Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time to Shower

Well, it's been quite a day ... getting things together - and all of the sudden I find that it's 7:45 - I just signed on, but I need a shower before I can really relax in bed with a glass of wine maybe and some scented candles.  I'm really in the mood tonight.

Honestly, it was so hot today that I almost felt like coming in the door and going straight into the shower with my spandex shorts and my tank top, bra and panties and all!  I had to put a few things away and now I'm ready to strip down and hit the shower.  I love showers - I could stay in there for a loooong time (especially when I'm not alone - unfortunately, at the moment I am). 

I bought a couch today for my new apartment, and of course, it's not something you can just throw in your backseat and drive off with, so it won't be here for a week or two - so in the meantime, I'll be taking calls tonight from my bed ... unpacked the batteries today for my toy, so I plan on tucking it under my pillow for easy access ... that is if you like when I play with my toys for you.  I certainly like when you watch me. 

I like to tease you and seduce you and watch you get harder and harder for me, listening to the sweet sounds of my buzzy toy sliding around and in my wet ... well, you know.  I can't wait for you to cum closer and closer until you're finally inside or ... maybe you won't make it that far, may you'll just have to squirt all over my soft, sweet body.  I personally like it either way, as long as I get to cum with you.  (Wink)  See you later? 

Oh ... and if anyone is wondering why I signed on BEFORE my shower, well think about it ... wouldn't you like to hear me play in my wet ... shower ... I like to top it off with a few drops of sesame oil all over every inch of my body - it soaks right in and leaves me touchably-soft all over.  Then I can really get in the mood - and if I'm lucky, get all "dirty" again.  :)

Oops just made a date for breakfast ... I might be on early, early but leaving around 10:30 AM ESDT, but I'll be back afterwards - luckily for you and me, I have articles to write and a couch to pay for - even if it is my birthday, but I have no problem with that as long as we can play together so look for me.  Everyone was so concerned that I'd be busy on my birthday that they tried to get in time with me all week - which means 1) I got nothing done but fun, and 2) I have no plans for my real birthday - except to be here with you (sans breakfast). LOL

xxo Ashley

Thank You Sooooo Much

A girl never likes to tell her age - but she does like to celebrate birthdays - Mine's tomorrow, but you've all been so sweet and generous with  your calls and well wishes and emails that I'm blushing - really. 

I'm happy to spend it here with  you ... I do have to run out for a bit now but I'll be back this afternoon and tonight - thanks to a bunch of time away from the house this week - everyone is too pooped to party tonight - oh well - I'M NOT!  So cum by and visit me tonight (Saturday night home alone sad - Saturday night home with naughty boys - fun!!!)
Thanks again "Muah"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vids, Pics and Cuming Inside

Holy crap!  A good friend of mine just sent me a video - love free porn - it was a luscious girl getting a oily, hands-on massage ... of course she wound up with the masseuse's cock in her mouth and soon after he was fucking her on the massage table - in ever position you could think of. 

All of the positions just happened to be favorites of mine ... on her back with one leg bent over - (it feels so freaking good to me, plus it makes the puss even tighter for the pushing) - on her knees, getting schtooped from behind - and many more ... just to hear their skin smacking together and that girl's facial expressions - it was hot ... and then he came inside her sweet little unprotected pussy (I only imagined it was) but holy hot hell!  I was wishing it was me. 

I'm so horny and so happy to be back on NF on a more regular basis.  The dirtier the call, the better. 

Thanks for my video - glad to know I'm still your favorite baby girl.  I'm going to break out my buzzy toy and put some new extra-strength batteries in it and watch the video again (and again). 

New Place, New Year, New Life

New Place

Well I'm almost settled in my new place - now I just have to fill it with pictures and furniture, but it's all mine.  One piece of furniture I did invest in was a good bed - a very, if not the very most important piece of furniture.  That's an invitation for ya'll (still talking southern with a NY accent) to try it out with me.  It's super firm - I like men and my beds the same way - firm, stiff and ready for me to lay my body on it. 

New Year

Many of you remembered that my birthday is coming up (and let me remind you that a gentleman never asks a girl her age ... isn't it better left to the imagination?) and I think it's so sweet - thank you.  It's sort of my New Year, at least the way I look at it.  And as asked by some of you, I've updated my Amazon wish list.  There's plenty I need and want having just moved, and it makes me smile when someone expresses a desire to help me or just give me a gift because it feels good to do so.  You know how much I appreciate it - but I'd be happy to show you over and over again (tee hee).

New Life

I'll be working on some more short (erotic/sexy) stories to add to my NF page.  It's been a long time since I've posted anything of the sort on NF.  Now that I live alone again (thank the heavens), I might even dabble in a few more audios - many of you remember "Blow" as one of my audio works of art and I've been asked to re-post it - which I will be doing soon also.  Just so you know, once you purchase the audio you should be able to download it and keep it forever.  Imagine having me go down on you when I'm not even around - that's how amazing I am LOL.  Kidding.  You guys know I'm a little humble, a little cooky and love to laugh.

Today is Wednesday and I'll be home most of the day, still unpacking - I'm quirky, I have to rewash all the stuff I packed when I went down south - dishes, pots, panties, etc. (I'm not a nerdy clean freak, but I do like having a clean home and clean clothes on my body.)  I also love when you take my clothes off of me - I've had so many panties ripped from my bottom, that I don't have many left, but what I do have I love them to smell Downy-fresh LOL.  It's a nice hot day here, so I'm thinking of scooting over to the pool later ... so if you me miss today, here's my schedule up to Friday night:

Tonight I won't be around - I have a dinner date with a friend who wants to take me out for my birthday - but the rest of the week up to Friday night seems pretty good for being around. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Many Thanks (And Hopefully More Spanks)

Sunday .. That's my fun day!  I'll stay in bed a little longer, drop all of my obligations and probably go to the pool today - I'm losing my southern tan. 

I can't tell you how free I feel and how happy I am to be living alone again.  I can take calls in total freedom ... wearing sexy panties that get me in the mood ... and I can moan as soft, as deep or as loud as I want to ... I'm just free to be me - and that makes our interaction way more fun.

I just wanted to thank all of you guys who stuck with me through my move-in with roommates for a while.  It was something I had to and wanted to do - to try to live someplace new, it just wasn't the ideal situation I thought it would be.  It caused me to be absent from NF a lot.  I did like the warm weather, but it's summer here now, so I can live in bikinis and short dresses all summer - the way I like it.

I am getting such a kick out of being the new girl in the neighborhood.  The neighbors and the maintenance guys are all so helpful and attentive.  The one maintenance guy keeps coming by doing his little touch-up jobs little by little, leaving his tools here then having to come back for them later ... I do like my privacy - especially so I can give my NF callers my undivided attention, but I still think it's kinda cute when a guy wants something but isn't quite sure how to approach you about it.  I look at them as "little boys" though - and that's what makes me prefer older - more dominant men.

Dominant men are sure of themselves and they know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it - or better, just take it.  Speaking of which, I have to get myself a headboard ... you know how I love to be tied to the bed. 

Yes, I can see many wonderful days and nights ahead.  And since there's a full moon tonight, I'm hoping that tonight will be one of those nights when men find their boners raging to get into my new warm and cozy place.  (Wink)  I look forward to many moments alone with you (and my toys) ... and I think I'm hornier now than I've ever been - lucky you. 

Write me on NF and I'll send you a few minutes - my version of a housewarming party!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In My Room .. Just Me and My Nipples

Nipple Play
Moving/driving a few hundred miles and hopping on a last-minute plane to visit a sick relative, gathering my things from various and sundry storage areas - and ahhhh, I'm finally home - and ALONE - no roommates! 

I'm hoping that I can get back to normal very soon and be on NF much more often.  I've been here a week now, so I'm settling in nicely, especially on my bed ... my luxurious bed where I can wake in the morning without hearing roommates downstairs, without their dogs begging me to take them out while I wait for coffee to perk in the morning and without having to go up and down stairs every time I want to .... well do just about anything.  And of course having to get dressed every time I want to leave my room - sheer hell.  Who likes to be dressed all the time?  Not me.  Unless it's dressed up that is - love dressing up in sexy outfits and heels and being a that sexy, vixen-like girl who bends to a guy's will (forward or backward - tee hee).

The princess has come down from the ivory tower and she now lives in a cute, ground-floor, one-bedroom apartment where she can entertain guests, eat pretzels in bed - hell I can do anything I want in bed.  I'm free!

Best of all I can walk around the house as scantily dressed as I like (and I like!) or even naked if the mood strikes me.  I did do that on day 2 here and gave the maintenance guy quite a view when he came to change the outdoor filters to the AC unit, but I figured, "hey, at least if I need a maintenance call, I probably won't have a problem getting someone to cum ... here."  Tee hee.  He blushed, but I just stood there smiling, so he'd know it was okay to look ... if that's all he could bring himself to do at the moment.  I can wait; I'm very patient (smile).

I had the pleasure of being on the phone all day yesterday and got to meet a new friend, I'll call "N."  He said he read my blog and liked it (too bad he didn't get to see my old blog, right guys).  He was positively dreamy and naughty and it gave me a renewed love for being on NF.  He definitely has the potential for becoming an "AK guy" which is what I call my regulars.  Having regular callers is nice, kind of like having a hot boyfriend who wants to fuck you on a semi-regular basis but without all the relationship BS that most people have to deal with.  It's always fun, it's always hot and you don't have to kick them out in the morning.  Gosh I love being single!  And I love being single in my new single-girl-pad - my crib - my digs - my home!  And I love being on NF.

Now if I can only find my "Naughty Bag," the one where I packed all of my toys, I'd be really happy - that will happen today because I can't stand going a whole week without having my puss stuffed with something thick and stiff and probing (and buzzing maybe too).  If I don't find it soon, I may have to make a maintenance call.  I'm pulsing just thinking about it. 

I did get spanked with my belt last night - it stung gloriously and I love being the naughty girl who needs to be punished.  In fact any playing around that has to do with my ass being squeezed, kissed, spanked, etc. - well you know.  That comes in only second to having my nipples played with, which as most of you know is one way to make me cum without even getting near my below-the-waist area.   Nipple Play - it just has a nice sound to it, doesn't it?  (But it doesn't sound nearly as nice as it feels - a little lick, a kiss, a pull, a twists, a gentle bite ... rubbing your teeth across my nipples like the pearls that they are - yum!)

Anyone who tells me they don't like having sex - like the married lady two doors down - just isn't getting any (or getting it right).  Maybe I need to get my neighbor girl over for a "Naughty Nite" to get them re-acquainted with the feel-good way of life ... kind of like a community service.  I'm sure their husbands would appreciate their wives' renewed interest in schtooping (my favorite word).  Then again, lately my specialty seems to have become skipping the wifey part and getting straight to the hard of it - yes, I said hard of it, not heart of it.  I feel badly when some poor guy walks around with a constant stiffy that only Rosie Palm gets to touch ... I'd be happy to relieve the pressure around here and see some more smiling faces in the parking lot.  Again, a community service. 

As you can see, I have a renewed view on life - it's the second day of summer and I've just unpacked the bikini bag - the pool is open and the Sun is shining ... maybe I'll go out later and work on my tan at the pool.  But regardless, I'll be here this morning and later on tonight as well ... and judging by my email, it should be an exciting day/night on NF.  Ashley's back and horny as ever!  Cum and get me boyz! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One the Road Again ... Good News

I bet you were waiting for the Bad News part when you read that headline. 

The only bad new is ('cause I like to save the best for last) is that I'll be on the road this week and not really able to access email or anything from Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon.  But in an unusual turn ...

Good news #1 - I WILL BE BACK next weekend

Good news #2 - I'm moving so once I'm settled in, you should be seeing more of me (losing the roommates and I can make as much "noise" as I want again!)

Good news#3 - For all of you who have been thinking that I have a boyfriend or I'm bored with NF or I'm just too busy to be around - Not True - I love NF and I'm dedicated to my friends and I'll be amping it up a bit after mid-June in ways you can only now imagine - me too 'cause I don't know how I'm amping it up yet, but I'm confident I'll come up with something - I work best under pressure ... and under in general (tee hee).

Now it's Sunday morning boys so after you kiss the girlfriend goodbye, or give wifey the credit card to go shopping for the day - run, don't walk, to the phone and call me so we can have some fun ...
'cause I'm horny this morning (always a morning and dusk person) (and afternoon and night person :) and I won't be able to play for a few days this week ... I'll be driving with one hand on the wheel and the other ... (ooow can't wait to tease the truck drivers).

xxo Ashley
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Sunday, June 2, 2013


I just pulled this dress out of my closet this morning, and I thought of when I had this picture taken.  I was out at a concert in a pretty small and fancy place, somewhere in New York.  I was on a date with an older guy that I had met through work - one of my boss' clients (ssshhhh).  He was handsome, a gentleman and this was our third date.  That's when I really got to know him and what a naughty, naughty man he really was - I should have known, but I was swept away by his good looks and charm and I guess my body was all he was looking at - a superficial union at best.

He was very convincing - anything he wanted me to do, even if it was posing like this in public for a photo, he was able to get me to do with little or no question.  Of course it was slowly over the course of our acquaintance and then our short dating life.  You could say it started with a cup of coffee, one sugar, no cream delivered enthusiastically to the conference room.  I guess I'm forever the submissive little minx I've always been. 

What you don't see in this picture is what came afterwards ... he told me to rub my clit through my panties and I did ... he told me that no matter who walked by, I was not to stop.  But as the minutes went on, I was unable to stop, and after a while, I didn't even care if anyone saw.  It was clear that he enjoyed taking these pictures of me, and I enjoyed posing for them ... I never did get the others - this is the only one besides me kneeling on this bench, bent over and lifting my dress for my but - NF made me take it down 'cause there's a little butt crack in the shot....

I could see what this photo frenzy was doing to his cock, his pants growing tighter and tighter around it, a bulging that I would relieve shortly after in the parking deck. 

It was amazing that no one saw us, although it wasn't intermission and the crowd was not the type to roam the halls.  I begged him to let me put my fingers inside my panties, but he adamantly refused.  He enjoyed my torture on film.  I finally came so hard that there was a wet spot clearly in the center of my panties, and quickly after, I stood up and put an end to pushing our luck.  I was nervous someone would find us doing this dirty show in the middle of this classy establishment and we'd be kicked out or worse, put on the cover of some tabloid.

We never did go back in.  As I mentioned earlier, we headed to the car in the parking garage.  We could barely keep our hands off of each other.  It was clear that something was going to happen before the keys ever hit the ignition.  We tried to move from the front to the backseat of the car, but we never got that far.  As I leaned the top half of my body over the seat in some sort of dive-head-first move, and suddenly I felt my panties get ripped from my body - which really hurt - but before I could turn around and bitch about it, I could feel his fingers inside me - two of them, twisting and wriggling.  Already worked up, it took me about three seconds to cum again, and just as I was feeling my puss pulse from the after-joy and excitement, he was on top of me, bent over the front seat and put his ... well you can guess the rest.  He fucked me so hard, I almost passed out.  Maybe because I was having trouble breathing with 200 pounds of pressure on my stomach.  I've never been done like that before, and I must say, it was the first time I had a leather burn on my belly - fast and hard and repeatedly in the present definitely equals "ouch" later.  But damn!

Well, that was tame, boring crap compared to what he disclosed about himself once he let his inhibitions (and his shorts) down.  Truthfully, he kind of freaked me out.  I've grown a little since then, as has my taste for the kinky.  But at the time, I was feeling unsure and so I called it off, as amazing as his cock was, I knew that eventually my boss would find out and he'd use it against me.  He hated me in the end because I wouldn't fuck him - my boss that is - so if he had an inkling that I was getting schtooped by his client, ha ... forget it.

But the point is - at the moment of taking this photo, I was feeling my limits pushed, I was feeling sexy, sought after and he was in total control - I don't think that I've ever had a better date - it was a game and I enjoyed playing it.