Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Labor of Love ... Happy Labor Day

Spontaneous Charms

Hi Boys!  Well looks like it's going to be a rainy weekend - at least on the East Coast.  I'll be out today (Saturday) but the rest of the weekend I'm yours (at least as far as I know right now) - I've caught some "flack" lately about not having a "schedule" but it bears saying again - part of my charm is my spontaneity - the other half of my charm lies somewhere between my neck and my panty line (wink) ... but I always think of my NF friends, and I always try to write posts to keep you up on my latest shenanigans. 

The Benefits of Sex

Looks like today will be a day of eating badly (which I'm looking forward to) but you'll have to help me work it off the rest of the weekend - sex is an awesome workout and it makes you not only look great outside, but feel great inside.  You get a nice glow to your face, your mood is lighter and it makes you drink lots of water - it's important to stay hydrated.

Camping out Under the Tent

Who?  Me?  Camping?  I don't think so - unless ...

I felt badly about not being here today - so I signed on while I'm getting ready to start my day - anyone interested in having me visit them under the bed-tent this morning should call me as early as possible. 

Coming up - I'll be working on revamping some old erotic stories this weekend as well as publishing some new ones ... Lots more to cum ... (wink)!

xxo Ashley

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Surprise ... This is My Life ...

If you read last night's post, then you'd know that I didn't plan on being here this morning, but it turns out that plans have changed.  While I'm waiting for instructions for my pending assignment (non-NF), I've got some time to spend with ya'll. 

This is just another shining example of how my life at the moment is unpredictable to say the least and why it's so hard for me to make a schedule. 

And speaking of hard ... I could really use a good "schtooping" - so why don't you pick up the phone and give a girl a bone ... LOL

xxo Ashley

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Man Can Work From Sun to Sun ...

I know ... "Where'd she go?"  Looks like I'm off tonight boys - I had a very fruitful and delicious day on NF but I'm signed off now - and I won't be back until tomorrow - Thursday Night.  I have some work to do of the non-NF variety and although I love taking your calls and I love getting off for you, with you, on you ... I have to concentrate. 

So ...
  • Thursday Night - Yes;
  • Friday Day/Night - Yes (as far as I know so far); 
  • Saturday early AM only; and
  • Sunday - the plan so far is to be here. 
That's the way it's looking for now.  So I hope that works with your schedule and I hope to talk to you this weekend - but as for Wednesday night ... I'm afraid it's "goodnight."  Sorry if that disappoints you, but I'm sure if you write me an email, I'll be glad to make it up to you with a few free minutes - and I can think of other ways to make you happy too (wink).

xxo Ashley

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Lover

Oh my ... I just woke up and I have to write about this before I forget it - you know how you wake up from a dream and five minutes into some noise or some movement, you forget what felt so good just five seconds earlier?

But this dream would be hard to forget.

I was lying on my bed on my stomach, talking on NF, in sexy lingerie, complete with sexy thigh high stockings.  My hot shoes were on the floor beneath my feet which were raised high in the air, crosses at the ankles.  My butt was barely covered by this thong-type bottom and my tiny waist was all that was covered in the back.  In front, my boobs were all squished up because of the tight corset-like outfit that was closed in front by what seemed like thousands of hooks (like a bra hook).  My hair was down and long-flowing with soft little curled ends so it bounced beautifully and I had some seriously professional make-up on ... even I didn't know ...

That while I was noticing my outfit and my body as if I were looking at it from another person's perspective I was actually putting myself in the mind of someone I was talking with on the phone.  He had developed this new technology where he could phone someone and then suddenly appear in their room.

Thinking that I had lost my call or that the person on the other end had simply hung up, I put the phone down and turn around on my bed to stretch my back and my body before getting up.  I walked from my room into the kitchen - which means I have to pass through the living room ... and there he was ... sitting on my couch, stroking his cock with a smirk on his face.

At first I shuddered - who could be in my apartment - just the shock of seeing another living being inside my home suddenly made me feel very vulnerable and alone and a little frightened.  But I knew who he was for some reason and I said, "Why did you hang up, now you won't be able to get back."  I was slightly annoyed I guess because now what was I gonna' do ... he was here an he had no way to get back - no car, no bike, no nothing ... but apparently, he had no intention of going anywhere.

He decided he was moving in and that I was going to continue my life as normal, except that he would be there and he would be able to use me at his will, and there was nothing I could do or say.  He was intending on straddling my body while I talked to other men on the phone.  I want to be taken care of, not have to take care of someone else besides myself.  But he assured me that he would bring me lots of money ... that we would let guys here us fucking on the phone and that would bring in lots of calls ... The thought of working my ass off - literally - forever was daunting - but the thought of being screwed by him constantly was hard to resist.

Now that I'm thinking about the logic of the dream - there is none.  First there is no such technology - like a Star Trek transporter phone (at least not that anyone has let on so far) and if some guy was going to use this mastermind technology, wouldn't he use it to call some girl who lived in a tropical paradise or a cosmopolitan apartment in some beautiful city - no, this guy picked a girl in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the country. 

Okay well maybe he was just mesmerized by my sexiness, my sultry voice, my seductive beauty or my submissive ways ... I could buy into that ... but if I had that technology, I'd call a bank in the Caymans and land myself in a vault filled with gold - then I could have sex with anyone I wanted while living on a beautiful island in a beautiful beachfront house that was fully-stocked and came with a full staff of people who liked to clean and cook and generally pamper me. 

Some dreams don't make sense.

So did I ever get that drink in the kitchen?  Did I ever make it past the living room?  Or did I just walk over to his raging boner and sit on it in a reverse cowgirl position, thereby solidifying our agreement? 

Wouldn't you like to know ... I would.  And I could tell you here on this blog, but if you want a really good description of what happened next, you should call me and let me tell you ... in person (on the phone - and not one of those futuristic phones - a simple cell phone or land line will do) LOL. 

Call me and find out more ...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Post Script aka PS

I just took down my "Schedule" page because ... well, let's face it - I'm not that good at sticking to a schedule.  I live a spontaneous and unpredictable life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

And gone too is the "Short Story" page - but that will be replaced with a "Short Story and Audio" page very shortly.  I've got some old and new stuff for you guys ... and if you're new to NF - then it's all new!

As for the beloved "Schedule" page and also for all the guys who ask me, "Hey Ash, what's your schedule look like," which always makes be chuckle - I will eventually get on a schedule again - I'm sure it will be mostly nights though - time to get back to my other career avenues soon.  I'm completely torn over having a schedule - I like the surprise and excitement of different days at different hours and meeting different people. 

But for now I'll remain flexible and ... you remain stiff, please.  Ciao for now. 

xxo Ashley

Dancing Shoes and the Boo Boo Throat

Well it's Friday night and I'm taking the night off of NF to chill out ... actually I'm going out for a little bit, but even if I was home to be on NF, I wouldn't be able to sign on.

My throat seems to need a break from talking - it's sore, uh, well, it just kind of stopped working properly.  It sounds a bit scratchy, which I'll chalk up to allergies, but I'm sure you're thinking something else, something very naughty (and you may be right, but I'll never tell).

I may not be able to talk, but I can dance and I just unpacked a forgotten and favorite pair of sandals from about a year ago.  It's like getting new stuff!  You pack stuff away in a mystery wrapping and then when you uncover it a year later it's like WOW = Awesome.

So boys, I'll be sure to do a few tequila shots to knock out whatever's stuck in my throat - I'll try not to scream and sing and talk - (yeah right) ... and I'll be on in the morning ...

See You on NF Saturday Morning ... EARLY ... I wake up horny and tomorrow I'll probably also be a little tipsy still (one could only hope).

Have a good night boys and dream of me ... that way I know you'll wake up with a woody. :)  Meanwhile I'll be dancing the night away and sucking on ... lollipops.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

I've been on since the early AM so I'm taking a little break now (1pm) but I'll be back later 'gator - around 5pm.  I will check emails in between so if you've got an itch you can't scratch without me ... write me on NF and I'll see if I can scratch it for ya'. :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Man O Man

Had a little delay signing on ... phonus interuptus ... I'll still try to sign on later, but might have to change the plans.  Sorry.
xxo Ash

Driven by Desire

Destination Dirtyville

This weekend my desire factor has been a big factor.  I had this unshakable urge all weekend, but sadly I had to suppress it slightly when I went out last night. 

A girl could get herself in real trouble if she's not careful when feeling this way, especially when she's out like I was last night - because I'm ready to hop in the backseat and let you ride me ... all the way to Dirtyville. 

Sometimes I'm more horny than usual (I know, impossible, right?) and this weekend has been one of those times.  I'm on a short blog break at the moment - even dirty girls on their way to Dirtyville need to stop once in a while and freshen up.  I just enjoyed the nicest shower and oiled up my body, as I normally do - it makes my skin so silky soft. 

I'll be by around 8pm to pick you up.  Of course I'll have the car on cruise control/autopilot, as you and I have some important business in the backseat.  And that's all before we even get to our destination ... Dirtyville.

PS:  Don't wear anything special, you won't have it on for long (wink).

Call Button

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Niteflirt Fever

Good morning!  Sleeping in?  Relaxing in bed?  That was me this morning, except for the sleeping in part.

You guys that read my blog know how I wake up in the morning ... and this morning was no exception.  Actually it was an exceptionally sex-charged morning.  I dreamed about having sex, I woke up wanting sex and I even pleasured myself to the point where I thought I'd had enough, but no.

I was no sooner cleaning up my toys (and myself) when that rush, that surge, the twinge came over me ... did you ever feel like that?

I don't know what it's like to be a guy, but knowing what I do know of men, I'd have to say that most of  you answered "yes" to that last question.

Damn!  It's a wonder that you guys get anything done during a day if you're minds are so preoccupied with sex as most studies tell us ... perhaps you're just used to it, but I found it very distracting.

Of all the things on my to-do list, of which I've so far done none, the only thing I got done this morning was something that wasn't written on my to-do list, giving my various toys a workout.  At least I can say I worked out (tee hee).

Well ... I'll be going out tonight boys - I'm sure you'll find other "things" to preoccupy yourselves with.  But I'll be back Sunday morning - and if it's even half of what this morning was ... well, I'm just sayin'.  LOL

I may be back this afternoon before I go out for the night - if there's time.  Gotta give myself a beauty body scrub, paint my toenails, blow ... dry my hair and find something sexy to wear.  Yes, I'll be wearing panties - although for how long, I have no idea (chuckle).

Be good while I'm gone and if you can't be good then by all means be good at it!  Enjoy!  Call me Sunday morning - it may be chilly, so bring some wood to stuff into the fireplace...

xxo Ashley