Friday, October 31, 2014

Settled in and Time to Party - Happy Halloween

Getting Comfy Again

It's been a crazy couple of months - moving is no joke, not to mention all the paperwork involved.  Gosh, there for a minute I felt like I had a real 9-5 job again - perish the thought!

Time to Party!!!  It's Halloween!!!

But, today is Halloween - my personal favorite holiday, basically because I love to dress up in costumes.  Oh let's face it, I love fantasy and dressing up on any day of the year.  It's fun.  And isn't that why we're both here ... to have some fun?

Ever since I was young, I can't remember a holiday that has excited me more.  Not even Christmas.  Sure I love the sweets; who doesn't love some candy once in a while?

But for me, it's the whole mysterious "who is behind that mask" that's what gets me curious.  Plus, it adds to the excitement - you feel like  you've always gotta know what's happening around you - who might sneek up behind you?

And do you really care who might be behind that mask?  I can bet that if a girl wearing a bikini came up on you even wearing a Freddie Kruger mask, you'd be more "excited" than "scared."  Am I right?

I do love my sweets!  Yum

Unlike others this Halloween who will be answering doors and handing out candy while admiring the cute little, inventive costumes, I'll be behind my door waiting to give you a treat.  And all ya gotta do is knock (well ... ur, I mean call).  Maybe I'll even perform a trick or two.  (Tee Hee)

And since Halloween is on a Friday, I'll extend that invitation throughout the weekend.  We can play all the games you'd like - in return for some hard candy, that is.  Ya' got some for me?  I bet you do.

I bet I know why that pumpkin is grinning.

So, come by later ... and I'll give you a treat ... and you can bring me some candy too!  I'd love that. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

All About Ashley - Days, Nights and the Schedule

The Days, the Nights and the Dreaded Word: "Schedule"

When I first started on NF, I was a 9-to-5 girl, gainfully employed with a car payment and far too many bills and obligations for one girl to handle.  Since then, after becoming gainfully unemployed, I really fell into the NF world (as well as many other avenues) trying to find what I liked to do, that allowed me to do it when I felt like it.  Come on, who wouldn't want that?

The reality of it all is that doing what you want when you want can feel liberating, but there's still that sticky-wicket - you have to be an adult to meet your adult obligations (not to mention wanting to splurge occasionally on "nice things" like hair and clothes and ... well, you know ... toys).

News of My Demise - So Over the Top

Let me preface what I'm about to say with, I'm not leaving NF.  I've met a lot of good people, made some great friends and just had fun all the way around.  Not every moment was fun, but that's the same with any endeavor.  For the most part, I feel at home here.

The Executive Decision

The big news is I've decided that this isn't cutting it for me, and in order to do that grown-up thing, I've had to look to other more viable ways of following my dreams and becoming my own person while still using my time wisely.

I've picked the best mornings, evenings and days out of my NF past and decided to fit it into my schedule accordingly, while still leaving time for some time for things like sleep and getting out into the sunshine for some Vitamin D.  This is going to be a trial - we'll see if it works.  Typically I find having a schedule helpful, but it doesn't really apply to the NF world.  It's up, it's down - for a lot of reasons and I'd be a mathematical genius if I spent the time to figure out all the variables, but I've perused the stats and I've chosen some days and times that work with both NF and my life.

We're going to try this:

Now that's not to say that I won't be here more often than that.  I've left some wiggle room in my schedule.  And - I anticipate having some afternoons that I can throw in as well.

This is how it's going to be for a couple of weeks.  Things like holidays and football season and all that means that for you (and sometimes for me) I'll have to keep it pretty flexible.

But I wanted you to know that I haven't disappeared - I'm still here.  And I hope that you find some time that fits us both (nice and snug).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Times They Are uhhh ... Changing

A Change in Schedule or a Publishing Snafu?
Okay, I know, the schedule's been posted all of 6 or 8 hours and already there's a change.  You know this schedule thing was not really my idea, but a suggestion (given to me by more than many of you) but I get it - it's to help me have some sort of semblance in my life.  Trouble is I already have another job that does require a schedule and to be honest with you, I'm feeling a little hemmed in.

I've told you guys - I'm practically like one of you (nothing to do with what's in the pants/panties) but commitment to a schedule kind of makes me feel like I'm wearing a ring that inextricably ties me to someone.  I get all jittery and sweaty just thinking about it.  Sure, I'm a "normal" girl and maybe commitment will be more "my thing," but at the moment, not so much.

Tuesday is probably the one day this week that there's no football on - oh wait, football is on every night isn't it?  I can take it or leave it, but Tuesday (of late) is Sons of Anarchy night.  It's a great show about a biker club that watches over it's little hamlet of Charming, California.

I've dated a biker before (not for very long though since I'm truthfully more of the martini and backseat of a Towne Car kinda girl) but it was fun.  But that's not what is so exciting about this show.  And if you've ever seen this show or you're looking it up now, I know you're going to say it's the main character, Jax.  Well, he is beyond hot, anyone can admit that.  The sixty-year old woman at the supermarket checkout was talking about him the other day like she would do him if he ever dared to walk through the door of her store.  I don't want to "out" the chain, so Jax, if you're ever in SC, just get someone else to buy your beer and soda, that lady is old enough to be your grandma.

And while typically I go for darker-haired, older guys, his blond locks are actually something to shake a leg at, and a tail and a boob or too.  OMG.  Oh, sorry, I lost track of my thought process there for a moment.

It's actually the writing, the storyline, the plot, the OMG moments that totally blow everyone out of the water that I like.  And, unfortunately, it's the last season.  Sure, there's DVD, but it's just not the same.  With a DVD there's no one to call or text while the show is on ... no shared moments of shock and awe (as there are many in this show, especially since it's the last season).

Well, Jax may not be the only reason I won't be here tonight, but I think my schedule is pretty damn full as it is, so I'm hoping it accommodates ya'll. 

Hope to talk soon ... ciao for now.
xxo Ashley

Friday, October 10, 2014

Desire and Deliverability

When Energetic Motivation Meets the Wall

The last few weeks have been C-R-A-Z-Y to say the very least.

Between a trip three hours to north and then a move ten hours to the south the following week - I've been a little out of sorts.  Thanks goodness I don't have a "real job."

To say the least, I have a million things I want to do, need to do and then there's the "hit-the-wall" factor.  I can take a lot of stress and pressure and then I suddenly fold like a house of cards.  Last night was one of those nights. 

Did you ever take a nap on the couch and wake up in a half-waking sleep stupor?  You can barely get your ass up to get to bed - a real bed and your brain is telling you, "to hell with everything else."  That was me last night.  I was gonna sign on at 9pm figuring that would give me time to relax a little after a long day that actually started on NF at 8am.  I woke up on the couch at 9:10pm and realized that I would be useless as a crazy, wanton sex toy.  I was also too out of it to write a blog post explaining myself, so I just didn't sign on.  Bad, bad girl.  That's me!

Moving is no joke.

Good news is, today I'm feeling like my usually naughty self.  Bad news is that it's football season, so most of you guys will be preoccupied with games of all types - college, pro, etc.  For those of you who are planning on watching from the sidelines, may I suggest a closer look at those tempting little cheerleader skirts ... if you look close enough, you'll see me.  I'm the one jumping up and down, jiggling my pom-poms and showing off my skinny little thongs.

Wanna get into my panties?  Then checkout my "half-time" schedule and meet me in the bleachers (or the locker room shower if you prefer).


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Ready to Ride

I just got off of my first call in what seems like weeks.  With all of the shuffling and moving and traveling that I've been doing of late, it was good to finally feel the warm rush of orgasmic bliss again!

I still don't feel like "myself" yet, but this morning quickly gave me a taste of what I've been missing and of course, once you have a taste of bliss you always want more and more (and more). 

(A special thanks to my very talented friend :)

Fan Mail

I've not only been "blissed" but I've been blessed with a bunch of NF friends emailing me and wishing me well and telling me how much I'm missed.  Believe me, I've missed you all too.  I've made some really good friends on NF and I consider myself one lucky girl.

I should be back to writing blogs soon and - oh yeah - updating my schedule (tee hee).  It's been a struggle to get settled, unpacked and re-stocked - everything seems to need immediate attention, but now that things are falling back into place, I'm ready to devote my attention back to NF and all of my naughty, like-minded, sex-minded friends.

In fact, I think I'll fix-up my schedule right now so that I don't miss any more fun. 

One thing I have to take care of is finding the box in which I hid my toys.  I wrapped them up good and put the box in a box so the movers wouldn't accidentally find them (could you imagine - maybe I would have gotten a discount on the move, who knows).

Well, off to find that box ... look for me later and don't forget to check out my schedule.