Friday, January 24, 2014

Audio Nooners and Midday Trysts

Time for Some Friday Fun - At Least That's What I Hear
Typically you wouldn't see me signed on midday, especially on a Friday, but today's air is unique.  For one, I'm home, feeling like doing nothing more than hiding under the blanket on my couch watching movies ... considering I work most every day, I'm feeling none too guilty about that either.  Besides, I was feeling a little under the weather this morning at least energy-wise - so I took a midmorning nap and I woke up rather perky.

My Audios, "Blow" and "F-Yeah" are having an exceptional day today - thanks boys - and I am pleasantly surprised - plus my curiosity is peaked.  Looking at the clock here on the East Coast, I see it's around 3:30 pm.  I was wondering, why the sudden peak in audio requests (not that I mind in the least). 

So figuring it's about lunchtime on the West Coast and getting close to the 5:00 pm TGIF-mode on the East Coast, I'm sitting back kicking my feet happily in the air thinking of all the men who are sitting behind their desks plugged in and latched on, stroking their way to that blissful feeling while listening to the sound of my voice (tee hee).

Well, "Blow" is all voice - sound and description symphonized to bring you much pleasure - "F-Yeah" is more about the sounds of my breathing and the slapping of my skin against someone else's (and a couple of faint smacks on the butt - yum) ... damn I just got a chill and thrill recalling that moment. 

So whether I'm on my knees stroking and sucking you from beneath your desk, or with you in some out-of-the-way hotel room getting the schtooping of the century, just knowing that I can spread myself so far and wide in the interest of pure pleasure pleases me greatly. TGIF guys! 

What? Haven't heard my audios yet.  There's more to come, but for now - just click on any link to your right - yeah, right there on the sidebar ... have fun!!!

And for those of you who'd like to hear all that and more "live" - email me on NF and I'll send you three free minutes. 

xxo Ashley

Calling in Sick

How Getting Off Can Rid You of That Cold!
Nurse Ashley from Genital General

Two revived short stories - Chapters One and Two about Nurse Ashley and her internship at Genital General

I have had a lot of emails in the last few days about people being sick.  To be honest, I came home last night feeling a bit under the weather myself.  But the good news is that a non-medical study by Nurse Kink (that would be me in a skimpy nurse uniform with only panties on underneath - and of course sexy white pumps) says that getting off can get those bad, nasty, make-you-feel-like-crap germs expelled out of your body.

Honestly, when I feel sick and weak - which usually only happens when I visit friends who have kids (aka cute but little germy petri dishes) - I get plenty of rest in bed.  Luckily I work out of my bedroom so I don't have to go far ... but I find that even if I'm not "in the mood," which isn't often, and I still allow myself to get off - I feel much, much better. 

So whether you're feeling great and just need a check-up or you're feeling like crap and you want to try out my findings for yourself - call me.  The nurse is in :)

Call Button
Don't Have an Appointment?  Call-ins Welcome
Let Nurse Kink Make You Feel All Better!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stop by and Visit - Let's Make a Play Date.

Hey there - January has been a little slow at getting back on track - but not too bad.  I'm trying to juggle a lot of stuff and it's kept me from being here, but I'm working towards having a more straightforward schedule.

Having said that = look for me Wednesday night - Thursday morning and Thursday night.  I'll be on Friday night as well ... Saturday morning is usually a given that I'll be on but this Saturday it's a night out with the girls - finally.  We have a hard time getting together sometimes.

Speaking of hard times ... being a way from NF for most of December and some of January has really made me crave some hard cock.  So, note my "schedule" above and take advantage of it ... that's what I'm here for, isn't it?  Hard times can be good times, right guys?

PS:  I'll be revamping my listing(s) soon - new pics, new design and oh yes, new short stories that you can enjoy.  So exciting!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Porn in the Morn

Good Morning ... Really, it's Been a Great Morning

I never sign on when I'm either 1) busy or 2) not horny ... and I know that you appreciate that.  I wouldn't want to pretend to get off on our call and you deserve - we deserve - a genuine sexual experience.  Am I right? 

Channeling My Inner Desires

I got up early today - one of those days where you wake up at a ridiculous hour that's almost too early to get up, but it's definitely too late to go back to sleep - especially when all you can think of is coffee.  Well, that was my initial focus anyway.

As I became more caffeinated and my brain became more stimulated, something else came over me as well.  I had no desire to check emails and was nowhere near cognitive enough yet to do much else - other than watch porn, that is.

Sex Surfing and Self-Service Selections

Lounging on my bed, sipping coffee, I found myself trolling the television guide in the naughty section.  Just some of the titles alone and thinking of their potential to excite and stimulate me started to make me squirm a little.  Before long I found my hands pulling on my panties - pulling them up so that they put a little pressure on that tiny little spot that starts with a "C" and ends in "T" which is the first thing that starts throbbing when I'm a little ... well when I'm feeling naughty.

Of course the story gets way more interesting - and pretty quickly too ... so if you want to hear about it, be sure to call me - you know I love to share. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Neighborus Interuptus

That's Latin for, "My upstairs neighbors were hanging out in the room over my head (and my bed) last night so I didn't sign on.

Maybe they're listening to me - maybe they think I'm having sex by myself - you know what?  I don't really care about them anymore.  I can't let the neighbors "dick-tate" my life, right?

Well, sorry about last night but I'll be here tonight.  I'm on now (AM) but I'm going to take advantage of the non-snowy, slightly-chilly weather outside (a brisk 21 degrees by this afternoon) to go out to the store, since I know the store will be empty (no right-minded person would be out in this weather if they didn't have to be) ... that way I don't have to worry about going out until it warms up again LOL. 

And screw the neighbors ... well at least the husband ... he's a flirt, she's a bitch and I'm done worrying about them hearing me on the phone - it's not the ideal situation to "flirt" in, but I can't let them stop me from playing with my friends.  (That would be you.)  So if you don't see me on here this afternoon - know that I'll be around later.

xo Ash

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brrrrrr, Baby it's Cold Outside

All right, so I needed a week off ... and it did me a lot of good - a week away from anything is enough to reset the brain, get your stuff in order, if you feel up to it, and then take time to enjoy the moment.  I did all that, and then I signed on Saturday morning.

As you know by now, unless you're new to Ashley's Spot (Hello!), I love being told what to do (in a nice, classy and sometimes clever way) in the bedroom ~ in "other life," as I've confessed before, I'm pretty much a free spirit and no one has tried to tell me what to do since I was about 18 (like I would listen). 

I think most people - well, the majority of people I've known - are like that, opposite in the bedroom as they are in life.  That is to say, some mean boss is probably somebody's bitch after work and a martini, getting his ass whipped or his wallet taken - and girls like me who are completely sassy, independent and a little brash at times, typically can't wait to get home and confess all they've done wrong to someone who, much to his chagrin, will have to punish their indiscretions - no doubt putting them over his knee and ... baring my bottom for a few swats and then .... oh, sorry, I was getting sidetracked. 

Anyway ...
Two things comes to mind when I think about Saturday - 1) Absence really does make the cock grow harder and 2) being a PSO is a lot like being a pro ball player (oh, ever pun intended).

So number one was a nice surprise - lots of calls from people who've missed me - I was gushing at the attention and I actually think I blushed once or twice.  Minus the announcers, interviewers and paparazzi, I felt like I was having my very own "red carpet" moment; it totally rocked ... for seven straight hours, with barely time to catch  my breath in between - hence the latter, number two. 

Although I was entirely grateful for the tons of fun and interesting calls, I was like a rookie - after ONE WEEK.  (Well, okay, to ya'll I know it seemed longer, but let's not get into December - it's so last year.)

I found myself losing my voice, my lips were sore (again, pun intended) and I had gone through the entire contents of my toy box.  It was like an Ashley-a-Thon that was never planned.  Although when it comes to the phone if you're on the receiving end you really can't plan it, can you? 

Needless to say, I called it an early night Saturday.  It wasn't just my toys and my out-of-pro-shape body that took a pummeling (pun again), it was my brain - it kind of hurt.  After my last call, it was obvious that could no longer come up with so much as a sexy verb, adjective or noun if you paid me.  (Not intended to be a pun, but, yeah it kind of is, isn't it?) 

So I wake up on Sunday feeling great - rested, relax and ready to get back in the swing.  I'm ready for coffee and ready to take on the world.  Ambition comes to me in waves, and Sunday morning I was ready to hit the surf.  (Beach analogies keep me warm - it's almost below zero outside, let me fantasize.)

Well short story long - after two disconnects and a total change in mood (from glad to annoyed), I had to sign off.  Madge was up to her no-good tricks again, sassy little bitch, and since it was Sunday morning, I figured that the IT squad was not at the wheel so I decided to give it up.  (Not a pun, that was more like an oxymoron.) 

I didn't want to annoy myself or my phone friends.  Frustration for you guys is a little more time-sensitive than a it is for us girls.  Far be it from me to cause anyone blue balls. 

So it's Monday, and I played a real writer in the real world today. It's so much fun to be so many characters and never have to leave my stage.  Tonight I'm playing editor to a manuscript.  I said I'd take the work because - hey, it's work and it's publishing-related and there's always something to learn and things to do that will teach me while also paying me.  Tonight I'm learning that I really don't like editing.  Hence, the blog break.  I'm not good at it, but I've committed myself to the job and I'm a girl of my word. 

Tomorrow night I should be done with the edit and since it will be sub-beyond-zero outside, I guess I'll be on NF again ... Wednesday early and then late is looking pretty good as well.  I like to attempt a schedule anyway ... if you know me you are all too familiar with my schedule - as in I don't have one.  If a job comes up or if Madge is acting up or if someone spanks me too hard and makes me cry, I might not be around, but I'll always try.

Talk to you tomorrow (Tuesday) hopefully ... Ciao for now.

xxo Ashley