Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just a Little Break

Can't find me?  Well, it's been quite an exciting morning and a lovely one too.  After re-connecting with a few friends, I find I've worked up quite an appetite.  So I'm taking a little break, but I'll be back after a hot meal and quick shower - or a quick meal and a hot shower .... oh hell, you know what I mean.  I've had so many orgasms this morning, my brain is scrambled.  Not that I'm complaining.

So while I give my body a good scrub and grab some grub, I hope you'll be looking for me.  And I hope we'll be "connecting" later this afternoon.  Send me an email on NF and tell me when you wanna play.  None of my friends seem to be around today, so I'm free.  Maybe they're doing what I'm doing (tee hee).

xxo Ashley

Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh Yeah ... PS

I'll be around a little while tonight (Friday) depending on what's going on later.  And I'll be here Saturday morning to early afternoon and Sunday the same.

Hopefully you can join me.

xxo Ashley

Muscle Control

So I hit the gym as usual on Thursday and felt like I was looking good, feeling good and ready to challenge myself.  The gym can be a competitive environment and I don't just mean as in "Who is the strongest"?  It's the girls who are most competitive with each other, and it has almost nothing to do with strength.

Normally I'm not the jealous type either in any way.  Non-competitive, non-jealous.  I'm a free spirit and I like to think of others that way - we're all unique, we all have a specialness about us.

But I guess we all have our moments.  Like the big bullies in the school yard who find out one day that there's always going to be someone bigger and scarier than they are, even when they think it's impossible - that was sort of how I felt when I saw Jennifer.

Really - even her name was perfect.  She was tall, like me.  She was fit, like me.  She even had the same brand of workout clothes on that I wear.  She was blond - not like me.

I've always enjoyed being a brunette.  I've even made my hair darker at times just for that deep, sultry, exotic look.  I never wanted to be a blond.  They're so common.  But her long, straight ponytail seemed to be attracting attention.  Maybe it was because she was flinging it around and people were afraid to get whipped with it.  I was working out next to her at one point - a little weightlifting.  A little competition, shall we say.

She was pulling more weight than me at one point and I just wasn't going to have it.  Oh hell no.  So, I went 5 lbs. above hers.  I hurt myself.  Thankfully not then and there.  But by the time I drove home, my upper arm was already tightening.  I pulled a tendon or something.  By the time night time rolled around I couldn't even pick up a glass of water without feeling pain and there was a big knot just under my muscle.

After Jennifer finished pumping her man arms until everyone was looking at her, she put the last weight back in the holder and pulled out her ponytail, shaking her head like she was in some shampoo commercial.  I must have "tsk"ed without knowing it, because my trainer friend, Kevin, said, "C'mon Ashley, pay attention."  Feeling embarrassed now because he said that loud enough for all to hear, it only added to my fire.  That's when I think I lost it and over-pumped my iron.  I'm not sure if it was the bigger weight or the push afterwards, but either way, I screwed up.  And I should have known better.

Well, after a night of aspirin, some cold and some heat and a day off from the gym, I'm feeling better.  That's my stroking arm for goodness sake!  My dominant arm that does just about everything for you and for me.  I let my petty feelings f'up my livelihood and I got injured to boot.  Screw that.  This is not a good feeling for me.  Now I'm just mad at myself.

I'm not sure why I shared this with you - maybe to show my more vulnerable side - I know I try to act all stoic and vulnerability is usually saved for the bedroom, but I guess we're all alike in one way - we're human. 

Will I let that bleach blond B get the better of me next time?  I highly doubt it.  I can flip hair and turn heads like the rest of them.  From now on, the only one who gets the better of me is you ... that's part of the fun, isn't it?

As for my muscle control - we all know that I have other, more intimate muscles that are quite remarkable.  I love to brag that I can make you spill without having you move a muscle - it's those hidden ones you have to work on, and the payoff is usually quite substantial.  :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's All About You and Me

Happy Autumn!

Okay, so maybe Wednesday wasn't the best night for NF; it's kind of quiet tonight, and by the looks of other listings it's quiet all over the Flirtville.  Is it another football night?  When I moved to the south, I thought i got it down - Friday, high school ball; Saturday, college ball and Sunday, pro ball - and then of course Monday Night Football.  Did I miss the news about Wednesday ball?  Oh gosh this is so confusing.

I used to really love football, but then I grew up and got more interested in football players and ... well, I've forgotten everything I ever learned about the sport.  But I never forgot one single linebacker, safety or full-back.  Quarterbacks always get all the attention, but if my man if going to be a jock, then my choice would be a big, thick muscle head.  But I'm kind of getting off-track here ...

I'll be around over the weekend, if not before.  Of course if you want to suggest a time and place for a naughty romp, you can always email me on NF.   'Talk soon.

xxo Ashley

New Toy in the Toy Box

Wanna' Play With Me Tonight?
I know, it sounds so silly, but I really am psyched about the latest addition to my toy box.  It's small so it's discreet, but it really packs a nice buzzy punch that actually made my eyes roll back in my head.  I got it yesterday but I passed out before I got a chance to break it out.  I did however remember this morning (I can't think of a better way to start the day sans having a friend over).  It pulses on 7 different settings - quite a resume for a bright red bullet that's only a few inches long, if that. 

It's been a crazy week, a busy week so far.  I know you can probably relate.  So I hope you'll join me this evening for a little stress relief.  Let's see if we can wear out the batteries in my new buzzy toy.

See you around 8 PM (EDT).

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looks Like a Wake and Bake Kind of Day

Sunny South

Part of what I love about living below the Mason-Dixon line is the warm weather.  Sometimes it gets absolutely scorching hot, but as long as there's a pool to dive into, who cares?  It's been a little chilly here - unseasonable so.  Cool mornings and cool evenings though don't indicate cool days here by any means and I'm pleased to say that today it's going to get in the high 80s.  Great because my tan lines are fading fast.

There's something about tan lines that men find exciting.  I personally love the way they like to trace the lines with their fingers as if they were tracing and invisible bikini on my body.  It really gives me thrills and chills - of course, in a good way.  Tingly might be a better description.  Why don't you allow yourself the pleasure of exploring my tan lines?  I'm absolutely craving a little attention today, and if you give me what I want, you know I'll likely reciprocate and give you whatever you want.  Sounds fair, no?

PS:  I was on late this morning (slept in and it felt fantastic) and I'll be out soaking up the sun this afternoon, but look for me late afternoon / tonight.  If you're watching football, I'd love to join you for a little half-time fun!  And maybe I can get you to rub some after-sun lotion on my back.  That's one sure way to get me worked up.  If you don't believe me, just read my latest short story, "Sex on the Beach."  All of my stories are based on true, real-life adventures and this one is more truth than any of them. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bad to the Bone and Lovin' It!

Payback is Happily Inevitable
So, after a couple of weeks back on NF I finally received my punishment for disappearing from NF and being away so long.

I love all the different ways to play with all the different players in my life, and I must say that being welcomed back with such open arms was a thrill to me ... still, I have this naughty side of me that expects to be punished.  Today I finally got it. 

It was almost like a head game.  I thought I had gotten away with something without too much fan fare and I was starting to think that maybe I liked the thought of getting away with something and not being caught or reprimanded.  But for any of you that know me, for all my ways of being ... being punished is a turn-on. 

Letting someone else be in charge is a nice break from the seductive-Ashley attending to your needs or the naughty Ashley who basically sells her soul to get a passing grade in grad school.  I love being all of those people and more, but changing it up every once in a while to being the girl who has no say in what is to occur can be exhilarating to say the least.   I imagine it's something like when a corporate big-wig gets his bum whacked while on all fours - he can submit to mindless pleasure without pressure, so when I tell you that the pressure was released this afternoon you wouldn't be wrong to imagine a pressure-cooker about burst. 

This was a nice way to unwind for me this morning - especially after I clicked on a few other hotties' listings and saw some of my favorite leave reviews under another girl's listing - most of them that I did see happened while I was "absent," but it gave me an uneasy, almost jealous feeling.  Kind of like going on vacation and seeing someone sitting at my desk when I returned with all the guys in the office looking and acting like everything was normal.  Of course I didn't expect everyone to just stop calling NF.  I'm not unrealistic about things.  But seeing it in cold-hard writing was ... well I felt like I had let you all down - and I have.  And then the realization that I still hadn't been punished for that made me feel like I needed some closure on the situation.

In a weird twist of fate, all of my calls were from some of my more dominant friends and I started to feel that closure I had longed for.  Suddenly my jealousy turned to sheer abandon and I felt like I had regained my seat behind my desk again.  Even weirder was that the one call that put me entirely over the edge (and my last call this afternoon, but no my last for the day) was from a new friend - a total stranger, but absolutely a new friend.  Despite the miles of phone wire between us, I'd be almost justified in suspecting that I was pregnant after that call.  And the climactic release I felt was invigorating to say the least. 

Now I feel like life can resume as normal on NF - not that for the most part it hadn't but I was getting almost bummed that I wasn't being punished for my wrongdoing.  Does that make sense? 

Now I feel free to be me with whomever I may be with whether they need me to be coy, shy, seductive, bratty, willing or unwilling to play their game.  And all the jealousy I felt about my guys visiting others - well, my confidence returned.  I began to tell myself that they'd all be back and that all those hoochies would be tossed aside like the garnish they were - I'm the dish they want.  And while I at one time actually considered lowering myself to their level (those brazen, no talent "f-me" girls), I now know that I can only be me and that that's what my friends appreciate - and now I'm more confident and relaxed then I've been in months.

I try not to be too emotionally connected, but it doesn't always work like that.  But as long as I can be me, and feed your desires, I'm happy.  I can't be jealous of my friends taking advantage of other girls when I'm clearly talking to many myself, right?  Right.  Still I hope that all of you know that I'm sincere as well as connected to each of you.  I feel acceptance for my kinks and quirks and I want others to feel the same - always, in all ways. 

I'll be around tonight (last night I had some killer margaritas that kind of filled my quota for the night life for the rest of the weekend), so I'll definitely be around.  If you miss me tonight, you can catch me tomorrow.  I know it's football day, but there's always half-time!

xxo Ashley

Well, when I come back later, I'm hoping that the vibe continues.  But I had to take a break ... I was lucky enough to have so many calls that I felt all used up.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Already?

I've been so busy the past few days, and I'm sure you have been busy too.  So what do you say we work off a little steam tonight together?

I can't wait to "insert and push play."  LOL

See ya' around 8 or 9 PM (EDT)?  I hope so.

xxo Ashley

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Making Connections

NF Connections
Well, it's been quite a Saturday.  I was on earlier and made a few new friends, which is always nice.  I already have some good friends on NF and I enjoy the connections, so it's always nice to deepen those friendships as well as welcome in some new ones.

Internet Connections
So after a while, I decided to take a break and among other things, tackle a couple of projects I'd been putting off.  One was replacing my internet modem to speed up my connection.  It's not quite Mercury retrograde yet, but it's a little more than a week away, and I know that once it starts, messing with electronics of any kind is not a great idea.  There's bound to be problems, not that I mind trouble occasionally, but these kind of problems just take up time and time is precious, right?  I decided to bite the bullet (but not too hard) and dive in.  I won't get into the boring details, but of course there was a problem and I had to call the internet provider.  Well, since you're reading this, you can see by the evidence that I'm clearly up and running (faster supposedly) so ... one more connection secured today!  I'm not doing too bad.  Of course it did take a long time, since I'm a little stubborn and was convinced that I could follow directions and do it myself, I'm a here a little later than I expected, but I did say I'd be back and I am.

Close Connections
Of course, the other thing that put a crimp in my day (in a good way) was of a more up-close and personal nature.  Right about the time I finished my internet connection and cleaned up the box and cable mess, I heard, "Bang, Bang, Bang."  And then I heard it again.  Curiosity getting the better of me, I opened the door and was greeted with the shrieking sound of an electric saw.  There were guys working on the wooden stairway on the first floor, but since I live right by the stairs the sound just rose up three floors to greet me right where I live.  It would have been impossible to get back on NF, so I decided to go down and ask the guys how long they'd be working.  I also wanted to know what happened to the stairs.  I'm thinking maybe I should get a long rope in case I ever have to shimmy down it to leave my crib in the sky.  If the stairs aren't safe and there's no elevator ... a rope will be about my only hope, unless I grow wings. 

So who was working the saw?  That super-tall, super-handsome maintenance man that I have a serious crush on.  He's a handsome, simple country boy, about my age, about 7 feet tall - no kidding.  The first time I met him, my smoke alarm was in need of a battery and he came to the rescue.  I have ten foot ceilings and he didn't even use a ladder.  I was impressed.  It just happened to be the smoke alarm nearest to my bedroom and I actually was thinking in my head how I wanted to get him in my bed, but we had just met a second before - I had to control my wild urges.  I may be fast, but not that fast.  At the time I didn't even get to ask him his name.  It's Duane.  I know that now.  That's such a good-old-boy, country kind of name.  And that part about southern men being polite ... it's true. 

The second time I saw him, he came to replace the filter for my AC.  They were doing it in all the apartments, so yes, up until then I had restrained myself from calling him.  We exchanged digits the first time I met him.  I wanted direct access - and I wanted to give him direct access too. 

The third time I saw Duane, he was in the hallway on a weekday.  He was making all kinds of noise, so I opened the door to see what the noise was about.  "Well, howdy Miss Ashley," he said.  "Well, hello there Duane," I said with an inviting smirk."  He had the cutest little puppy with him.  He had just gotten him so he was taking him to work while he did some repairs on the empty apartment next door.  "Oh!  He's so cute," I said.  The puppy ran to me, then he ran right between my feet and into my apartment.

Next thing you know, Duane is in my bedroom chasing down the puppy in the corner of the room.  He was so small (the puppy I mean) and I can imagine that having this huge 7-foot guy running after him might have scared him a little.  It excited me, personally.  The puppy ran under the bed and straight for me on the other side.  "I got you," I said as I pulled him close and sat down on my bed to pet him and calm him down.  Duane sat down on the other side and leaned in to pet the pooch. 

Duane and I became close friends that day.  And sometimes I get the urge to call him even when it's not a maintenance issue.  We hung out a few times, but neither of us are into anything serious, so it kind of works. 

When I first caught Duane's eye this morning, I was standing on the second floor landing.  I was so curious about the noise, I forgot that all I was wearing were some tight spandex shorts and a cute little button down tank top.  Yep, that was it - nope I didn't forget to mention the underwear, there wasn't any.  Being practically naked already in front of a guy that is hot and sweet inside and out instantly brought the naughty out in me.  "Ever saw a girl in half with that thing"?  I giggled and I'm pretty sure I blushed. 

Being a proper southern gentleman, he wanted to reply with something equally provocative - I just knew it, but he looked at his co-worker and then at me and just smiled.  Oh man, that smile. 

What he wanted to say was that "... he didn't need a saw to split me wide open."  How do I know?   I think you know how I know.  Duane came by shortly after that - with a pizza and a bottle of wine.  See what I mean?  And he is really witty too, which I love in a man.  He stayed long enough to work up an appetite, then we at some pizza.  Neither one of us was really in the drinking mood, so I told him that I'd save it and make him dinner one night.  ("Hello, delivery service?")  

He leaned down to kiss me goodbye and I suddenly felt very short - I'm only 5'7 (and a half).  He's got at least 15 inches on me height-wise.  As for the other inches, a girl never tells, but I will say that if he was an action figure, they would absolutely deem him proportionately correct.  When he hugged me I buried my face in his chest.  Oh that chest.  It's as big and bold as the rest of him.

Anyway, I'm back on NF now, but the phone seems quiet.  If it doesn't ring soon, I'll be signing off, but I hope you see this in time to join me.  (In case you've never noticed - look up at the right-hand top section of my webpage - you'll see my NF call button - it will always tell you in real time when I'm on or off).  I will be back Sunday morning after 9 - I plan on sleeping a little late again.  It felt so good this morning to wake up without the alarm.  I think I might go crack that wine open after all ... hope you can join me. 

The Best Laid Plans

Just Going With the Flow

Did you ever have one of those weeks where nothing you plan seems to pan out.  Well that was my week.  In fact the only plan that I made this week that actually came to fruition was my plan to hit the sack early last night and hopefully sleep in a little late. 

I'm happy to say that sleeping in with no alarm clock was my best idea this week - and that's mostly because it's the only plan that worked.  Thanks to a later-rising sun and a few (and much needed) rain clouds, I was able to wake up at my normal insane time and quickly close my eyes and go back to sleep.

Of course, those of you who know me well will know that when I'm rested and relaxed, I always wake up feeling a little frisky.  And if you know me, you know I always have a back-up plan in lieu of a roommate.  What a lovely way to start the day.

Of course, it can get a little lonely; there's only so far you can go with a one-way conversation.  So, if you're feeling like a little company like me, feel free to call me this morning.  I'll be here 'til about 12 or 1pm (EDT) and then I plan on being back after 4pm for a few hours (maybe more). 

Luckily this is the second weekend in a row where all my friends are doing "family" stuff so it's the perfect time for me to put some shelves up and organize my office - because I need to get some writing done and I do best in a designated space I can call my own.  But that doesn't mean that I couldn't use a break now and then, so feel free to interrupt - I like friendly interruptions.  And maybe I'll be so in need of a break, that I'll be tempted to chat from the place where this lovely day started - in bed.  So join me, won't you?

I'm looking forward to it.

xxo Ashley

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wanna Cum by Tonight?

This weekend was a blast but now it's the unofficial end of summer and everyone's pretty much gotten back to life as normal, including me.

Lots to do today, but I'm only busy until about 7pm EDT, so even though this has already been a long day (it's not even 2pm yet), I'm feeling a little frisky (what's new?).

Oh yeah - I got called out by someone here who wrote me about not being around this weekend - and he's not even the type to punish me (damn!) but in a way I get what he was saying - I said I'd be on one morning but I had no idea that my date from the previous night would keep me detained (that was delicious - I have a weakness for handcuffs).  That's my life, but he's right.  That's why the post today to tell you all when I'd be on next.

It's hard to pin down the time I'll be on NF on any given day - it depends on a lot of factors, so without the ability to "schedule" I'll make this blog the place I send updates, and they're probably going to be on a day-by-day basis until I figure out a better way.   But actually, this may be a good thing because you'll have to read my blog more often - or at least when the cock crows.  :)

In a way I feel like an old, married woman (glad I'm neither) who has to schedule sex - eewww.  I'm too spontaneous for all that mess.  But I did want to give you head ... a head's up.

Hope you can get away from your busy life so we can whip up some fun tonight.

xxo Ashley

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Screwball Weekend

Happy Labor Day!  Hard to believe it's Monday again.  I really, really was hoping to keep my promise about being here Saturday morning - or was that Sunday morning?  Anyway, I wound up staying out late and waking up late and the weekend just kind of took me over.

Well, even though it's Monday (and gosh it's early; I may go back to bed for a bit) I know a lot of you have off today, so what better way to spend the holiday than with me? 

After-nooner or Sex After Six?

I guess I'll be a good girl and stick to my normal Monday schedule - which means the gym before noon but then I'll have two hours to play before other obligations and then again after six oh! clock!!!

Hope to see you later ....

xxo Ashley

Friday, September 4, 2015

Just a "Hit-it-and-Quit-it" Update

Hi Boys - just a short note to let you know my plans for the weekend.  Well, first it's Labor Day (maybe I'll get knocked up LOL).  That would seem appropriate, don't you think?

I'm off to the gym this morning to work those muscles and wanted to just let you know what I'm up to.

Ashley has a date tonight.  But it's a sort of "first date" so I like to keep those short and sweet (and leaving them wanting more) - that is if I like him, but you know me, I like everyone.  He's older and he's cute ... the rest remains to be seen.  Besides I don't want to pin myself down - now, of course if you want to pin me down, that's a completely different story ... I do like that!

Since it's probably going to be short, you may see me on here a little later tonight.  But then again if it goes well - I may decide to keep it sweet, but maybe not so short.  A girl's gotta go with the mood of the moment, right?

As for the rest of the weekend, I'll be on in the AM on Saturday - of course, the rest is so far up in the air, but it's hot here and humid, so unless I have a destination that includes a pool and some cool drinks, I'm not going anywhere. 

Well gotta run ... but I'll be back as soon as I have an update.