Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hey Boys!  Looks like a nice four-day weekend is ahead of us. 

Catch me on here (mostly at night) over the holiday weekend ... I'll be under the mistletoe ready to kiss someone.  First cum, first serve.  :)   (Pun intended, Ho, Ho, Ho)

xxo Ashley

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TGIW - Wanna Join Me Tonight?

I know ya'll are asking about that dreaded schedule - well the schedule is gone.  Truth is I had too many schedules and deadlines and something had to give.  For a free spirit like myself, it's just unhealthy to be held to so many schedules.  I'm more of a "I feel like doing this or that..." kinda' girl.

Spontaneity is a huge part of the my sexuality.  Scheduling and being spontaneous just don't mix.  So as far as scheduling goes, the best I can give at the moment is to let you know when I plan to be online that night. 

Due to some cosmic placements and other similar aspects 2014 twas he year that I was not in control of most of my life.  The universe took the wheel for a year (soon to be over), so if you've managed to find me online through the madness you can consider it kismet - it was meant to be.  If you've been swinging and missing like a one-armed batter at the plate, you've no doubt come close, but no hits. 

2015 will prove to be more fruitful (at least for me) and I'm looking forward too it.  But, I'm not one to give up just because the odds aren't in my favor.  That's why I thought I'd sign on tonight (around 9pm) and hopefully you and I can connect (wink).

Call me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thursday ... Memories ... Let's Make a Few

Like My Booties?

I had a cold re-lapse over the weekend ('cause I'm usually burning my buns to ground and I'm the fairer and weaker sex) so I wasn't able to sign on last weekend.  I'm not sure that if I did 1) you'd find my stuffy nose and soar throat sexy; and 2) that I had the energy to keep up with ya'll.  Admittedly I think the scratchy low-toned voice is sexy, but I couldn't eat more than a lollipop all weekend (and it was good).

How can I thank you all for amazing and wonderful emails and inquiries I just read on NF.  It makes a girl feel good to know she's missed and it also peaks my interest as to what may lay (lie?) ahead.  (Pun intended.)

You sure know how to make a girl feel special - and I do, so thank you.

Anyway as for Thursday.  I think Thursday night is a necessity for me to be here - it's time to get back in the normal swing, so if you're around, look for me.  It's been a while and I'm definitely in the mood to play. 

But If you happen to miss me or find me busy (yes, please say yes), you can also find me here this weekend ... except Saturday early evening.  I'm going to the lake to watch and photograph the annual boat parade - it's so cool and since the entire town goes down to the water - out on the dock at the local restaurant or along the shoreline or in their boats, it's quite a social affair with lots of music, laughs and most likely moonshine (not the planetary kind).  Imagine two state's worth of locals on boats (fueled by gas and moonshine) with tons of holiday lights and a few Santas and some sexy lake elves (there's always a few boats with sexy lake elves) it's like a Hallmark movie I saw once (sans the sexy lake elves).  I love, love, love the Christmas boat parade - so nothing's stopping me from being out and about. 

Saturday Day and Night and Sunday Too!?
But like all family-oriented events, it will be an fairly early evening ... so if you're naughty and nice ... you just might find me here late Saturday night too.  But definitely I'll be on both mornings (Saturday and Sunday) and during the afternoon as well.

Ho, Ho, Ho, I've got mistletoe!  Let's have a holiday party of our own.  Hope you'll be around.

xxx Ashley

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Talk About Waking Up in a Fog 

Part of the reason - a big part of the reason that I like working from home is that it's cozy.  It's home.  And though many of you have commented on the fact that I don't look like your average "homebody," I am. 

But like you, the sun usually comes pouring in my window prodding me to get up and get moving.  In fact my bedroom window faces the rising sun, so unless I install some blackout curtains, there's no escaping it.  That's fine, I'm not the type to sleep in late - although I have been known to get up, drink coffee and then decide to go back to bed for a nap, especially when it's cold and rainy and foggy - like it is this morning.

The other thing clouding my brain this morning is that I had this really racy dream that had to do with NF and I wanted to wake up and blog about it.  And although it seemed like exactly the type of dream most of you would have wanted a front-row seat for, I'll be damned if I can remember it now. 

It really pays to have a pen and paper next to your bed to write down your dreams (even if they're practically illegible once you're awake).  Writing down your dreams can tell you a lot about what's going on in your life, and sometimes they're absolutely prophetic, but since my move, I've failed to put my room back to it's former comfy self with all the little things I like to have on hand. 

My original intention was to "de-clutter"  my life of all those little pieces of paper and unfiled ideas, but I've come to the conclusion that that's who I am - those little idea notebooks and little statues given to me by friends and family are like having my memories right in front of me every day.  So today, I'll be unpacking the last three boxes of my move - the one's marked "Unimportant."  What ever made me think they were unimportant?  They're actually the most important.  Things like the little satin heart someone stole for me while they were at Build-a-Bear.  Yes, even stolen items can be treasured possessions.

As for that dream, I'm working on recalling it.  Maybe after coffee number 2, the electrolytes my start firing off again.  For now I'll remain in my cozy, blissful, foggy state - it suits me.  C'mon, admit it, most of you wouldn't mind spending a little time with a girl who is wearing nothing more than a short little nighty and who is totally devoid of all brain function.  I think that would equal what's come to be affectionately called, "mindless fucking."  Oooh, I cursed; a quick, corrective spank on the ass will cure me of that ... SMACK ... there, all better.

Wednesday Night
In the meantime, I plan on being around on NF tonight, so if you're reading this I hope you'll find the time to call.  Look for me around 8:30/9:00 PM (East Coast).  Send me an email on NF that reads, "Read your blog," and I'll send you a few free minutes. 

Oh and a short note about emails.  It's a good thing - email - it keeps us in touch and it can even be good for coming up with a scenario before a call, but I should tell you that I don't have a lot of time to read long emails and respond in kind.  It's hard to answer emails while talking on the phone - at least not if you all want me to pay attention to you while on the phone.  As most of you know, I like to give my callers my undivided attention.  So if my responses are short and sweet, don't think I'm being snooty - that's not my style.  I try to respond to all of my emails (at least the ones that are written in English, take under a few minutes to read and don't involve things that are against "The Rules" of NF).   So be a good emailer and try to keep them relatively short (and naughty is cool too).  Thanks so much.