Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good Morning ... I Love Sundays

Good chilly morning, I should say.  I'm oddly liking this brisk weather we're experiencing on the East Coast.  I did enjoy living in a warmer climate, and I'm not sure that one day I won't live in a warmer place again - you don't have to wear bulky clothes to keep warm, your skin gets a warm glow from the Sun even if you're not out in it all the time and honestly, people are just more relaxed when they have a reason to drop everything and go hangout outside in great weather. 

But this morning, it was chilly in my place, my blanket was comfy and cozy and I enjoyed laying in bed and having that barrier between the cold and my scant little panties. But that's not how I originally woke up.

I can be a wild sleeper sometimes - so when I say I'm wild in bed, I mean awake and asleep.  When I first got up, my blanket was on the floor and what really woke me was feeling my nipples doing what nipples do in nippy weather - getting hard, stiff and that stimulates a whole host of other reactions in my body (as some of you well know).  I could feel the cold air across my stomach, and without opening my eyes, I turned to my side and reached behind me to feel for my blanket but instead I found my cheeks, they were cold too.  I love having my butt touched, preferably by others, but in a pinch, I'm not averse to rubbing and even lightly spanking my own butt - I just love the way it feels.

What really would have been nice is to feel a warm body in my bed, but the party I went to last night was not the kind of place you pick up a guy - I was at a 50th anniversary party - the only "single" guy was 90 - and really, he was quit a flirt, but he seemed like a guy who would make his girl do all the work, and I, as you know, prefer to be a bottom (maybe that explains my fixation with having my ass touched .... hmmmmm).  I also like flipping over and being on top once in a while - but I definitely prefer being on my back and showing my pliability by putting my legs practically over my head.  And I love feeling the weight of someone on top of me, especially with their hands holding my knees back while they're thrusting their warm hardness into me.  (I wake up horny always ... cold, warm, day, night and that's never gonna change.)

Anyway, back to the chilliness.  I missed fall and winter last year, and I'm kind of looking forward to the smell of clean air, snowball fights and waking up with stimulated nipples.

I did eventually grab my blanket off the floor and I did stay in bed a little longer, just because it felt good to not have any reason to wake up - I could lay there covered and quiet and comfy and unfortunately alone, but that's easily remedied - I have NF and all my sexy, hands-on men to play with ... Gosh I love Sundays!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rested, Relaxed and Ready to Romp

Happy Autumn Boys!

I can see by all my emails that some of you really missed me while I was away... it was very touching.  I'm sure the rest of you missed me too and that you're just not the note-writing types, well ... I'm not sure, but thinking so makes me feel good.

Going away is a bit like hitting the reset button your DVD player - all the settings go back to normal and you get a fresh start with no pre-programmed junk in the way. 

I must admit that I'm a little nervous almost like it was my first day on NF - not that I doubt my ability to be phone-sexy, but it's always a bit daunting when you're starting something new, at least for me - daunting yet exciting as well.

Well, time to get back to my morning coffee, unpack and get back into the swing of life.  On my to-do list is also polishing up my toys and getting them ready for playtime ... I really want to play (I'll try to wait until you call) LOL.

I'll be here Thursday and Friday - I have to go to a party on Saturday but I should be home fairly early (around 10pm) since it's pretty much a day party, maybe even a little earlier.  I should be here Sunday as well - so  there you go ... a semi-schedule, which, if you know me, is better than I can typically offer LOL.  But I've got work to catch up on and things to do around here - and of course I have to get re-acquainted with my boys ... you!  :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trying to Be Good


Home on a Saturday - Shhhhh

I know, you're asking yourself - "What's Ashley doing home on a Saturday night?"  Well, truth be told, I'm not going to be around next weekend, so I'm trying to be good and stay home, get some writing done that's due soon and catch up on my laundry ... oh and of course, answer your call once you see that I'm here.

"Oh Maaaaaan!"

I know, that's probably what you're saying to yourself right now as you sit at your computer pretending to play solitaire or download music.  We know what you're really doing, don't we?  You're saying "Oh Maaaaaan!  I wish everyone would just go to bed already (so I can pick up the phone and call Ashley."  It's cute to imagine ... and you know I love taunting you. 

In fact, if I wasn't so busy at the moment, I might be tempted to post some new pictures of myself, but I don't want to cause you any anxiety.  I'll save that posting for a weekday when you'll have time to enjoy them and sneak out for milk or something so you can call me.  (You'll like them, I'm sure.)

And of course, you can always download one of my audios to play on your iPhone or MP3 player - then you can hear my voice, my purrs and whispers ... anytime you want.  But I'm here now, so wouldn't you rather hear me talk dirty right into your ear ... so close that you can almost feel my breath on your skin, so intoxicating it makes you quiver and pulse with desire?  I think you would.

Good Chilly Morning ...

Boots and Bikinis
End of Summer
It's been a while since I've experienced a chill in the air ... maybe this past January/February were the chilliest in South Carolina.  I remember everything in a light sheet of ice one morning and of course our famous snowfall of four inches in two hours - all of which was gone by the time the sun was high in the sky.  Now here it is a week before fall even starts - I'm back in New Jersey and it's already a brisk 50 degrees outside.  I know it will get up to about 70 today, but it's obvious - pool weather is over. 

It's time to put the bikini away, the tanning creams, the soft beach towels, the flip flops, the tank tops and short skirts.  It's all very sad.  I must say that I did enjoy living in warmer weather.

However, I'm not one to look at the not-so-bright side.  I like to see the good in all things and all people.  And since I'm willing to embrace the passing of summer and welcome in the chill, I decided to embrace the weather by rifling through my closet and seeing what I have to wear for colder weather - I can tell you, it's not much.

One thing that I think will be my favorite part of "the chill" will be wearing my sexy black leather boots.  Boots look hot with skirts, pants, dresses, and even lingerie or just a pair of panties.  Boots look good standing flat on the ground - and they even look good upside down, if ya' know what I mean. 

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that there have been times when I had my head resting on the pillow, looking up - not at the guy on top of me, but admiring my boots.  Yes, getting drilled by a nice hard cock does wonders for the mind, body and soul, but a girl and her boots are not soon parted.  In fact, if ya' think about it, those boots are probably what got me in that position in the first place.  Let's give the boots their due.

Don't Be Jealous
Guys, there's no need to think that me, or your girl, isn't into you or what you're doing to make her feel so good - in fact I'm sure she's probably loving lying on her back, spreading her legs and feeling that hard shaft go in an out and in and out - slow, fast - it doesn't matter - she's into it.  But if you want her full and undivided attention - embrace the boots - consider it a threesome. 

Grab her by the ankles and help her spread her legs - or better yet, reach under her knees and push her legs back - that way she can see those boots as an extension of your lovemaking and not a distraction.  And c'mon, you like looking at those hot-to-trot boots too, admit it - they're sexy.  In fact, you probably would have her take it all off - except the boots, if you had your way.

Aren't I right?  Tell me what you think.  I'm curious (and horny, so make your comments sexy!).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Just Love Adoration ...

I'm Positively Blushing

I've really enjoyed some great feedback from guys regarding my recordings - I was just reading them and I was absolutely gushing with pride and I wanted to share some of them with you - here's what a few of you had to say about "Blow":

"Hottest blow job recording I've heard. The detail and sound was just perfect. I have NEVER had my cock this hard Hell 45 minutes after listening to this I'm still throbbing wanting more."

"That audio is just beyond description. As soon as I recover it will be time to place a call..."

"Just listened to part of Blow mp3. "Part of" b/c I couldn't make it all the way through... such a sexy little cocksucker. Sensual voice with fantastic sfx."

And this gentlemen experienced "Blow" and then tried my "F-Yeah" recording ... 

"So in the 1st 3 minutes I was just as hard as [I] was listening to Ashley's blow recording. Can not wait to catch this gem online for a live chat simply amazing."

Want to join in the fun?  Well of course you can always call me "live" - Call Button

But if I'm not around you can always purchase "Blow" and "F-Yeah" and don't forget to bring a towel!  It's gonna get messy ....



Well - thanks again!  You've made my day, week, month, year!  It's my pleasure to pleasure you.   

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Morning Rocks

I love Sunday mornings ... especially the sex. 

There's nothing like waking up and getting off - I love sex - morning, noon and night - but there's something that happens to a girl when she's just waking up that makes sex extra-specially delightful.  I guess it's the equivalent to you guys waking up with a woody, but I wouldn't know - since I don't have one, so that's just an assumption.  But judging from the resulting extra-sensory delights we both seem to be expressing in the forms of moans, groans and explosions - I would same they are the same ... sort of (tee hee).

Did I wake up alone this morning?  I'll never tell.  I am alone now and it's been great fun this morning so far - the rest of the world seems to be waking up horny as well.  I even got to play with a Canadian this morning ... and I don't even have a passport!  (Talk about "blowing" through Customs!)

Additionally - while I was out last night, a few guys bought my audio "Blow" and loved it ... and I'm really pleased with the feedback "Blow" has been getting ... and if you liked "Blow" and you're ready for a the next step ... a good schtooping (love that word), then don't forget to try "F-Yeah" - it's the next best thing to being there :)

Talk to you later ... I hope.

xxo Ashley