've traveled hundreds of miles, had more laughs in one week then I've had all year (that hurts your stomach muscles but it's great for the abs), and I've subsisted on a strict diet of Bloody Marys - that is if you don't include the wake-up coffee.  Bloody Marys are really the perfect diet if you think about it - you're getting good carbs (I like veggie juice), vegetables (tomato-based juice - celery ... and if you toss in the occasional olive or two, it's even better (omega 3) ... but the best part of a Bloody Mary diet is that it's less calories than eating food so it helps keep the body rocking tight (which is important if you want to wear tight, short dresses with skimpy panties - or none at all).  Plus, I always hated having kind of small boobs, but I gotta say, I'm the only one out of all of my friends who can go braless as well (and sometimes the situation just calls for it).  I get a tickle when my GFs get jealous of what I can wear - they hate when I don't wear a bra (I never share when I'm bare down there). 

And so we've arrived at Sunday.  It felt like I haven't been in my own bed for weeks and I was so enjoying it this morning.  Plus lately I've had to get up early for one reason or another no matter how late I've been up, so sleeping in was kind of a goal of mine for today.  One I was successful at completing. 

If you've been a friend of mine for a while, I've probably shared with you what rest and relaxation does for my sex drive - it puts it into over-drive. 

I enjoyed a few calls today and look forward to more this week.  Already, my toy box is looking like it needs an update, so I might do some shopping this week as well. 

Honestly, I was a little scared to sign on - just because it's been a while, but as my first post of the month said ... I didn't have any trouble getting "back in the saddle."  In fact, I see what I've really been missing all these months and it feels good to to back. 

When?  When will you be on?  That's the number one question I've been asked so far.  Since it's my first week back and I still have all (well most) of my old obligations/projects, etc. to contend with.  See?  Not much has changed.

I'm going to try to be on at least one weeknight / I'll slip in a week morning maybe and then weekends - as for the hours, I think I'll just let that play out for now.  It's still very warm here in the south and I do love getting outside when it's nice out - swimming, traveling, visiting friends, etc.  But I'm sure it will all work out as before, if not better, since now I appreciate NF so much more now than before. 

I'm getting sleepy, and my bed is begging me back after a long, involved day ... write me and tell me when you'll be around, I'll be sure to answer. 

Ciao for now.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sweet Anticipation

Sex on the Beach

Ever since my last post where I announced my coming back to NF this weekend, it's been a little hard to concentrate.  It's actually been hard to sleep as well, especially when my head is filled with thoughts of being groped and fondled and ... well you know.

But before my returned I went on a little vacation.  I was away with friends lying on the beach and every time my girlfriends would go into the ocean, I'd stay behind and I'd ask some stranger to put suntan oil on my back.  I would hand them the bottle with a smile and walk to my blanket.  I'm sure they all assumed that I would just stand there and let them oil me right where I stood, but when I started to walk away, they'd always follow.  Once on my towel, I'd kneel down and smile at them again as I slowly lowered my body down and twist my hair and lift it from my neck and raise my arms above my head. 

Once I was down on my stomach and completely comfortable, I'd tell them I was ready.  I'd squirm with delight as they untied the back of my bikini top.  I never asked any of them to do it, they just knew somehow that it would be easier to spread the oil across my body that way, I guess.

I felt that warm oil shoot all over my back .... oooh the warm and wet feeling was intoxicating against my hot skin.  And then their hands would start spreading the oil across my shoulders and down my spine, then back up along the sides of my body.  Occasionally a fingertip would graze the sides of my breasts and I'd find myself biting my lip - my body wriggling with desire. 

Usually, once they saw that "green light" most of them took the opportunity to oil not only my upper back, but my lower back as well, running their fingers just inside the top of my bikini bottoms.  And then the legs.  Squirting that warm oil down the length of my legs and then spreading it side to side across my ankles, over my calves, behind my knees (I like that spot), and then up my thighs (I liked that even more). 

The brave and bold ones would lingers on my thighs just a little longer than anywhere else, their fingers running along the bottoms of my bikini, some grazing that inner thigh area, hoping their fingers would accidentally slip across my lips.

But there was only one older man brave enough to go further.  He has oiled me earlier in the day himself and quickly left when my girlfriends returned, perhaps a little embarrassed.  He was, after all, old enough to be my father, so maybe he felt shy.  But as the long, hot day went on, I could see him watching me as I drank water and then poured the bottle over my chest to cool off.  He watched while countless others oiled my tan, bikini-clad body.  I think he liked watching other guys touch me, and honestly, I liked it all - the touching, the watching, the wanting. 

Yes, Ashley's back and still writing her short, burning hot stories.  If you'd like to see how this adventure panned out, just click here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Slipping Into the Saddle Again

Miss Me?
Yes, I know you did.  I knew the second I saw my neglected email box on NF with all of your notes, basically asking, "When are you coming back"?  It made me feel all warm and tingly just to know I was missed.  Thank you all so much!  Truth be told, I missed you too!

Well, I thought I'd be back last weekend, but it's been a busy time for my other pursuits, and my schedule (as before) is changeable on a moment's notice.

This coming weekend, I'm off for one last summer trek to the beach with my girlfriends to lounge by the pool, walk on the beach and drink with and taunt the locals, the latter being the most fun!

After that I'll be back on NF, but at the moment I can only swing one or both days of the weekend and possibly one night during the week.  If you're still reading this blog, then here's where you'll find the latest update.  If I were to do weekends - let me know if your vote would be for AM or PM - I'll try to take your requests into account (as you know I always aim to please). 

I want so badly to email you all individually - you definitely deserve that, but this blog is the most efficient way to make sure I reach everyone in a timely manner.  I had over 50 emails just sitting unread for a while - a long while, so my apologies if you didn't get a reply ... yet. 

VIPs get a free pass for the month of August - what's left of it - and maybe even September (I'll let you know).  

I'm the same girl - not much has changed - at least not the important stuff, like my appetite for fun and my imagination.  You'll see ;)

xxo Ashley