Let's Get Acquainted

Hi, I'm Ashley - I thought it would be nice if I could share a little about myself and give you a sense of who I really am.

My Style - On NF, I'm listed under submissive - and for the most part, I am ... at least in bed.  I guess for the sake of finding someone to play with on NF it's the section I belong in, but I'm not one for labels really and I think it doesn't say enough about who I am sexually. 

While I love being all things submissive like being tied up, being spanked and other playful modes of sensuality, I'm not into being berated, called names, or treated badly.  I am a sensual creature with a playful, and sometimes seductive side ... I love the feel of getting lost in feeling good and I also love the pleasure you derive from my very seductive and attentive advances as well.  I don't mind being told what to do or being treated like a naughty girl - but when it crosses the line of mis-treatment, I don't get off on it and I don't like to go there.

There are dominant guys who are similar to me ... soft-spoken but commanding, who know what they want and how to get it without hurting me or trying to crush my self-esteem.  Those are the men I love the best.  Real men with a real purpose who know that their strength comes from their masterful minds and their intelligent brains.

I often get submissive guys that call me ... one just this morning called and said "I want to be your submissive."  I never judge anyone and I certainly don't like wasting anyone's time or money - so as I usually tell anyone, "I'm sorry sweetie, it's just not my thing and I don't want to disappoint you or make you waste your money - I want you to get what you really want."  Nice enough, right? 

His response was something I often get - "Can you just try?"  And while I'm thrilled that they like my pics enough to want me to be their Goddess, inside I want to say, "I can't be dominant or mean anymore than you can be dominant - can you change who you are?"  I know the answer would be no and it might hurt their feelings, but some are so persistent, I've often come close to losing it.  Unless you're playing a role-play game, basically you can believe that when a girl says "no" she means it.

I am who I am - I'm sensual, sweet and I can be pretty seductive ... I can't be anyone else and to make someone try to be something they're not never turns out well for either party. 

I want us both to take each other to new heights of exhilaration ... elevating it more with each conversation.

As for submissiveness ... there are degrees ... I love being spanked for being naughty and having to go over your knee is a hot spot for me to be ... I also don't mind getting a belt over my butt ... especially when I hear how much it's getting you off ... however ... I'm not a pain slut.  If that's your thing, like I said before, no judgment, it's just not me.  There are plenty of girls on here who love that stuff. 

I don't degrade myself - I just enjoy good sex ... I often look at other girls' sites who like that hard-core stuff and I don't judge them - it's just not me.  I try to make it clear on my listings who I am and what I'm about ... naughty pleasure, but I often find that people look at pics and don't bother to read - and so they call me and ask me to do things that are obviously not me ... I like to think I'm somewhere in the happy middle of the road.  A little spanking, a little seduction and a lot of juicy fun.

So that's me ... the girl who will seduce you in your office, or submit to your advances to get a better grade in my college courses ... the sexy girl next door who has the hots for her neighbor ... some people might say that's "vanilla" but those who have played with me know that I'm anything but "vanilla."  I do like the basics, but I also like to take it to another level - a level all my own - a place that has no labels -

... just a fun fantasy with one objective ... making us both get to that exhausted, exhilarated and totally-enjoyable space ...

So, I hope that helps anyone who wasn't sure - it's not easy to describe yourself if you don't have a label ... but read my feedback and you'll get an even better sense of who I am. 

And when you're ready to call me ... I'll show you exactly what I'm all about - a chameleon who likes to give you exactly what you want - it's just how I'm wired - and if you want what I can't give you, then I'll be the first to tell you so you can get what you want.

Muah xxo Ashley

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  1. Nice talking to you today! Amazing looking woman, voice, philosophy…