Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looks Like a Wake and Bake Kind of Day

Sunny South

Part of what I love about living below the Mason-Dixon line is the warm weather.  Sometimes it gets absolutely scorching hot, but as long as there's a pool to dive into, who cares?  It's been a little chilly here - unseasonable so.  Cool mornings and cool evenings though don't indicate cool days here by any means and I'm pleased to say that today it's going to get in the high 80s.  Great because my tan lines are fading fast.

There's something about tan lines that men find exciting.  I personally love the way they like to trace the lines with their fingers as if they were tracing and invisible bikini on my body.  It really gives me thrills and chills - of course, in a good way.  Tingly might be a better description.  Why don't you allow yourself the pleasure of exploring my tan lines?  I'm absolutely craving a little attention today, and if you give me what I want, you know I'll likely reciprocate and give you whatever you want.  Sounds fair, no?

PS:  I was on late this morning (slept in and it felt fantastic) and I'll be out soaking up the sun this afternoon, but look for me late afternoon / tonight.  If you're watching football, I'd love to join you for a little half-time fun!  And maybe I can get you to rub some after-sun lotion on my back.  That's one sure way to get me worked up.  If you don't believe me, just read my latest short story, "Sex on the Beach."  All of my stories are based on true, real-life adventures and this one is more truth than any of them. 

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