Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Gratifying Saturday

I'm Back in the Saddle ... Chair, Bed and Maybe Even Bending Over the Kitchen Sink
Gotta' say it was really nice to wake up this morning feeling frisky and having the morning go so well.

I've been trying to get back in the swing of signing onto NF on weekend mornings.  I must admit, I've missed it more than I thought I would.  And yep, I'm a very lucky girl - well I was going to say lusty, but lusty, lucky ... either is true (just fill in the blank as you'd like; I'm cooperative). 

I've made a few good friends on NF since my newbie days and this morning I'd say about 40% of you came out to play.  I was happy - very happy.  The calls were one after the other (apparently I wasn't the only lusty one), and I was beginning to feel like sorta' like a freshman at her first sorority party.  (In fact, I've been to a few of those, but I was never a freshman.)  My head was spinning and I even (temporarily) lost a pair of panties.  No pauses in between - just one right after the other.  Ah the memories - then and now.

On the caller's end, it was 10 or 20 minutes of bliss (for both of us).  On my end, I felt like I was continually getting schtooped for hours.  It was awesome!  Intense and awesome.  Plus now I feel like I can identify with you guys a little better - when it was all said and done, I wanted to take a nap.  (Tee hee). 

Well I know that tomorrow's the Super Bowl and I also know that it's on a little later in the day, so if you wake up you're feeling frisky, lusty and maybe even lucky ... call me.  I'll be here.  You might even find me on here late tonight.  Who knows after a few hours out and a couple of martinis, I might find the need to lose those panties again.  (Wink.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Giving You a Peek Inside

If You're Not Calling ... You're Missing Out
Since I've been on NF, I've had the pleasure to share my signature "Squeeze & Release" move on plenty of occasions.  It's a mutually beneficial feel-good move, yes, but it also helps me keep my muscles strong and tight just the way we like it.

For the benefit of those of you who may just be blog readers and not callers, first let me tell you that you're missing an experience and I'd certainly re-think the whole not picking up the phone thing if I were you.  Just read my fabulous feedback.  It's all true.  Not that I'm full of myself or anything, I'd just rather be full of you ... and that way you too could experience the "Squeeze & Release" too.

P-O Box

It's all about the post-orgasm(s) when you're still in the deep of things.  I take those surrounding muscles and gently squeeze you and then release.  It serves three purposes - no, four:  1)  I get every last drop out of you; 2) it feels good (I know 'cause you've told me so); 3) it tickles my insides in a fabulous way; and 4) as I mentioned earlier, it's the best way to keep it tight like I know you like it (and I do of course too).

The Exception(al)
There is, of course, one exception to using the S&R move post-orgasm, and that's when we're both having a Zen kind of sex moment, just holding each other, wrapped up in each other (inside and out) and I pull the move on you.  This should come with a warning, but I never mention it so as not to ruin the moment, but truth is I've been known to make some come to a full orgasm that way - all without moving more than a muscle or two. 

You're probably thinking, "sex with no movement?" but the truth is that there is something really hot about it.  And it doesn't have to mean that there will be no movement at all, it can be just a moment - and sometimes that's just enough to get things rolling again. 

Does Every Girl Have a Signature Move?
Now, I'm not silly enough to think I'm the only girl in your world, and I know that our connection is strictly of a voice nature, but I consider it an art form.  I'm really feeling it; we're both right there together even when we're miles apart.  There is something very real about phone sex.  But since using the S&R on NF, I've notice a very direct reaction to my S'ing and my R'ing.  Sometimes it's almost as if we're psychically connected.  So I have to wonder, am I the only girl with the S&R signature move?  Or is it common amongst girls?  Do other girls have signature moves you'd like to try with me?  If so, just ask.

As I'm not into other girls I have to ask.  Besides even if I was, I couldn't answer that - I don't have the correct equipment.

But seriously, if you know about the Squeeze & Release from experiencing it with anyone other than me, write a little comment below and let me know.  Share any other moves you might like to try.  And if you haven't called me yet, well ... why don't you start with my audio, "Blow," for a warmer-upper if you're just not sure.  Or, toss caution to the wind and call me.  If you're new to my world, just email me on NF and maybe I'll send you a couple of minutes.  Oh okay I will.

Don't forget to share your comments.  Ciao for now.

xxo Ashley

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Singer

Like a Virgin?
So I got this new phone - the phone itself is like a small square keypad and it hooks up to some awesome headphones.  Anyone could tell you that my old phone left a lot to be desired, so while I was looking for a suitable alternative, my shop-a-holic friend said, "I just got a new phone, I get one every year.  I have an extra phone that's never been used.  So I said "Sure, I'll take it." 

She mailed it to me and it was brand new in the package and since I always get excited about gifts and opening boxes (chuckle), I was so excited.  Once I saw it, it didn't look like any phone I had ever seen.  Honestly, I though I was missing parts, but I wasn't.

Turns out that this is the best thing invented since battery operated dildos (that buzz and twirl and ... oh yeah, I have to add that to my wish list.  "Get new vibrator.")  I wore mine out I think because it won't even work with brand new batteries.  Anyway ...

I'm walking around my apartment this morning with these headphones on - waiting to hear from YOU - and I put on one of the music stations on my TV.  The first thing I hear....?  Madonna singing, "Like a Virgin." 

If you've ever wondered what girls do when they're alone and feeling silly, I'm letting you in a big secret - I'm not the only one who walks around in her panties, singing and acting out the choreography.  All I need is a boa to wear and throw around like some crazy-ass diva - I don't have a boa, but I do have a great imagination.

Imagination and the Fantasy Factor
Imagination is key in fun and fantasy ... If I can imagine I'm a singer on the stage (who is obviously not afraid to be seen in her panties), then I can also pretend to be a .... well virgin might be a little far fetched, but you get the drift - I hope.

I can be anyone I want to be and so can you ... and if we just want to be ourselves and let go of the everyday stresses of the outside world, that's okay too.  Come explore with me.

I should be around on and off all weekend.  I woke up a little later than I wanted to this morning, but it was a fine, fine sleep.  I just love a good night's sleep.  I wake up rested and ready for more - it fuels my enthusiasm for the next day - like TODAY!   I feel ready for what ever comes my way (wink).

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Short Intermission

Well, well.  I was a lucky girl quite a few times today.  Now that life is getting settled again, it's nice to be back and really nice to chat with all of my friends that I've really missed.

Some of you have become good friends and it's always nice to have "friends with benefits."  Tee hee.

I might be back on this evening, but when you're young, single and it's Saturday night, you just can never tell.  I don't have plans really, but if someone where to call and say meet me for a drink, I'd probably drop everything and go.  It's just the mood I'm in to be spontaneous.

But it's always good to have a plan and I certainly plan on being here tomorrow again.  But like I said, that's not to discount Saturday night.  Sometimes the phone rings off the hook with friends wanting to do something and sometimes everyone gets busy with their own things.  If it turns out that no one calls me and I'm spreading some freshly washed sheets on the bed and feeling like dirtying them up, I just might feel like signing on.

Nevertheless - Sunday is on for sure, so if you didn't catch me today, be sure to check me out here tomorrow AM and in the afternoon.  It's supposed to be nice out, but again, no plans so far and none of my friends wake early on the weekends, so call me and we'll have some fun - you know we will :).

xxo Ashley

I've Got a Sport For You

NF Championship Weekend

I have decided that I need to practice what I preach and since I "preach" about life energy and intentin all the time, I decided that I'm not going to be daunted by NFL or AFC Championships or any other kind of sports.  Why should I feel like I'm in competition with professional sports watching?  Men love two things:  Sports and women.  And since men, as a  rule, usually find time for both, why should I feel at odds with men in padded tights carrying a pig skin-covered ball? 

Weekend Madness
So I went out yesterday, all day - and had a blast with my best friend.  It's been a while since I've done anything remotely all-day fun, so since it was her birthday we decided to go out and get our nails done and have a few martinis and then a few more.  Suffice it to say that after 10 continuous hours of partying, I have partied enough to fill a weekend.  Why would you want to know that - because I was being literal.  I'll be here here all weekend.  

Of course, I have a number of other obligations - some writing to get done, a website to work on and ... well ... stuff to do.  So the best I can say is I'll be here in the mornings (Sat. and Sun.) and probably at night.  Of course my time is my own this weekend - to do what I want when I want (as long as I get it all done).  So any special requests should be emailed to me at NF (not Gmail, 'cause I won't be checking it) and I'll check back when I'm not signed in and hopeful I'll be able to accommodate you (wink).

Let's get together - in between games, during halftime, whatever (I know it's the end of the season, but there's always a game of some sort on). 

xxo Ashley

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday's Gone

What Was I Thinking?

Even if I was a cheerleader on NF, I should have known that I could never compete against the NFL and most definitely not the AFC Championship when it comes to getting ya'lls attention.

Actually, it kind of worked out.  Seems that me an NFL players have a little something in common - namely, injuries on the playing field.

I may have bruised a rib or two this weekend ... I'll leave the "how" to your imagination.  It doesn't quite hurt like rug burn, but it does kind of ache.  I mention rug burn because both kinds of injuries are not unexpected occasionally; they're both just side-effects of an otherwise totally worthwhile experience, but either can put a cramp in your plans for the following day.

Look for me during the week.  When exactly I'm not sure ... but if it's going to be as quiet as today I guess it'll have to be hit or miss as usual.  I'll write another post here the next time I plan to be around, so be sure to check my blog often (and always).   If you've got an idea of when you'd like to chat, of course you can always email me on NF.

I'm going to hop in the sack soon and nurse my injuries.  Gotta' get back in the saddle again soon.  :)

xxo Ash

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunday Never Comes Too Soon

Sunday is Sin-Day all day this week.
Brrrrr ... I bet about 90% of you guys are locked down in a deep chill ... me too, if you can believe it.  The temps are chilly here even in the South, but for a former NJ girl, this is a walk in the park.  Still, it's a nice time of year too spend Sunday in bed - at least the better part of the morning if not longer. 

I'm always cuddled up under the blankets and sheets in this weather.  I imagine that even if I wore clothes to bed it might be a bit nippy getting  under those sheets at first.  For those of us who sleep in the nude, whoooo, that first time getting into the bed can be a very nippy experience.  But in a little while, after touching  yourself all over, rubbing your hands up and down your body finally generates enough heat for your teeth to stop chattering.  I don't have a mirror over my bed, but I can only imagine that my lips are blue when my teeth are chattering. 

Hmm ... blue lips ... my lips in blue, that would take a lot of lipstick to create but I bet they'd look nice in blue.  Sometimes my eyes get hazely blue.  Can you imagine plump warm blue lips wrapped around you with those deep bluish brown eyes looking up at you.

Oh ... excuse me.  I was getting a bit carried away.  But come to think of it my nails are painted a bluish silver.  Yeah, that would look hot.  A little sci-fi maybe but different. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I wanted to let you know that I'll be here on Sunday.  If I'm taking a break and you don't find me, just email me and I'll reply when I cum ... ooops .... come back on.  (I'm getting tired of backspacing over my typos). 

Anyway, tonight is the Panthers game.   Yes, I'm going to watch a football game.  Write it down in the history books because its probably never going to happen again, but football's a big thing around here and if you can beat 'em, join 'em I say.  Plus the people around here are fun (as long as they're winning anyway).  This should be a good time. 

I imagine I'll be doing the "Half-Time-Split."  No, not a split - but I could ... I meant I'll probably leave at half-time since it's such a late game.  As for tomorrow - no plans except being here.  Hope to catch up with you - and maybe if we're lucky, we'll score a touchdown ;)

xxo Ash