Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thirsty Night

Happy post-Christmas

Time to work off a little of that holiday stress boys!!!

Meet me here tonight - after 8pm EST.  Tell whomever you have to that you need a little quiet time, slip into a secluded room, point your dialing finger and while you're waiting for "Madge" to connect us, unzip those pants and lets get the party started ...

I didn't get everything I want for Christmas - I could use another trip to your North Pole!  Meet me on NF Thursday ... I mean Thirsty Night. 

KLS (Kiss, Lick, Suck)
xxo Ashley

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm So Grateful

Thank You
By now it's no secret that I haven't been around much this month - especially this past week ... while I don't want to get into the reason let's just say that sometimes "life happens" to all of us.

I'm so grateful for my relationships on NF - my friends and the caring words and wishes everyone has expressed even when they didn't know why - why isn't important - friends just sense when someone else needs a hug - and that meant a lot to me (even if some of you were picturing yourselves slipping in a butt squeeze while hugging me) - tee hee.

I realize some of you will be busy over the next couple of days - as will I - but I'm feeling like signing on tonight - after I finish my obligations for the day ... things I should have done over the weekend but just couldn't.

For those of you who won't be around, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and for those of you who will, I'll make sure I tell you when we speak - but to all of you, thank you.   This year was weird, strange, tough, fun and every adjective under the Sun.  I've made some new friends and connected with some old friends and I want you to know that I appreciate you all.  It's been a good year over all and I hope that 2014 will be even better.

I have some surprises planned - pics, stories and a re-vamping of my listing - gotta keep it fresh and relevant, as they say. 

I appreciate everyone's patience while I've been away ... being a "feely-type" person it's hard for me to know how I'll feel from moment to moment, which makes it hard to schedule my life, but that's also what makes me able to enter into the fantasy world with such abandon.  It's a catch-22 I guess. 

Can't wait to start the New Year off with a BANG!  Thank you for being such a big and important part of my life.  :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays Boys

Time is slipping by so fast this month, I wanted to make sure that I said Happy Holidays to all of my NF friends. 

I'll be on Wednesday night (12/18) and I'll be away Thursday and Friday, but back on the weekend.  So if you want to catch me before the weekend, better sneak off into a secluded space somewhere on Wednesday night so you can unwrap your present in private ;).

Maybe everyone will be out doing last minute Christmas shopping and we'll have the house all to ourselves - which would be nice, 'cause then I may be tempted to do something to you/with you in every room of the house. 

If you miss me though - I wish you a Happy Holiday season, and hope you'll be thinking of me - I'll be thinking of you.  You have all made this a fun and exciting year for me and I hope that 2014 will be even better - in fact, I know it will.  "Muah"

xxo Ashley

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snowed In The Office

(Are you working today ... are you in the office alone? ... Even if you're not - just imagine it ...)
It was snowing earlier .... but it stopped and I was able to drive to work.  Everyone at work is talking about all the inches expected and how they'd like to leave early to get home safely. 

Funny, Ashley was thinking about inches too, just now in terms of snow.

But of course, management will here nothing of it.  They might leave early, but the staff is just going to have to sweat it out.  The phones are quiet, but what if ... someone has to be here to answer the phones at least.

Of course Ashley volunteers... besides if everyone's gone she can take NF calls from the conference room, lying on her back on the table ... fantasizing about all of the sexy execs coming in one by one (or all together) (and maybe with some clients) while she bends her knees and puts her feet flat on the table, her right hand between her legs, deep in her panties ...

"I'll do it - I'll stay." 

After everyone rushes out of the office, Ashley grabs a bottle of water, and gets comfy in the posh conference room.  At first she searches the net ... then she signs on to NF ... sits back in the luxurious leather chair at the head of the table - she kicks her heels off and puts her stocking'ed feet upon on the table. 

It's not long before the skirt so high up on her thighs because of her slouched position is pulled up just high enough to fit her fingers inside her panties ....

What she doesn't know is that she won't be alone.  Someone else hasn't left the building to avoid the storm.  Someone else who thinks they're alone as well ....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday - A Suprisingly Fun Day ... So Far

After from a wintery-mix hellride yesterday 100 miles and back, it was nice to sleep in a little and wake up in my own bed, all comfy, cozy and warm.  

I woke up rested, refreshed and feeling a little naughty actually.  I was a naughty girl this morning.  So naughty in fact that I had to sign off for a bit to make more coffee to keep myself from just passing out.  I have toys to clean and a body that's about to enjoy a long, hot, soapy shower.  (And damn, do I have to change those sheets again?  I think so.) 

But no one's complaining - in fact, I've got a big, big smile on my face - that might be while my cheeks and jaw are sore, but maybe not.  (Giggle.)

I might have to nap again despite the coffee (tee hee) - but when I do, I'll be sure to sign back in first, just in case anyone feels like waking me up ;)  you know how sexified I feel when I've had a good nap.

xo Ashley (it's nice to be back :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hey There Fellas!

Fellas!  A Strange but Sexy Word

Speaking of strange but sexy - well actually, it wasn't strange really, but damn ... it was sexy ... I had this call on Sunday that really inspired my latest short story.  I barely had time to write it down in cryptic note fashion, but I did save it.  If you're good, you may get a peak for Christmas ;)

The reason my note (as mentioned above) was so rushed is because it's been a busy week.  I'm sure you could tell by the fact that I haven't been on this week so far (until now).  After the rousing success of the Ashley-a-Thon (thanks again), I had to dig in and finish up some year-end writing assignments.  I finally finished it all around 7pm tonight. 

Funny, 'cause I thought I was signing on at 7pm and it turned out to be 9pm - I'm convinced I've slipped through some time-space continuum - I can hardly believe that a third of December has already passed.

Well I know I promised my next blog would be more sexy, but then I thought you might appreciate a schedule update more.  I'll try to make it as risqué as possible though.

What's tomorrow?  Thursday, right?  Don't ask me, I'm so computered-out at this point I don't even want to open the calendar.  I'll take a guess and go with it.  Yes, I know the date, I just don't know the day - it's not funny!  (Yeah, it is.)

So Thursday I'll be on in the evening only.  Tomorrow is a rush-around day since I've been held up in my apartment pretty much all week except to get some air and the mail and to do a quick convenience store run.  (I was having a "girl-needs-chocolate" moment.) 

Friday early AM and Friday night I plan to be on also.  (Whoa, two nights in a row!?  That's right!)

But not to disappoint ... 'cause I know you're waiting for this ... I won't be here Saturday - at all - well maybe in the really early AM but really, I doubt it.  There is a chance I'll be on in the late evening - maybe 10 or 11?  I'm not driving, so I'm not sure - I hate when I'm not driving.  I'm not upset though, I'll be having one of two Christmases (which doesn't include Christmas Eve).  Families and friends don't live close like they used to when the world had people that said "Fellas."  I certainly think it would be much easier on my car and my schedule if they did, but ... it is Century 21 after all.

Hold your holiday hats ... Sunday I'm here all day again ... morning, (maybe a break at noon) and then again at night. 

I wouldn't go any further but ... you know me - when I go, I go all the way, don't I (wink)?
I already know for sure that the following week I won't be around on Thursday or Friday, but that's it for now.  I don't want to bog you down with boring agendas ...

I'd much rather take down your pants and get busy ....

Endings and Beginnings and Regaining Control

Well, first let me say that the Ashley-a-Thon was a resounding success.  I was not only glad to have time to concentrate on making the world more relaxed and happy, but it also helped me out a lot.

As a lot of you know, I no longer work in an office full-time and now, due to changes on another corporate front, even my long-standing freelance writing job is cutting back on their need for my insightful astrology and numerology articles.  But I'm not worried - in fact I'm more resilient now than ever - and I have you guys who love to call and role play and all that sexy, fun stuff.  I love it.  Who has it better than me?!

It occurred to me that maybe I've had my eggs in too many baskets, and that the upside of all this downsizing is that I'll be able to focus more on you and NF. 

Plus I have some really good short stories in the works, possibly some new audios and I'm planning a listing re-vamp for 2014.

So what's the schedule for this week?  Well, while I'm cleaning up the last of my current writing assignments (which are lengthier than normal due to the end of the year/coming year stuff):

This week - Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night (late for Saturday) look good as well as Sunday all day.  Daytime just isn't working in to my schedule this week.  Friday night is usually a crapshoot but I could always sign on and see how busy it is.  I'll just be sitting on the floor wrapping gifts and drinking hot chocolate anyway (yes, I will)!~

Next week I'll be out of pocket (where did that expression come from) on Thursday and Friday but other than that, I should be around all week. 

I hope that helps you figure out when we can get together.  I know it's going to be a busy-crazy time for everyone between work, parties, shopping and all that nutso end-of-the-year stuff, but I have a good feeling that we'll find each other.  Sometimes I feel like my life and my schedule aren't my own - that some greater force is in control of my appointment book ... but I always find my way back to NF and you.

Thank you all for last weekend (it helped a lot) - and who knows, there may be more Ashley-a-Thons in our future. 

I promise the next post will be more sex-oriented, but sometimes a girl just has to update the men in her life about her whereabouts so they know that even when she's not here, she's thinking about them and trying to find her way back. 

I'm grateful for NF; I'm grateful for you ~ and that's about as mushy as I'm gonna' get (tee hee).

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Hours of Wet and Wild Fun and the Ashley-a-Thon

Perk Up Boys

I may not be a dominatrix, but you know I like when you men stand at attention~ yum!

It's a cold, snowy night (finally, as the weatherman promised - I have to look into meteorology school) and thus the reason for this weekend's Ashley-a-Thon.

I know you've got the heat cranked up and you're probably laying on the couch in your boxer briefs watching porn or some shoot-'em-up movies on the western channel - or perhaps you're into the whole Christmas season thing - I am.  As a matter of fact, this year makes the first year that I watched Charlie Brown Christmas in my panties under a blanket on the couch.  I had to cover up - it's rated G.  It's just not Christmas without "Chuck."

I have my red and white candles burning and it smells like apples in my apartment, and I'm getting all snuggled up - of course I'll move it into the bedroom when you call, so we have plenty of room for gymnastics. 

As I told someone earlier, I went outside in my tank top, my panties, a pair of cowboy boots and a big white fluffy robe to take some night pics of the snow.  No one was around, but I kept wondering what might happen if my robe suddenly came untied - besides being very, very cold and having my nipples pop out. 

After I told that to someone, we had a snowball fantasy - it was cold and since indoors, the snowballs quickly dripped down my chest, my back, and my panties, but since they didn't need to get wet, I quickly took them off.  It was fun!  Anyway afterwards I got inspired to go back outside.

I had noticed earlier that there were no footprints in the snow - which means not one person left our apartment complex all day - snow is great for tracking if you're into that sort of thing.  So as I'm slipping my boots back on by the front door, I heard scraping.  "Nooooooo," I said. 

Yep, my little neighbor was out there with his mini-shovel making a mini-pathway down the sidewalk.  I remember what it was like to be a kid and the fun of snow, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  When you get the chance to take a shot, you need to just do it and not wait.

So, my cute little neighbor boy, who is actually a strange little kid, was out there for all of 3 minutes.  Are ya' kidding me?  Who plays in snow for 3 minutes?!  He made some half-assed pile of snow - his attempt at an igloo?  I don't know.  Honestly there isn't even enough snow to make an igloo so I don't know what he was thinking of or if he even knows what an igloo is?   

Perhaps if I was out there in my panties and cowboy boots he would have seen me and since he usually blushes like crazy when I say hello to him, I'm sure he would have run right back into his doorway, but alas, I was not.  Guess I'll have to wait for the next snow and the next Ashley-a-Thon to manifest that shot.

So here I am, bathrobe off and I'm back under the blanket ... wanna' come and keep me warm? 

Remember - email me the word "Ashley-a-Thon" and I'll send you three free minutes. 

Good Morning - Ashley-a-Thon, Last Day

Feeling Naughty

Last Night

Well I did go out for dinner last night and we had one drink, and no I didn't sign on after I got home, but that wasn't because I had a sleepover, it was just because I was relaxed and after I whipped off the "in-public clothes," I just fell into that relaxed mode and didn't feel like doing much.

Flirting 101

We joked over dinner that we should right a book on flirting because that's one thing we're so good at together.  I kind of like the flirting part - it's kind of an anticipation of things possibly to come.  But he travels in winter, so I just assumed not start anything now, but when spring arrives, who knows?

Ashley-a-Thon, Day 2

Well The weekend-long Ashley-a-Thon continues today - actually it ends today.  One more day to email me the 'secret word' to my NF email for free minutes.  It's chilly out, but it's warm in my apartment ... let's make it downright HOT!  Call me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dinner & Drinks Anyone?

Ashley-a-Thon ... The Continuation

Well, I did sign on at 7, but looks like it was a little early ... I'm ambitious, what can I say? 

So I'm meeting a friend for a late dinner and a drink or two, maybe ... and then I'll be back.

It's not a date - we're just friends, although we do flirt a lot and tease each other mercilessly. 

He was taken when I met him and now he's not.  But in between then an now, we've kind of become friends, so no, it's not a date, but if I'm not back ... you can assume it went better than planned (or unplanned). 

He just called to say hi and next thing you know he said, "I'm hungry," and I said, "Yeah, I haven't eaten either, but I don't know what I want."  He said, I know what you want (slyly yet innocently), to which I said, "You do?"  See what I mean about the flirting thing?  Trust me, it never gets beyond that - at least it hasn't so far.  Besides, it's fun.

Honestly, this girl has been juggling a lot this week - work, non-work and you know ... stuff.  I could use a little fun.

But the Ashley-a-Thon must go on ... so I'll see you later tonight?  Maybe.  Probably.  I think so.  I'm not that easy!  And don't laugh.  (Giggle)

But I can't make any promises - ya' just never know.  But - I will be on tomorrow for sure since the snow they promised today got trumped by sunshine and now they're saying, "Oh, now it's coming tomorrow."   (Why didn't I go to meteorology school?)

Anyway - check back if you 're around and see if I am too - if we miss each other, then try me tomorrow for sure.  I better go get ready.

Ciao for now... xxo Ashley

Don't forget, email me the word, "Ashley-a-Thon" on my NF email for free minutes ... the offer's good for Sunday too!

Time Out

I'm "On a Break"

Oh me, oh my!  I see the rest of the world was just as hot and horny as I was this morning...

To be honest, I'm spent, exhausted and I think I'm losing my voice.  So this girl is taking a break from the Ashley-a-Thon.

Ashley-a-Thon ... Must Go On

Yes, I'll be back, tonight.  This looks like a good time for a break, but the Ash-a-Thon 2013 is not over.  See you all around 7pm EST.

Don't forget ... email me on NF and use the code word "Ashley-a-Thon" and I'll send you three free minutes! 

Ashley-a-Thon Officially "On"

Good morning boys - well it's Saturday morning (my West Coast pals may still be sleeping, or perhaps just getting home, but it's still morning.

I'm all fired up for this weekend's Ashley-a-Thon - batteries in the buzzer, sexy, scant panties on my butt, ready for the taking ... and of course, my brain is geared up to explore your fantasies and bring them to life.

If I'm on a break - check back here to find out when I'll be back.  And remember - if you email me on NF just the words "Ashley-a-Thon," I'll send you three free minutes. 

Let the games begin!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let it Snow all Weekend - An Ashley-a-Thon

Well I just checked the forecast and it says snow for Saturday and Sunday and that's good news for you and me.  I don't mind driving in snow - but I avoid it when I can.  So let me be your domestic servant, your weekend nurse, or the naughty neighbor who was wondering if your power was out too ...

Join me this weekend for an Ashley-a-Thon - I'll be on in the morning (may take a break in the mid-afternoon, but then it's on all night - both nights).

If you'd like a few free minutes towards a tawdry, salacious and taboo conversation with Ashley, just email me the word Ashley-A-Thon on NF and I'll send them to you ....

See you here this weekend boys! 

I'm Around Tonight

First, a big thanks to everyone who emailed me - wondering where I am and how I am - that's why I miss you guys when I'm away.

I do plan on being around tonight after 8pm EST (it's Thursday already?).  I just wanted you all to know.

I'll be on this weekend as well - with the possible exception of Friday night - still not sure about that.  But let's just deal with what we know - tonight is on. 

I hope you can help me get my creative juices flowing once again, in fact, I'm sure of it. (wink)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Temporarily Missing in Action

Just a little note ...

Hi guys.  This week is going to be a little weird, off, non-existent - at least until the end of the week.  Something personal came up that I have to deal with and unfortunately, it's going to take me away from here for a few days. 

As far as I know right now, I should be back by Friday - but if anything changes, of course, I'll post it here on my blog so ya'll can find me. 

November was a great month - I made a lot of new friends and got in touch with a few friends I haven't talked to in a while - you're all special to me in your own, unique ways - that's why I felt I owed you an explanation for my absence, especially when I've been trying so hard to focus on being here and making some sort of schedule to follow - as much as my life will allow.

But in true Murphy's Law fashion, "something suddenly came up," and it's something I can't avoid and must attend to.  Please look for me towards the end of the week and if for any reason you don't find me, than I should be updating my blog accordingly.

Also, I look forward to a great December packed with lots of fun and laughs and of course naughty moments to share. 

Thank you for your patience and your friendship.

xxo Ashley

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Sounds of Sex

It's Getting Late

I was signed on this morning but it's been one of those mornings when people click on my listings and don't call - in algebraic terms, that equals ending the day with less than I started.  I still haven't written about the bidding process, but I'll fill you in one day.

I really don't mind - I love that so many men (and/or possibly some ladies, who knows) enjoy looking at my pics and reading my listings.  But as every day has its "tone," it appears that today's tone is one where I won't be hearing the sounds of the phone ringing to often, at least this morning.  That doesn't mean that I won't be back later.  (Feel free to email me on NF and I'll check it periodically.)

Speaking of Sounds ...

It came to my attention this morning that my audio file "F-Yeah" was not transferred to mp3.  I had done "Blow" in mp3, but back when I uploaded "F-yeah" NF only accepted .wav files and it was a long, arduous process.  (See what I go through for you guys?)  Anyway, I just reloaded "F-Yeah" in mp3 format (so you can take it with you on your commute to and from work (as long as you're not the one driving) and make sure you bring a book or newspaper with you to cover up the woody - 'cause you're gonna get one.

I remember recording that on my little hand-held recorder - well, sort of - if you read the backstory to "F-Yeah" (which you can read by clicking on the little button to your right), you'll see that at some point(s) during the evening, I was a little less than alert.  That all changed of course later, when I got an injection of adrenaline compliments of a very well-endowed older man.  (I do remember that - man, do I!)

I haven't listened to this file since I first uploaded it over a year ago, and wow - I was loud and I'm hoping that the rooms next door were unoccupied - or if they weren't, I hope whomever heard us enjoyed it as much as I did.  That guy had such a deep, sexy voice ... he's barely audible on this part of the audio, but every once in a while you can hear that low, guttural moan.  I love to make a man moan and say "oh-yeah."  (tee hee)

Early Riser

Wake up With Ashley

Good morning boys ... it's Sunday so why don't you stay in bed a little longer?  Me?  I'm an early riser, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I rush to get out of bed.

You can be an early riser too ... if you just relax and let me slip under the sheets - only one part of you needs to rise to the occasion, and I'll do my part to make that happen.

I'm definitely a morning-sex kinda' girl.  I just love starting my day with hot sex and a protein shake.  I'm also an afternoon- and evening-sex kind of girl - unfortunately my schedule gets kind of crazy and it doesn't always allow for the latter - however, everyone starts their day in the horizontal position so it's a great time to take advantage all the sensitivity your cock feels upon rising.  You know me, I like to shake things up!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Dressing

What Are Your Supposed to Wear for Thanksgiving?

Okay, don't make fun - I really don't know what to wear for Thanksgiving.  I mean every other holiday people dress up - Easter bonnets (although I admit the concept is a little outdated), Halloween costumes are still in vogue though - and how about Valentine's Day - everyone wears red.  People wear red on Christmas too - and New Year's, well ... people go all out on the last day of the year, all sparkly and glittery and even some people's eyes are glassy and glitzy.  So what's a girl to wear on Thanksgiving? 
I'm starting out with the basics.  I'm sure Pocahontas didn't have much to wear - a couple of deer skins strategically covering the more sensitive and private areas, I'm sure ... and heck no, I don't want to dress like a Pilgrim.  I actually had to wear a flower girl's outfit once for my cousin's wedding and it looked exactly like a Pilgrim's dress.  But I was at that gawky age then anyway and hardly anyone noticed me.  I was, dare I say a bit of a tom-boy, a plain Jane and I just kind of melted into a crowd.
Gosh when I think of all the things I probably could've gotten away with back then ... but that ship has sailed.
Speaking of sailing ships and back to my wardrobe malfunction, I haven't got anything that looks even half-way Thanksgiving-ish.  Besides, I don't think I have to worry too much.  What generally happens, especially on holidays is you go to someone's house dressed nice and neat and you take time to do your make-up and do your hair just right and after an hour in the kitchen with the bird in the oven and mashing potatoes and washing dishes in hot, soapy water - basically giving yourself a facial over the sink, the hair winds up in a ponytail, the extra sweater or anything beyond a lightweight t-shirt is just too much to bear.  It's 130 degrees in the kitchen and all the men are asleep on the couch or watching football or something sports-like.  By the end of round two (after anti past and into the main course) your stomach's so full of carbs that you're contemplating opening your jeans while once again leaning against the sink, because - who would see?
As a side note, I do have quiet a few good memories of having my pants opened while doing dishes and being bent over the sink -  but that was neither a holiday nor a family function - see, now I'm getting all of my thoughts jobbled and out of their proper boxes - ewwww, I don't know if I could ever do that again now ... dammit~
Anyway ... Yes, that's the way it goes ... but that's not what the Thanksgiving holiday is about.  It's about being grateful for your friends and family and life in general - the big and the small things.  It's all good, as they say. 
Each moment is precious, each memory is special - and that's what living on the whole big blue marble is really all about - at least to me.  Sure, there's stuff to not be thankful for but I think even those things eventually lead us to things we can be thankful for - even the tiniest gesture can be a huge deal.
So here's my tiny gesture - and my non-clad Thanksgiving outfit (so far) - I just want to say thanks to all of my friends on NF.  It's like a small, intimate city that I travel to each day (okay - most days) where I get to interact with my friends, getting to know some of you intimately and just being each other's soft place to fall or the person who makes you laugh even when you didn't feel so jolly otherwise.  That's what it's about. 
Of course, throw in a few extra helpings of grunts and moans and thrusts and bones and hell - it's a freaking party!  So what the hell haven't we got to be thankful for?  I know I'm thankful for you!  I really mean that. 
Okay, so enough with the heart-felt throbbies ... No more mushiness - How about some real throbbers now - I mean geez, I'm standing here naked aren't I?  ;)  
~Happy Thanksgiving xxo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wet Tuesday

I wound up falling asleep watching a movie Sunday afternoon and never made it back to NF - you guys wore me out :) but I'm pleased with the weekend and how it went overall, minus the drama. 

Monday I had a day off - had to get some stuff done and take a step back - you know how I hate drama and well this weekend had it's moments. 

Today is Tuesday - rain on the way and it's barely above freezing outside, so guess who isn't leaving the house today.  I have a couple of articles to get done before Turkey Day, so if I'm not signed on it's just a brief intermission or a phone interview. 

Sometimes I think I might miss working in an office full-time, but then I think naaahhhh.  LOL  Still, looking for  freelance work all the time and never knowing what tomorrow holds is a bit scary sometimes, but all in all, I like my freedom - and since I've always been a hustler when it comes to taking care of myself, I generally feel that the Universe is always looking out for me and taking care of my needs.  Although ... occasionally I do miss wearing tight skirts and high heels and flirting in elevators with strangers or in conference rooms with clients.  I used to get such a charge out of the daily flirts ... but when I feel the need to flirt, there's always NF - and when I feel the need to do it live ... I can always go out (or call maintenance). 

BTW - do you like the outfit I wore last time I had a maintenance call?  Just kidding, I think I'd give the older guys a heart attack.  But I might wear it for the new guy!

We have a new maintenance guy at my apartment complex and holy crap!  With all the single women around here, I have a feeling that there will be a rise in "house calls" around here.  He's all anyone's talking about.  I had to console the older maintenance guy the other day and tell him that we still think he's cute, he's just got a new guy on the block, but I promised him it would wear off soon enough.  Was I lying?  Well, no, because I don't know if the novelty will wear off eventually, but I can't stand to see a guy dejected.  Plus the older guy is cute in his own way, and I prefer older guys.  The newbie maybe a hotty, but he's also pretty boring - at least the older guy is appreciative of a cup of coffee or a little flirting and he shows it by going the extra mile every time he comes by. 

Maybe when my furnace went out the other night I should have called him to keep me warm LOL.

Well, back to work for me - so if I don't check emails right away, I'll be back - writing an article today about self-empowerment, one of my favorite subjects.  It's uplifting ... and speaking of "up" and "lifting" don't forget to call me and give me a brain break when you're feeling "up" and I'll be happy to do all the "lifting" as in lifting myself off the bed and straddling  you - (what a shameless hussy) (I heard that in a movie and thought it was funny).

Well Ciao for now.

xxo Ash

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Short Intermission

I so appreciate all the attention I'm getting this weekend and I'm looking forward to more fun later - but this girl is taking a short intermission.  Perhaps a nap to revive my energy, which thanks to you is depleted in the best of exhaustive ways ... Guys, you know what I mean - men always seem to want to nap for a bit afterwards ... it's starting to rub off on me :)  Besides it's a lazy, cold Sunday and relaxing is what it's all about.  Which is why I'll be back in a bit (around 5pm EST) in case you want someone to relax with (like me!).  It's always more fun than playing by yourself, don't you think?  I do.

The Girl Who Came in From the Cold

It's Nippy Outside

I just came in from checking the mailbox since I didn't have time to do it yesterday - it's freezing out.  It's below freezing actually and looking at the weather for the rest of the day, it doesn't look like it will break the above-freezing point.  To add to the chill, the wind is out of control.  Translation, Ashley is not leaving the house today.  Besides, it's Sunday and I try to avoid the weekend traffic like the plague.

Just Nippy in General 

My breast seem to like the cold -  not so much the way it feels, but what it does to them.  Not only do my nipples perk up, but my boobs seems to respond to the chill.  They're perky and pink from the cold ... the rest of me prefers warm sunshine.  Maybe it was my boobs that brought me back to NJ, but since it's only November and I remember this time last year being in SC where it was still fairly warm, I can tell you that the rest of my body misses the south.  I prefer wearing light clothing (when I have to be dressed at all, that is).

It did get cold in SC but really only in January and February - and even then the Sun would come overhead and lend a little warmth.  When I got back to NJ I had a tan because like most secluded writers and PSOs I didn't get outside much during the day unless I took a day off, but all it takes to be tan in the south really is going in and out of your car and the store.  Look at all those tan seniors in Florida, do you think they're baking out on their lanais - no, most of them have pools they don't even use.  That's a waste.  If I had a pool five feet from my back door, you can bet I'd be out there pretty much most of the day - when it comes to water, I'm a mermaid.

How cool would it be to be able to stand in a pool while taking calls in a bikini - or writing on my laptop ... hmmm an idea for the future?  Maybe. 

All I know is that right now it's chilly and I wouldn't mind a little warmth.  I think those of you who know me know how I usually wake up anyway ... always horny and ready to turn up the heat.

As for the rest of today - I'm hoping it goes a little better than yesterday afternoon went.  The new phone is charged up, and for that matter so am I.  If I'm not here when you're looking for me it just means that I signed off because it was slow or to save money - don't get me started on the PPCs.  Drop me an email and I'll check it periodically. 

Getting Ready for the New Year

I'll be revamping my listings soon for the coming year, so I'm welcoming any ideas - what would you like to see (besides naked pics you dirty boys) ... I'm also in the middle of about three new short stories and if you have any ideas on scenarios you'd like to read about, just drop me an email - or tell me when you call. 

So while I'm waiting for you to call me, I'll be keeping busy - which reminds me, I need to put new batteries in my buzzy toy - boy they ran out fast.  I think I'll do that now while I'm feeling frisky .... gotta' run (tee hee).

Call me!  xxo Ash

Saturday, November 23, 2013

AK Phone Home

Total Disconnect

I knew it was too good to be true.  I don't often speak in the negative, but after this October and November, I feel I've earned the right.  The highs and lows have been something I could only equate to a rollercoaster ride. 

I wouldn't even be telling you all this except like in any good sex scene there's the build up and then the climax.  I climaxed today, only not the way you think.

Tools of the Trade

You'd never expect a carpenter to work without hammer, right?  And while a strip club doesn't require a pole, it just wouldn't be the same without one - there would be no spinning and hanging upside down and all the other stuff that attract guys to strip clubs.  Am I right?  There are just certain things that go together and there are certainly some vocations that require certain equipment - and without that equipment, they'd basically be rendered helpless.  So this afternoon, when my phone connection started crashing on the rocks; I was like a sailor with a beached ship.  Basically, I was stranded.

And why would this happen today, because I was planning on being on the phone all weekend.  With everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) on Thursday, this weekend was doomed to be a bust when it came to hanging out with my pals - and since all I'm doing for Thanksgiving is making cookies and bringing them to someone's house, I decided I'd stay home, catch up on some chores, empty my DVR of all of its unwatched recordings and chat on the phone.  And it was going so well.  That should have been my first clue.

The phone was actually busy on Friday - that has never been a night that was worth sticking around for.  But logic said, well, since half the people I know are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, it stands to reason that the other half of the people I know would probably be home and possibly bored and/or horny - I was right.  Mr. Spock would be proud of how I came to that logical conclusion.

So, here I am this morning - up early and I sign on as usual for a Saturday morning.  Unless I have to run out the door for some reason, Saturday mornings are typically a good day to start off slow and sexy.  I had just gotten off a very long call of simply intoxicating conversation, and I thought okay maybe I'll go heat up the coffee, when the phone rang again.  Okay, I can go thirsty for a few minutes (my phone is a land line attached to a modem).  So many people have trouble with connections on NF I figured heck, I'll just get a corded phone and get the best possible connection.  Wrong.

I answer the phone and it's this guy I've only known for a couple of months.  Some people are very specific and I get that - this guy's thing is that I can moan and breath and giggle a little, but I can't speak - not a word.  He was very pleased with my ability to keep my mouth shut, as anyone who knows me would be, and it's been this great arrangement for a while.  That is until today.

Oh, I forgot, there is only one thing that I'm allowed to say and when he cues me, I say it.  He doesn't want much, so I'm happy to say it for him.  Today as I'm doing my thing (or not doing anything), he says it ... the cue.  Without hesitation I respond.  There's silence.  I can't even hear him breath.  Later I would come to guess that he was seething with anger and probably unable to form a sound while his pressure built up inside. 

Oh, yeah, I should probably go back to the first day we met.  He told me that no one else on NF had been able to satisfy him and/or they would laugh at him and tell him they wouldn't play along 'cause it was boring.  I personally find quiet men interesting, but okay.  He then told me that I was his last attempt at availing himself of the NF experience; if it didn't work out, he was gone - for good.  I had the weight of this guys future phone sexcapades resting on my shoulders, but I carried it.  It was my duty and it was my pleasure.  Plus I didn't want to be the straw that broke the camel's back.  It's not a way I'd like to be remembered.

Apparently, since we've been friends for months, he was pleased - and so was I.  It was a mutually beneficial arrangement - and I found him rather unique and interesting as well.  I admire a guy who doesn't run with the pack. 

So, back to the magic cue ... like I said, after I responded ... silence.  If it were still summer I might have heard the crickets outside, but its not and I didn't - there was only silence. 

He eventually spoke.  Quiet perturbed, he said, "Fine. I knew it.  If you can't say it, if you're not going to respond, then I'm done and I won't be calling again."  Click. 

I held the phone in my hand and stared at it for about two minutes until I finally hung up.  I sent him a "what the heck" email peppered with an apology.  He is the client after all and the client is always right, right?  But the New Yorker in me wanted to really say, "What the fuck!?" which would probably be followed by a "No one hangs up on me!"  I was torn, but after the month I've had - or couple of months really, I'm stronger now and I was able to shrug it off.  I had sent my email and I was willing to let the cards fall where they may.  What other choice did I really have?

I really needed my coffee now.  So, as I hop off the bed and start towards the door, cup in hand, the phone rings again.  Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth, the phone's ringing and that's what I signed on for ... I put the cup down and answered the phone.  It's an old friend who hasn't called in a long while.

Communication Breakdown - It's Never the Same

Unfortunately, the connection wasn't good - on any level.  Sometimes it happens, you part for a while and when you come back, something's changed - it might be just for that moment, it might be the way it's going to be from now on ... but it happens.  I know I've changed since we last talked. 

The communication problem was only compounded by ... the communication problem.  We made up through email and promised each other we'd speak again soon, but now I was left feeling exhausted.  Earlier I had a great call that lasted for more than an hour, followed by a guy who may never have phone sex again because of me, followed by a call I never expected and now wish had never happened.

I signed off and signed back on again trying to see if that was the answer to the communication problem - one more call came through and it seemed that it might have in fact been the NF connection that was screwed up, but I wasn't taking any chances.  It became clear that it was time to move into the cordless world again.  I used to use my cell phone for NF, but it's an impossibility here in this apartment.  I barely get two bars when I'm home.  It's the reason I got a phone in the first place - a land line that is.

So I signed off and hopped in my car and parlayed some of today's earnings into a new phone.  It can't work any worse than a slimline phone that's attached to the jack, and now I'll be a little more mobile if the situation calls for it.  No, I will not be going outside naked in this cold, in the heat of summer or at any other time for that matter - it's just that I'll just be able to get a hot cup of coffee while I'm waiting on hold or if I'm in between calls. 

It's charging as we speak - the manual, which you know I always read, says it needs 24 hours to charge.  I'm hoping not.  But I do plan on signing on soon, so it's either a slimline and a prayer or a whole new experience. 

So if you're game, I do hope you'll join me tonight - I also plan on being here tomorrow as well.  By then, the new phone should be working properly.  Now, I have to get back to my NF site and make sure I'm positioned well in the bid wars - a story for another day.  Talk to you soon I hope.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Recharging My Battery

Getting Plugged in and Turned On

Now, now - I know your dirty mind and where it's going ... the only words you read in the subtitle were "turned on."  Am I right?  C'mon, you can tell me, you know I never judge.  Men don't really read much when there's the alternative picture or pictures to look at - that became evident the last time I updated my NF pics and a I had a surge of panty boys and cuckold requesters call me - and then of course I have to be nice and tell them that I don't want to waste their money or their time - I suck at being dominant, I'd rather just relax and enjoy sex rather than having to dish out assignments and punishments and read applications and steal identities - Boring! and a lot of hard word, but still ... boring.  Sex doesn't have to be complicated to be fun.

Speaking of Reading

Maybe you wouldn't have guessed if you didn't know me, but I'm a bit of a nerd sometimes.  I'm the girl who reads all the manuals that come with everything you buy.  As a writer, I feel that it's important to support the unsung heroes of writing - the technical writer.  I personally wouldn't want to do it, but I am glad they exist and so should everyone - but again no one reads the manuals, not even women.  I don't really understand it.  If I bought a phone or a camera, I'd want to know all the cool things that it does - otherwise you'd never know what your phone/camera, etc. could do.  Wouldn't it be a waste to spend a few hundred dollars on a camera and then use it like it was a disposable?  Put it on auto and hope for the best? 

About that Recharge

So the battery on my laptop finally gave out.  I couldn't use the laptop without having it plugged into the AC adaptor.  Even though my laptop typically only holds a two-hour charge, which is annoying and something I'll think about next time I have to purchase a laptop, I do enjoy being "un-plugged" on occasion.  The less wires to trip over, the better (I've done that before)  Okay, I admit it, I'm a clumsy nerd girl sometimes - but I've never been clumsy in bed I can tell you that (wink).

Anyway, I had to purchase a replacement battery and while I refused to spend $140 on a battery that is the only "sanctioned" battery for my computer, I did find a few oddball replacement options on Ebay and Amazon.  I'm a bit iffy on Ebay though.  I once bought a Buffy the Vampire Slayer item on there and it took 4 weeks before the guy even answered my email.  He didn't mail it until I promised to send a few friends to go pick it up.  (I didn't really have any friends in Tennessee at the time, but hey, I'm a New York girl - I know how to make an idle threat and make it seem real - don't mess with my money.) 

After some due diligence and hours of research (nerd alert!) I found someone who sold batteries on Amazon who was reasonably priced and had good reviews - you have to read reviews; they're just personal opinions, but you can really glean a lot of information from them, sometimes stuff you didn't even know to ask.  I ordered it.

Well, my battery came today and guess what - it comes with an instruction booklet.  Did I read it?  Heck yeah I read it, and I'm glad I did. 

Crazy Reviews

One crazy person said: "This battery sucks ... blah, blah, blah."  First thing I said to myself was, bet she didn't read the manual.  Well, she probably didn't.  Did you know that a battery has to be calibrated to your computer?  I didn't.  Now I do.

And why, you ask, am I explaining this to you on my NF Blog?  Because part of the calibration process is to change the settings on your computer's battery menu to "Power Save" during the calibration process, which means that you put the battery in, unplug the AC adaptor and let the battery run out completely.  I'm figuring around 6pm or somewhere thereabout and I'll be powerless.  The next step is to plug in the AC adaptor and let the battery charge to 100%.  You have to do this about three or four times to optimize its usage and calibrate it correctly and then you can change the battery settings back to factory settings.  I almost feel like going on Amazon and commenting on the comment and saying, "read the directions you dummy."  But since I've been told I'm sometimes a wise-guy and a know-it-all, I'll skip it.  I was always taught to be a nice girl (and it can be hard sometimes when you have to deal with people who don't want to help themselves - it's a pet peeve of mine).

So What Does it All Mean?

I'm telling you all of this because some of you get annoyed when I avoid emails (usually because I'm multi-tasking, and mostly because it's hard to feel sexy when I have my head on email replies when it could be otherwise nestled in between your legs).  But I get it - it's an interactive life we live, so I try to check it and I always reply to emails and send thank you notes.  (Told you I was raised right.)
Since this is a new battery - I'm not sure what will happen when it runs out and when I plug in - if it will allow me to power up right away or make me wait. 

My old battery wouldn't/couldn't hold a charge and plugging it in didn't seem to help at least for a while so .... if I don't answer your emails, it's either because I'm on the phone, otherwise occupied (writing more short stories for NF) or the battery simply won't let me log on right away.  Consider this a "what-if" notice. 

Now, I'll get back to some stuff - so that will conclude our tech lesson for the day.  I'm here ... waiting on your call.  Call the nerdy but girl LOL.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turning up the Heat

Well, it was another crazy week, at least so far - in fact, it's been a nutty month.  A lot of things have kept me from being here ... where I love to be. 

Last night, the furnace started making alien-spaceship sounds in my living room and despite the very chilly weather outside, I was forced to shut the heat off.  It would have been impossible to talk on the phone - teeth were chattering (and I know that chattering teeth or any teeth near a guy's private area is not a good thing), plus I couldn't even touch myself, because I had too many clothes on - and my hands were freezing. 

But now "Freddie" the maintenance guy just left, he fixed the furnace, opened up my vents and it's blissfully warm in my apartment - I'm actually running around in panties and a tank top (as usual) feel warm, and free .... it's a lot easier to strip two things off then it would have been last night with all my clothes and socks, etc. on. 

The only good part about having it so chilly in here was I could feel my nipples hardening to the point where they almost ached ... I would have given anything to have a warm mouth and ambitious tongue to keep them warm.  Plus, unlike you guys and your private areas, my tits welcome the feel of teeth - gliding across my nipples, lightly putting my nipples between your teeth - holy cow, I think I need to cum again.

Many of you know that about me - what was once my most best-kept secret is practically public knowledge - I can make myself cum just by playing with my nipples.  Of course, that never stops me from touching the rest of my body - but some guys find it exciting. 

Once an ex tied me up and my hands were rendered useless ... I was sitting in a chair and my legs were tied to the feet of the chair, my legs spread open ... he played with my nipples relentlessly until he made me cum over and over again ... he took great pride in putting his fingers between my legs and looking at the wet spot on my panties that he created .... oh gosh, just the memory of that gives me tingles ... as a ... matter of ... fact .... you'll have to excuse me - just for a .... second.  

AAAHHHH yeah!  Now I feel better than ever .... hmmmm :)

Got any of your own secrets or stories to share?  I'd love to hear them ... Call me and tell me all about the best fuck or blow job you've ever had ...

xxo Ashley ... (i'm still tingling :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In Ashley's Closet

Oh Hi!  Nice of you to stop by ... I was just uh, cleaning out my closet.  Well it started with me looking for something to wear and then ... well, I kind of got off track. 

I don't know when I put this box in here - truthfully I thought it was missing - which would have caused a little embarrassment if it were traceable, back to me that is.  It's my toy box.  This is my private, special box.  What's in it?  Well, if I just blurted it out here and now, that wouldn't make it very private or special. would it?  However ....

(ooh, it's getting chilly ... I still haven't found anything to wear - but these sunglasses are cool! tee hee)

Since you're here visiting my blog, that means I've already peaked your interest ... add in a private, special, secret toy box and gosh, I can almost see the curiosity rising ... in your pants, that is - and that peaks MY curiosity.  I'm wondering what surprises you might be hiding behind that zipper that I'd be interested in.

Tell ya what - I'll share my surprise if you share yours ... (wink) ... Call Button (isn't that button cute, it wiggles, kinda' like me :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Work Fantasy

A Fun Way to Fantasize

I know, you're probably saying, "Ashley, work is the last thing I want to think about on Sunday morning," but try to stick with me here - just for a minute.

It's Sunday and your boss calls you with an emergency - which of course, we know isn't really an emergency at all, but what are ya' gonna say?  He caught you off guard and now you can't think of a savvy excuse or make up a spur-of-the-moment fib that's going to get you out of this.
You decide to make lemons into lemonade - if you have to work, you're gonna make the most of it, so you call your able-bodied assistant, Ashley.  You wake her up with your phone call, and the sound of her little sleep-induced morning moans are already suggesting to you that this was a great idea.  You proudly pat yourself on the back, while telling her to get into the office as soon as she can make it.  Already your cock is twitching in your pants.
Ashley's a little pissed - she was going to get a pedicure and watch movies on her couch or in her bed, but the lure of overtime and being noticed as a team player were more important to her at the moment.  She makes a pot of coffee and jumps into the shower ... where she appeases her longing for Sunday relaxation by playing with her waterproof buzzy toy.  An orgasm first thing in the morning is a great way to start any day.
When you get to the office, she's already there ... her hair is pinned up, she's wearing glass and for some reason her version of glamour-down becomes your vision of sexually stimulating.
After you call her into your office, you ask her to come behind your desk so you can look at the plans carefully laid out on your desk ... the sexual tension is building.  Ashley loosens her hair and her scent is intoxicating.  She takes off her glasses and pretty soon, you're rubbing shoulders, then you look at each other ... and then ...
Well ... you can use your imagination, but here's the way I think it will go:  You grab a handful of Ashley's hair and wrap it around your hand as you press her lips against yours ... pretty soon the plans you worked so hard on all week are pushed to the floor as if they were just clutter.  Ashley slides her ass onto your desk, seated in between your legs and as you're making out with her you're ripping her blouse open in a heated frenzy, pulling her bra down and you find yourself suddenly sucking on her breasts.  She kicks off her shoes and puts one foot on the arm of the chair behind you. 
As you work your way up her neck and back to her lips, you're groping her soft breasts while intermittently pulling and squeezing and twisting her impressively hard nipples.  All that either of you can hear are the sounds of heavy breathing, panting, moaning ... and then you feel it ... her hand reaching down and rubbing your hands up and down against the stiffening surprise in your pants ...
Want to know more .... why don't you call me ... into your office for a little desk polishing ;)
Don't Deny Yourself  

Call Button

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Is it Friday yet?  Almost.  Yeah! 

See, I can carry a conversation all by myself - kind of like when someone calls me but they "can't talk."  As a "seductive little minx," as someone called me yesterday, it makes me feel slightly empowered to remain in that role while also taking the lead in steering the conversation right down into your pants. 

Although I do prefer some live interaction, I not averse to having to do all the talking and whatever else the conversation entails. 

Well, it's getting chilly here ... I better go make sure all the windows are shut (so the neighbors don't hear me) and so I can take some clothes off and take some calls. 

When you ask me what I'm wearing, I'll always tell the truth - and since I work from home most of the time, it's barely nothing.  Who walks around the house fully dressed?  At the very least you want to be comfortable, right? 

When you ask me if I really did what I just sounded like I did - the answer is always yes too.  If I'm not horny, you probably won't find me on here - no need to pretend to orgasm when you can feel the real thing - so yes, when you hear that little quiver in my voice or that high pitched but short squeal come out of my mouth, it's the real damn thing. 

Speaking of which, I could use one right now - If you're like me and looking to relieve a little stress, call me.  I can be just about anyone you'd like me to be ... it's supposed to be fun, isn't it? :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Moon News

It's In the Stars

I don't usually talk about astrology or any of my other side attractions, but since tonight there's a New Moon Solar Eclipse is the sign of Scorpio who rules, among many things, sex ... I thought it appropriate news.

So if you're thinking about trying something new in the sexual realm, the universe is confirming it's a really great time to try it.  And if you haven't tried one of my audios (for those times when you just want to get close, but I'm not around) ... it's also a great time to get one now. 

After 2014 kicks in I'll sprucing up my listings (never call me boring), and it's quite possible that the audios will go away forever (probably to be replaced by new ones, but it's not a sure thing) - why take the chance on missing them.  You can easily download them and have them to keep and to experience over and over and over again (since I often hear that I'm not around all the time, even though that's only half true).

You can find the audios in the sidebar to your right.  See them?  Yep, that's them.
If you're already a member of NF, the process is a simple 1-2 and maybe a 3.  If you're not, why not join for free and receive three free minutes (which you can always use to speak to me).

All American Girl

And  yes, I see that one of my earlier posts about certain men from certain parts of North America has caused one or two of you to say, "Hey Ash, what's up with that?"  An eclipse will do that to ya' - leave you for a loop and change that way you view things. 

Believe me, it was just something I felt compelled to say.  However, I hope that everyone who talks to me, no matter what part of the continent they're from, knows that I love all men -  no matter where they're from - as long as they're smart, sexy and have me on their "favorites" list.  (wink) 

Sun-day Sunshine

S.H.I.S. - So Happy It's Sunday

I had a lot of fun this morning ... you could say that I've certainly had my "fill" of fun, but can you ever really have enough fun?

A Short Break

Time for me to take a break ... that is to run some errands, do some straightening up, wash the pile of panties in the laundry basket (I find the amount of panties I go through in a week unimaginable, yet there they are), and if there's time, take a little walk along the trail and take in some nature. 

Working from home as I do, I actually like to get out on weekends when people are out and about and have some inspiring interactions and conversations.  Those conversations or even the people I meet are often the basis of some of my more creative writing (of the non-NF kind). 

And of course, as you know, all of my short stories (some in the works right now) and all of my blog posts, are a mixture of sweet fantasy, creative license and, in good part, the truth.  Many inspirations are borne out of some of the hot calls I get to take and the fantasies I get to act out on NF.

When I Return

I'll be back when the Sun starts to go down, or just before.  Having an extra hour (thanks to changing the clocks last night) to spend outdoors is something I like to take advantage of when the opportunity arises, but being outside also makes me appreciate the warm comfort of home sweet home.

So, I'll be back tonight.  And if any of you happen to be alone or chilly or just in need of a little closeness ... you're invited to join me.  See you later tonight.

Cold Weather, Warm Nights

What Really Warms Me

It's no big news to you guys that I'm kind of a "free bird" just flittering around life trying to find where to land.  I've experimented with living in a lot of places over the last year and a half - loved the warm weather of the south and wearing close to nothing on most days ... but I just happened to land back here on the East Coast ... for a bit, that is.  Not sure if I'll be staying - only time will tell.

One of the things I love about being "home" is the beautiful fall colors outside right now and I'm actually enjoying the cool, crisp air ... it just makes me want to become a faerie or a wood nymph sometimes ... I could see myself frolicking amongst the leaves and the trees without a care in the world, only in search of the next adventure ...

Cooler weather has it's advantages ... it gives us a reason to come inside (no pun intended) and get warm and cozy.  Perhaps that's why I find men from the Midwest and men from Canada to be amongst some of the sexier men I've encountered here on NF.  They know how to get "cozy" in the hottest ways, and they just do something to me.

Southern boys really are gentlemen in public (and private) and they like to get down to the nitty-gritty of good sex, New York men are quick-witted and very on top of their game (that game being girls :) which, as born New York girl, I think will always resonate with me.  California boys are free and uninhibited and unafraid to let imagination take the wheel - also fun.

However, the men of the Midwest and Canada seem to have that intelligent sexiness - that "spy that came in from the cold," vibe yet, it's peppered with the "I am who I am" vibe that is so down to earth and undeniably intriguing to me.  To add to that, they're also polite, interesting, and what I simply call "True Gentlemen."  They accomplish all of that while still being some of the hottest men I've encountered.

Knowing that they're from cold places makes me more inclined to provide warm spaces.  I love the thought of being snowed in for the weekend ... and cranking up the heat, if you know what I mean.

Besides, I look awesome in panties and a fur - even if it is faux fur.  Especially when I have to put on boots to keep my toes warm until I can warm them under the sheets, running them up and down your leg.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Night Fever - An Extra Hot Hour

Happy Saturday Guys!  I'm here now (AM) ... signed on and multi-tasking as usual ... I'm contemplating going out for a little fresh air this afternoon, but I have every intention of coming back tonight ... yes, I'll be on tonight.  So for all of you who wonder ... "Where's Ashley," now you actually know. 

I'm looking forward to spending a little time - not working, getting outdoors and just taking a brain (and body) break ... but once the Sun goes down, I'll be looking forward to coming home and enjoying some "me time."  Or rather, I should say "us time."

I had a date planned for this evening, but circumstances caused me to cancel it.  I won't say anymore about it except that I'll be more than happy to come home later ... shower, put on something slinky and slight - getting comfortable and talking to you ...

Since most of us, in the U.S. anyway, turn the clocks back tonight - that means an extra hour of fun for you and me ... so while you're turning back the clocks, and the bed - pick up the phone and call me ... I'll be happy to get underneath the covers with you.   

xxo Ashley

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chilly Morning

Good morning boys ... I slept in a little late this morning - well later than usual.  I was having this
dream that was just too good to wake up from and I really was quite comfy stirring in my sleep, except I suddenly felt a real chill come across my body.  You could say that my nipples woke me up (tee hee).

I've been on for a while this morning but apparently most of you are still sleeping ... I know I'm usually here on Sunday's to play, but a little emergency popped up (yes, I know you're saying, but I have an emergency popping up too, in my pants!) but a friend is in need and I have to run ... BUT I will be back in a little bit.  And since I've been on all morning and have yet to get my fill ... you know I'll be ready to play - actually this cool autumn air makes me extra horny ... it makes me think of all those times I got to play in the woods ... something about keeping the heat going when you're body's chilly that gets my juices flowing :) ..,

So put me on speed dial and check back with me later ... when I get back to my warm home and strip my clothes off ... I'll be very ready to have some fun ....

PS I'm working on a fun little Halloween poem for you ... think of a costume you'd like me to wear for the event ... I can be anyone you'd like ... if you give me Candy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Night at the Movies

It's almost Halloween, one of my favorite holidays - and some of my favorite things that go along with my favorite holidays are all the B-rated horror/thriller movies available on television.

How about a classic 1988 B-rated detective thriller/murder mystery movie complete with rotary phones, clowns, cliché detectives, photographers and, of course, a phone sex operation run by one of my favorite thriller/chiller freak actresses, Karen Black. 

B-movies have it all - the scary factor, the cheap theatrics, the over-mimicking of characters - they're just a good time.  "Out of the Dark," was a movie I watched yesterday that made me both laugh and "tsk," but the it was very entertaining.

"Out of the Dark," had all the components required of a B-rated creeper - sexy chicks with no shirts on, sexy lingerie, killer clowns, over-zealous detectives and this one had a mother who runs a phone sex operation who employs various operators, including her own daughter (must be a family business), and not to give away too much, but the clown-killer is someone you'd never expect. 

Clowns can give some people the creeps - hence putting them in so many creepy movies - like another B-rated movie I loved, "Killer Clowns from Outer Space," but I must admit the thought of getting fondled by a guy in mystery mask is somewhat hot, especially when the voice is deep, scratchy and bordering on horny, nasty, mysterious an unpredictable.  (Tee hee.)   

A lot in this world has obviously changed since 1988 - that was apparent in this movie (rotary phone?) - but phone sex will always be hot.  And while plenty of movies have been made about phone sex (that I also don't feel depict it correctly) or have phone sex scenes in them, "Out of the Dark"  gets my vote for a fun Halloween must-see, that is if you like heels, stockings, bare breasts and a few almost-sex scenes.  Of course you have to like B-rated movies ... with some juicy parts - and we do love our juicy parts, don't we boys?

For me, the campier the better.

In honor of Halloween AND Phone Sex - I'm resurrecting an old Halloween short story I wrote a couple of years ago.  My writing has improved over the years, but I still got pretty good reviews from this one and perhaps you need something fun to read on your computer, so you can keep your hands in your pants :)  
(Perhaps I'll have time today to dream up another Halloween thriller - or even better, you can call me and "inspire" me - hmmmm.)
Halloween Short Story - A Cheap Thriller

Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy Holidays! A Fun Day (Getting) Off

Happy Columbus Day to all of my fellow Americans and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. 

I'm just sitting here, writing blogs and doing my patriotic duty of making myself available to men who just want to enjoy the holiday and want to spend a little time (getting) off.  :)

I've had a lot of fun this morning ... taking a short break to re-shower 'cause I've been such a dirty girl ... but I'll be back soon - clean, soft and ready to take it hard! 

Speaking of showers ... I just got this great shower head that has a removable handle ... put that baby on the massage/pulse setting and ... Hmmm it brings the fun a getting clean to a whole new level.  Still despite all the toys and gadgets a girl can have fun with, there's nothing that beats a good stiff ...

No worries - if you had to work today.  I'll be waiting for you when you get home - one hand will hold the door open, the other ... well I guess you'll just have to drop by and find out for yourself.  Did I tell you what I'd be wearing at the door?  How about a pair of red hot silky panties and a pair of my very best f-me heels (which look especially hot upside down if you know what I mean.)  Yep, that's it.  It's chilly out so I'm sure my nipples will be excited to see you too as soon as that cool, crisp air meets my bare chest. 

Of course, the only way to tell for yourself is to ... knock on my door or ring my bell! 

xxo Ashley

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Obstacles and Challenges

The Definition of Obstacles:  Anything that keeps my lips from ravaging your body. 

NF is a little like relationships - there are ups and downs (although I like to concentrate on the "UPs,") exciting and disappointing moments - the phone never seems to ring when you want it too and vice-versa  and then all of the sudden, the universe aligns.  You've got time on your hands, you're feeling extra horny and the perfect call just cums through - SWEET.

I had one of those calls this morning ... and it made me realize that that particular scenario is one that I enjoy immensely.  I've done it before ... a guy calls and he "can't talk" - he whispers, "it's me" and then I know it's time to step up to the plate. 

I get to act in an alpha way without having to be dominant and it's a challenge.  It's also a challenge to my creativity ... I love a good challenge.

I perform various acts of sexual pleasure on your body, trying to make you moan and groan, but we both know ... you can't say a word.  It lends a little taunting excitement to the moment. 

It actually takes me back to high school when I used to sneak my first real boyfriend into my room late at night - when my parents were home and sleeping in the very next room.  There's a frenzied excitement.  Getting caught would be catastrophic, but doing it with the threat of being caught gives it an urgent and irrepressible excitement that runs through your whole body.  It brings out the naughty in both of you - trying to make the other just moan and shout, knowing that if they do, the jig will be up and it will all end - and you don't want it to - you want to keep the feeling going and so the you endure, 

You continually, relentlessly taunt and tease each other - giving it to them with a focused abandon, with that evil little smirk on your face as you look into their eyes, mentally saying ... "go on, I dare you, let out that groan as I bring you to the edge ... you want to, you know you do."  Gosh that's hot.

Well, we all know how this story ends - in utter, lip-shuttering, body-shaking relief ... knowing that we've been doing something we shouldn't be doing - knowing we might be caught at any moment - and then finally climaxing, deeper and harder than ever before.  Exhilarating!

Oh Baby!   I'm ready to do it again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lots of Trouble

Lately everything I say seems to get me in trouble, so I'm not here to say much - except "Hi."

Of course getting in trouble usually leads to a spanking ... I like trouble.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good Morning ... I Love Sundays

Good chilly morning, I should say.  I'm oddly liking this brisk weather we're experiencing on the East Coast.  I did enjoy living in a warmer climate, and I'm not sure that one day I won't live in a warmer place again - you don't have to wear bulky clothes to keep warm, your skin gets a warm glow from the Sun even if you're not out in it all the time and honestly, people are just more relaxed when they have a reason to drop everything and go hangout outside in great weather. 

But this morning, it was chilly in my place, my blanket was comfy and cozy and I enjoyed laying in bed and having that barrier between the cold and my scant little panties. But that's not how I originally woke up.

I can be a wild sleeper sometimes - so when I say I'm wild in bed, I mean awake and asleep.  When I first got up, my blanket was on the floor and what really woke me was feeling my nipples doing what nipples do in nippy weather - getting hard, stiff and that stimulates a whole host of other reactions in my body (as some of you well know).  I could feel the cold air across my stomach, and without opening my eyes, I turned to my side and reached behind me to feel for my blanket but instead I found my cheeks, they were cold too.  I love having my butt touched, preferably by others, but in a pinch, I'm not averse to rubbing and even lightly spanking my own butt - I just love the way it feels.

What really would have been nice is to feel a warm body in my bed, but the party I went to last night was not the kind of place you pick up a guy - I was at a 50th anniversary party - the only "single" guy was 90 - and really, he was quit a flirt, but he seemed like a guy who would make his girl do all the work, and I, as you know, prefer to be a bottom (maybe that explains my fixation with having my ass touched .... hmmmmm).  I also like flipping over and being on top once in a while - but I definitely prefer being on my back and showing my pliability by putting my legs practically over my head.  And I love feeling the weight of someone on top of me, especially with their hands holding my knees back while they're thrusting their warm hardness into me.  (I wake up horny always ... cold, warm, day, night and that's never gonna change.)

Anyway, back to the chilliness.  I missed fall and winter last year, and I'm kind of looking forward to the smell of clean air, snowball fights and waking up with stimulated nipples.

I did eventually grab my blanket off the floor and I did stay in bed a little longer, just because it felt good to not have any reason to wake up - I could lay there covered and quiet and comfy and unfortunately alone, but that's easily remedied - I have NF and all my sexy, hands-on men to play with ... Gosh I love Sundays!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rested, Relaxed and Ready to Romp

Happy Autumn Boys!

I can see by all my emails that some of you really missed me while I was away... it was very touching.  I'm sure the rest of you missed me too and that you're just not the note-writing types, well ... I'm not sure, but thinking so makes me feel good.

Going away is a bit like hitting the reset button your DVD player - all the settings go back to normal and you get a fresh start with no pre-programmed junk in the way. 

I must admit that I'm a little nervous almost like it was my first day on NF - not that I doubt my ability to be phone-sexy, but it's always a bit daunting when you're starting something new, at least for me - daunting yet exciting as well.

Well, time to get back to my morning coffee, unpack and get back into the swing of life.  On my to-do list is also polishing up my toys and getting them ready for playtime ... I really want to play (I'll try to wait until you call) LOL.

I'll be here Thursday and Friday - I have to go to a party on Saturday but I should be home fairly early (around 10pm) since it's pretty much a day party, maybe even a little earlier.  I should be here Sunday as well - so  there you go ... a semi-schedule, which, if you know me, is better than I can typically offer LOL.  But I've got work to catch up on and things to do around here - and of course I have to get re-acquainted with my boys ... you!  :)