Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chilly Morning

Good morning boys ... I slept in a little late this morning - well later than usual.  I was having this
dream that was just too good to wake up from and I really was quite comfy stirring in my sleep, except I suddenly felt a real chill come across my body.  You could say that my nipples woke me up (tee hee).

I've been on for a while this morning but apparently most of you are still sleeping ... I know I'm usually here on Sunday's to play, but a little emergency popped up (yes, I know you're saying, but I have an emergency popping up too, in my pants!) but a friend is in need and I have to run ... BUT I will be back in a little bit.  And since I've been on all morning and have yet to get my fill ... you know I'll be ready to play - actually this cool autumn air makes me extra horny ... it makes me think of all those times I got to play in the woods ... something about keeping the heat going when you're body's chilly that gets my juices flowing :) ..,

So put me on speed dial and check back with me later ... when I get back to my warm home and strip my clothes off ... I'll be very ready to have some fun ....

PS I'm working on a fun little Halloween poem for you ... think of a costume you'd like me to wear for the event ... I can be anyone you'd like ... if you give me Candy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Night at the Movies

It's almost Halloween, one of my favorite holidays - and some of my favorite things that go along with my favorite holidays are all the B-rated horror/thriller movies available on television.

How about a classic 1988 B-rated detective thriller/murder mystery movie complete with rotary phones, clowns, cliché detectives, photographers and, of course, a phone sex operation run by one of my favorite thriller/chiller freak actresses, Karen Black. 

B-movies have it all - the scary factor, the cheap theatrics, the over-mimicking of characters - they're just a good time.  "Out of the Dark," was a movie I watched yesterday that made me both laugh and "tsk," but the it was very entertaining.

"Out of the Dark," had all the components required of a B-rated creeper - sexy chicks with no shirts on, sexy lingerie, killer clowns, over-zealous detectives and this one had a mother who runs a phone sex operation who employs various operators, including her own daughter (must be a family business), and not to give away too much, but the clown-killer is someone you'd never expect. 

Clowns can give some people the creeps - hence putting them in so many creepy movies - like another B-rated movie I loved, "Killer Clowns from Outer Space," but I must admit the thought of getting fondled by a guy in mystery mask is somewhat hot, especially when the voice is deep, scratchy and bordering on horny, nasty, mysterious an unpredictable.  (Tee hee.)   

A lot in this world has obviously changed since 1988 - that was apparent in this movie (rotary phone?) - but phone sex will always be hot.  And while plenty of movies have been made about phone sex (that I also don't feel depict it correctly) or have phone sex scenes in them, "Out of the Dark"  gets my vote for a fun Halloween must-see, that is if you like heels, stockings, bare breasts and a few almost-sex scenes.  Of course you have to like B-rated movies ... with some juicy parts - and we do love our juicy parts, don't we boys?

For me, the campier the better.

In honor of Halloween AND Phone Sex - I'm resurrecting an old Halloween short story I wrote a couple of years ago.  My writing has improved over the years, but I still got pretty good reviews from this one and perhaps you need something fun to read on your computer, so you can keep your hands in your pants :)  
(Perhaps I'll have time today to dream up another Halloween thriller - or even better, you can call me and "inspire" me - hmmmm.)
Halloween Short Story - A Cheap Thriller

Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy Holidays! A Fun Day (Getting) Off

Happy Columbus Day to all of my fellow Americans and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. 

I'm just sitting here, writing blogs and doing my patriotic duty of making myself available to men who just want to enjoy the holiday and want to spend a little time (getting) off.  :)

I've had a lot of fun this morning ... taking a short break to re-shower 'cause I've been such a dirty girl ... but I'll be back soon - clean, soft and ready to take it hard! 

Speaking of showers ... I just got this great shower head that has a removable handle ... put that baby on the massage/pulse setting and ... Hmmm it brings the fun a getting clean to a whole new level.  Still despite all the toys and gadgets a girl can have fun with, there's nothing that beats a good stiff ...

No worries - if you had to work today.  I'll be waiting for you when you get home - one hand will hold the door open, the other ... well I guess you'll just have to drop by and find out for yourself.  Did I tell you what I'd be wearing at the door?  How about a pair of red hot silky panties and a pair of my very best f-me heels (which look especially hot upside down if you know what I mean.)  Yep, that's it.  It's chilly out so I'm sure my nipples will be excited to see you too as soon as that cool, crisp air meets my bare chest. 

Of course, the only way to tell for yourself is to ... knock on my door or ring my bell! 

xxo Ashley

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Obstacles and Challenges

The Definition of Obstacles:  Anything that keeps my lips from ravaging your body. 

NF is a little like relationships - there are ups and downs (although I like to concentrate on the "UPs,") exciting and disappointing moments - the phone never seems to ring when you want it too and vice-versa  and then all of the sudden, the universe aligns.  You've got time on your hands, you're feeling extra horny and the perfect call just cums through - SWEET.

I had one of those calls this morning ... and it made me realize that that particular scenario is one that I enjoy immensely.  I've done it before ... a guy calls and he "can't talk" - he whispers, "it's me" and then I know it's time to step up to the plate. 

I get to act in an alpha way without having to be dominant and it's a challenge.  It's also a challenge to my creativity ... I love a good challenge.

I perform various acts of sexual pleasure on your body, trying to make you moan and groan, but we both know ... you can't say a word.  It lends a little taunting excitement to the moment. 

It actually takes me back to high school when I used to sneak my first real boyfriend into my room late at night - when my parents were home and sleeping in the very next room.  There's a frenzied excitement.  Getting caught would be catastrophic, but doing it with the threat of being caught gives it an urgent and irrepressible excitement that runs through your whole body.  It brings out the naughty in both of you - trying to make the other just moan and shout, knowing that if they do, the jig will be up and it will all end - and you don't want it to - you want to keep the feeling going and so the you endure, 

You continually, relentlessly taunt and tease each other - giving it to them with a focused abandon, with that evil little smirk on your face as you look into their eyes, mentally saying ... "go on, I dare you, let out that groan as I bring you to the edge ... you want to, you know you do."  Gosh that's hot.

Well, we all know how this story ends - in utter, lip-shuttering, body-shaking relief ... knowing that we've been doing something we shouldn't be doing - knowing we might be caught at any moment - and then finally climaxing, deeper and harder than ever before.  Exhilarating!

Oh Baby!   I'm ready to do it again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lots of Trouble

Lately everything I say seems to get me in trouble, so I'm not here to say much - except "Hi."

Of course getting in trouble usually leads to a spanking ... I like trouble.