Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thirsty Night

Happy post-Christmas

Time to work off a little of that holiday stress boys!!!

Meet me here tonight - after 8pm EST.  Tell whomever you have to that you need a little quiet time, slip into a secluded room, point your dialing finger and while you're waiting for "Madge" to connect us, unzip those pants and lets get the party started ...

I didn't get everything I want for Christmas - I could use another trip to your North Pole!  Meet me on NF Thursday ... I mean Thirsty Night. 

KLS (Kiss, Lick, Suck)
xxo Ashley

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm So Grateful

Thank You
By now it's no secret that I haven't been around much this month - especially this past week ... while I don't want to get into the reason let's just say that sometimes "life happens" to all of us.

I'm so grateful for my relationships on NF - my friends and the caring words and wishes everyone has expressed even when they didn't know why - why isn't important - friends just sense when someone else needs a hug - and that meant a lot to me (even if some of you were picturing yourselves slipping in a butt squeeze while hugging me) - tee hee.

I realize some of you will be busy over the next couple of days - as will I - but I'm feeling like signing on tonight - after I finish my obligations for the day ... things I should have done over the weekend but just couldn't.

For those of you who won't be around, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and for those of you who will, I'll make sure I tell you when we speak - but to all of you, thank you.   This year was weird, strange, tough, fun and every adjective under the Sun.  I've made some new friends and connected with some old friends and I want you to know that I appreciate you all.  It's been a good year over all and I hope that 2014 will be even better.

I have some surprises planned - pics, stories and a re-vamping of my listing - gotta keep it fresh and relevant, as they say. 

I appreciate everyone's patience while I've been away ... being a "feely-type" person it's hard for me to know how I'll feel from moment to moment, which makes it hard to schedule my life, but that's also what makes me able to enter into the fantasy world with such abandon.  It's a catch-22 I guess. 

Can't wait to start the New Year off with a BANG!  Thank you for being such a big and important part of my life.  :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays Boys

Time is slipping by so fast this month, I wanted to make sure that I said Happy Holidays to all of my NF friends. 

I'll be on Wednesday night (12/18) and I'll be away Thursday and Friday, but back on the weekend.  So if you want to catch me before the weekend, better sneak off into a secluded space somewhere on Wednesday night so you can unwrap your present in private ;).

Maybe everyone will be out doing last minute Christmas shopping and we'll have the house all to ourselves - which would be nice, 'cause then I may be tempted to do something to you/with you in every room of the house. 

If you miss me though - I wish you a Happy Holiday season, and hope you'll be thinking of me - I'll be thinking of you.  You have all made this a fun and exciting year for me and I hope that 2014 will be even better - in fact, I know it will.  "Muah"

xxo Ashley

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snowed In The Office

(Are you working today ... are you in the office alone? ... Even if you're not - just imagine it ...)
It was snowing earlier .... but it stopped and I was able to drive to work.  Everyone at work is talking about all the inches expected and how they'd like to leave early to get home safely. 

Funny, Ashley was thinking about inches too, just now in terms of snow.

But of course, management will here nothing of it.  They might leave early, but the staff is just going to have to sweat it out.  The phones are quiet, but what if ... someone has to be here to answer the phones at least.

Of course Ashley volunteers... besides if everyone's gone she can take NF calls from the conference room, lying on her back on the table ... fantasizing about all of the sexy execs coming in one by one (or all together) (and maybe with some clients) while she bends her knees and puts her feet flat on the table, her right hand between her legs, deep in her panties ...

"I'll do it - I'll stay." 

After everyone rushes out of the office, Ashley grabs a bottle of water, and gets comfy in the posh conference room.  At first she searches the net ... then she signs on to NF ... sits back in the luxurious leather chair at the head of the table - she kicks her heels off and puts her stocking'ed feet upon on the table. 

It's not long before the skirt so high up on her thighs because of her slouched position is pulled up just high enough to fit her fingers inside her panties ....

What she doesn't know is that she won't be alone.  Someone else hasn't left the building to avoid the storm.  Someone else who thinks they're alone as well ....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday - A Suprisingly Fun Day ... So Far

After from a wintery-mix hellride yesterday 100 miles and back, it was nice to sleep in a little and wake up in my own bed, all comfy, cozy and warm.  

I woke up rested, refreshed and feeling a little naughty actually.  I was a naughty girl this morning.  So naughty in fact that I had to sign off for a bit to make more coffee to keep myself from just passing out.  I have toys to clean and a body that's about to enjoy a long, hot, soapy shower.  (And damn, do I have to change those sheets again?  I think so.) 

But no one's complaining - in fact, I've got a big, big smile on my face - that might be while my cheeks and jaw are sore, but maybe not.  (Giggle.)

I might have to nap again despite the coffee (tee hee) - but when I do, I'll be sure to sign back in first, just in case anyone feels like waking me up ;)  you know how sexified I feel when I've had a good nap.

xo Ashley (it's nice to be back :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hey There Fellas!

Fellas!  A Strange but Sexy Word

Speaking of strange but sexy - well actually, it wasn't strange really, but damn ... it was sexy ... I had this call on Sunday that really inspired my latest short story.  I barely had time to write it down in cryptic note fashion, but I did save it.  If you're good, you may get a peak for Christmas ;)

The reason my note (as mentioned above) was so rushed is because it's been a busy week.  I'm sure you could tell by the fact that I haven't been on this week so far (until now).  After the rousing success of the Ashley-a-Thon (thanks again), I had to dig in and finish up some year-end writing assignments.  I finally finished it all around 7pm tonight. 

Funny, 'cause I thought I was signing on at 7pm and it turned out to be 9pm - I'm convinced I've slipped through some time-space continuum - I can hardly believe that a third of December has already passed.

Well I know I promised my next blog would be more sexy, but then I thought you might appreciate a schedule update more.  I'll try to make it as risqué as possible though.

What's tomorrow?  Thursday, right?  Don't ask me, I'm so computered-out at this point I don't even want to open the calendar.  I'll take a guess and go with it.  Yes, I know the date, I just don't know the day - it's not funny!  (Yeah, it is.)

So Thursday I'll be on in the evening only.  Tomorrow is a rush-around day since I've been held up in my apartment pretty much all week except to get some air and the mail and to do a quick convenience store run.  (I was having a "girl-needs-chocolate" moment.) 

Friday early AM and Friday night I plan to be on also.  (Whoa, two nights in a row!?  That's right!)

But not to disappoint ... 'cause I know you're waiting for this ... I won't be here Saturday - at all - well maybe in the really early AM but really, I doubt it.  There is a chance I'll be on in the late evening - maybe 10 or 11?  I'm not driving, so I'm not sure - I hate when I'm not driving.  I'm not upset though, I'll be having one of two Christmases (which doesn't include Christmas Eve).  Families and friends don't live close like they used to when the world had people that said "Fellas."  I certainly think it would be much easier on my car and my schedule if they did, but ... it is Century 21 after all.

Hold your holiday hats ... Sunday I'm here all day again ... morning, (maybe a break at noon) and then again at night. 

I wouldn't go any further but ... you know me - when I go, I go all the way, don't I (wink)?
I already know for sure that the following week I won't be around on Thursday or Friday, but that's it for now.  I don't want to bog you down with boring agendas ...

I'd much rather take down your pants and get busy ....

Endings and Beginnings and Regaining Control

Well, first let me say that the Ashley-a-Thon was a resounding success.  I was not only glad to have time to concentrate on making the world more relaxed and happy, but it also helped me out a lot.

As a lot of you know, I no longer work in an office full-time and now, due to changes on another corporate front, even my long-standing freelance writing job is cutting back on their need for my insightful astrology and numerology articles.  But I'm not worried - in fact I'm more resilient now than ever - and I have you guys who love to call and role play and all that sexy, fun stuff.  I love it.  Who has it better than me?!

It occurred to me that maybe I've had my eggs in too many baskets, and that the upside of all this downsizing is that I'll be able to focus more on you and NF. 

Plus I have some really good short stories in the works, possibly some new audios and I'm planning a listing re-vamp for 2014.

So what's the schedule for this week?  Well, while I'm cleaning up the last of my current writing assignments (which are lengthier than normal due to the end of the year/coming year stuff):

This week - Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night (late for Saturday) look good as well as Sunday all day.  Daytime just isn't working in to my schedule this week.  Friday night is usually a crapshoot but I could always sign on and see how busy it is.  I'll just be sitting on the floor wrapping gifts and drinking hot chocolate anyway (yes, I will)!~

Next week I'll be out of pocket (where did that expression come from) on Thursday and Friday but other than that, I should be around all week. 

I hope that helps you figure out when we can get together.  I know it's going to be a busy-crazy time for everyone between work, parties, shopping and all that nutso end-of-the-year stuff, but I have a good feeling that we'll find each other.  Sometimes I feel like my life and my schedule aren't my own - that some greater force is in control of my appointment book ... but I always find my way back to NF and you.

Thank you all for last weekend (it helped a lot) - and who knows, there may be more Ashley-a-Thons in our future. 

I promise the next post will be more sex-oriented, but sometimes a girl just has to update the men in her life about her whereabouts so they know that even when she's not here, she's thinking about them and trying to find her way back. 

I'm grateful for NF; I'm grateful for you ~ and that's about as mushy as I'm gonna' get (tee hee).

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Hours of Wet and Wild Fun and the Ashley-a-Thon

Perk Up Boys

I may not be a dominatrix, but you know I like when you men stand at attention~ yum!

It's a cold, snowy night (finally, as the weatherman promised - I have to look into meteorology school) and thus the reason for this weekend's Ashley-a-Thon.

I know you've got the heat cranked up and you're probably laying on the couch in your boxer briefs watching porn or some shoot-'em-up movies on the western channel - or perhaps you're into the whole Christmas season thing - I am.  As a matter of fact, this year makes the first year that I watched Charlie Brown Christmas in my panties under a blanket on the couch.  I had to cover up - it's rated G.  It's just not Christmas without "Chuck."

I have my red and white candles burning and it smells like apples in my apartment, and I'm getting all snuggled up - of course I'll move it into the bedroom when you call, so we have plenty of room for gymnastics. 

As I told someone earlier, I went outside in my tank top, my panties, a pair of cowboy boots and a big white fluffy robe to take some night pics of the snow.  No one was around, but I kept wondering what might happen if my robe suddenly came untied - besides being very, very cold and having my nipples pop out. 

After I told that to someone, we had a snowball fantasy - it was cold and since indoors, the snowballs quickly dripped down my chest, my back, and my panties, but since they didn't need to get wet, I quickly took them off.  It was fun!  Anyway afterwards I got inspired to go back outside.

I had noticed earlier that there were no footprints in the snow - which means not one person left our apartment complex all day - snow is great for tracking if you're into that sort of thing.  So as I'm slipping my boots back on by the front door, I heard scraping.  "Nooooooo," I said. 

Yep, my little neighbor was out there with his mini-shovel making a mini-pathway down the sidewalk.  I remember what it was like to be a kid and the fun of snow, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  When you get the chance to take a shot, you need to just do it and not wait.

So, my cute little neighbor boy, who is actually a strange little kid, was out there for all of 3 minutes.  Are ya' kidding me?  Who plays in snow for 3 minutes?!  He made some half-assed pile of snow - his attempt at an igloo?  I don't know.  Honestly there isn't even enough snow to make an igloo so I don't know what he was thinking of or if he even knows what an igloo is?   

Perhaps if I was out there in my panties and cowboy boots he would have seen me and since he usually blushes like crazy when I say hello to him, I'm sure he would have run right back into his doorway, but alas, I was not.  Guess I'll have to wait for the next snow and the next Ashley-a-Thon to manifest that shot.

So here I am, bathrobe off and I'm back under the blanket ... wanna' come and keep me warm? 

Remember - email me the word "Ashley-a-Thon" and I'll send you three free minutes. 

Good Morning - Ashley-a-Thon, Last Day

Feeling Naughty

Last Night

Well I did go out for dinner last night and we had one drink, and no I didn't sign on after I got home, but that wasn't because I had a sleepover, it was just because I was relaxed and after I whipped off the "in-public clothes," I just fell into that relaxed mode and didn't feel like doing much.

Flirting 101

We joked over dinner that we should right a book on flirting because that's one thing we're so good at together.  I kind of like the flirting part - it's kind of an anticipation of things possibly to come.  But he travels in winter, so I just assumed not start anything now, but when spring arrives, who knows?

Ashley-a-Thon, Day 2

Well The weekend-long Ashley-a-Thon continues today - actually it ends today.  One more day to email me the 'secret word' to my NF email for free minutes.  It's chilly out, but it's warm in my apartment ... let's make it downright HOT!  Call me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dinner & Drinks Anyone?

Ashley-a-Thon ... The Continuation

Well, I did sign on at 7, but looks like it was a little early ... I'm ambitious, what can I say? 

So I'm meeting a friend for a late dinner and a drink or two, maybe ... and then I'll be back.

It's not a date - we're just friends, although we do flirt a lot and tease each other mercilessly. 

He was taken when I met him and now he's not.  But in between then an now, we've kind of become friends, so no, it's not a date, but if I'm not back ... you can assume it went better than planned (or unplanned). 

He just called to say hi and next thing you know he said, "I'm hungry," and I said, "Yeah, I haven't eaten either, but I don't know what I want."  He said, I know what you want (slyly yet innocently), to which I said, "You do?"  See what I mean about the flirting thing?  Trust me, it never gets beyond that - at least it hasn't so far.  Besides, it's fun.

Honestly, this girl has been juggling a lot this week - work, non-work and you know ... stuff.  I could use a little fun.

But the Ashley-a-Thon must go on ... so I'll see you later tonight?  Maybe.  Probably.  I think so.  I'm not that easy!  And don't laugh.  (Giggle)

But I can't make any promises - ya' just never know.  But - I will be on tomorrow for sure since the snow they promised today got trumped by sunshine and now they're saying, "Oh, now it's coming tomorrow."   (Why didn't I go to meteorology school?)

Anyway - check back if you 're around and see if I am too - if we miss each other, then try me tomorrow for sure.  I better go get ready.

Ciao for now... xxo Ashley

Don't forget, email me the word, "Ashley-a-Thon" on my NF email for free minutes ... the offer's good for Sunday too!

Time Out

I'm "On a Break"

Oh me, oh my!  I see the rest of the world was just as hot and horny as I was this morning...

To be honest, I'm spent, exhausted and I think I'm losing my voice.  So this girl is taking a break from the Ashley-a-Thon.

Ashley-a-Thon ... Must Go On

Yes, I'll be back, tonight.  This looks like a good time for a break, but the Ash-a-Thon 2013 is not over.  See you all around 7pm EST.

Don't forget ... email me on NF and use the code word "Ashley-a-Thon" and I'll send you three free minutes! 

Ashley-a-Thon Officially "On"

Good morning boys - well it's Saturday morning (my West Coast pals may still be sleeping, or perhaps just getting home, but it's still morning.

I'm all fired up for this weekend's Ashley-a-Thon - batteries in the buzzer, sexy, scant panties on my butt, ready for the taking ... and of course, my brain is geared up to explore your fantasies and bring them to life.

If I'm on a break - check back here to find out when I'll be back.  And remember - if you email me on NF just the words "Ashley-a-Thon," I'll send you three free minutes. 

Let the games begin!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let it Snow all Weekend - An Ashley-a-Thon

Well I just checked the forecast and it says snow for Saturday and Sunday and that's good news for you and me.  I don't mind driving in snow - but I avoid it when I can.  So let me be your domestic servant, your weekend nurse, or the naughty neighbor who was wondering if your power was out too ...

Join me this weekend for an Ashley-a-Thon - I'll be on in the morning (may take a break in the mid-afternoon, but then it's on all night - both nights).

If you'd like a few free minutes towards a tawdry, salacious and taboo conversation with Ashley, just email me the word Ashley-A-Thon on NF and I'll send them to you ....

See you here this weekend boys! 

I'm Around Tonight

First, a big thanks to everyone who emailed me - wondering where I am and how I am - that's why I miss you guys when I'm away.

I do plan on being around tonight after 8pm EST (it's Thursday already?).  I just wanted you all to know.

I'll be on this weekend as well - with the possible exception of Friday night - still not sure about that.  But let's just deal with what we know - tonight is on. 

I hope you can help me get my creative juices flowing once again, in fact, I'm sure of it. (wink)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Temporarily Missing in Action

Just a little note ...

Hi guys.  This week is going to be a little weird, off, non-existent - at least until the end of the week.  Something personal came up that I have to deal with and unfortunately, it's going to take me away from here for a few days. 

As far as I know right now, I should be back by Friday - but if anything changes, of course, I'll post it here on my blog so ya'll can find me. 

November was a great month - I made a lot of new friends and got in touch with a few friends I haven't talked to in a while - you're all special to me in your own, unique ways - that's why I felt I owed you an explanation for my absence, especially when I've been trying so hard to focus on being here and making some sort of schedule to follow - as much as my life will allow.

But in true Murphy's Law fashion, "something suddenly came up," and it's something I can't avoid and must attend to.  Please look for me towards the end of the week and if for any reason you don't find me, than I should be updating my blog accordingly.

Also, I look forward to a great December packed with lots of fun and laughs and of course naughty moments to share. 

Thank you for your patience and your friendship.

xxo Ashley

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Sounds of Sex

It's Getting Late

I was signed on this morning but it's been one of those mornings when people click on my listings and don't call - in algebraic terms, that equals ending the day with less than I started.  I still haven't written about the bidding process, but I'll fill you in one day.

I really don't mind - I love that so many men (and/or possibly some ladies, who knows) enjoy looking at my pics and reading my listings.  But as every day has its "tone," it appears that today's tone is one where I won't be hearing the sounds of the phone ringing to often, at least this morning.  That doesn't mean that I won't be back later.  (Feel free to email me on NF and I'll check it periodically.)

Speaking of Sounds ...

It came to my attention this morning that my audio file "F-Yeah" was not transferred to mp3.  I had done "Blow" in mp3, but back when I uploaded "F-yeah" NF only accepted .wav files and it was a long, arduous process.  (See what I go through for you guys?)  Anyway, I just reloaded "F-Yeah" in mp3 format (so you can take it with you on your commute to and from work (as long as you're not the one driving) and make sure you bring a book or newspaper with you to cover up the woody - 'cause you're gonna get one.

I remember recording that on my little hand-held recorder - well, sort of - if you read the backstory to "F-Yeah" (which you can read by clicking on the little button to your right), you'll see that at some point(s) during the evening, I was a little less than alert.  That all changed of course later, when I got an injection of adrenaline compliments of a very well-endowed older man.  (I do remember that - man, do I!)

I haven't listened to this file since I first uploaded it over a year ago, and wow - I was loud and I'm hoping that the rooms next door were unoccupied - or if they weren't, I hope whomever heard us enjoyed it as much as I did.  That guy had such a deep, sexy voice ... he's barely audible on this part of the audio, but every once in a while you can hear that low, guttural moan.  I love to make a man moan and say "oh-yeah."  (tee hee)

Early Riser

Wake up With Ashley

Good morning boys ... it's Sunday so why don't you stay in bed a little longer?  Me?  I'm an early riser, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I rush to get out of bed.

You can be an early riser too ... if you just relax and let me slip under the sheets - only one part of you needs to rise to the occasion, and I'll do my part to make that happen.

I'm definitely a morning-sex kinda' girl.  I just love starting my day with hot sex and a protein shake.  I'm also an afternoon- and evening-sex kind of girl - unfortunately my schedule gets kind of crazy and it doesn't always allow for the latter - however, everyone starts their day in the horizontal position so it's a great time to take advantage all the sensitivity your cock feels upon rising.  You know me, I like to shake things up!