Sunday, June 29, 2014

More on Being a Mermaid

An Ocean on Land

Yesterday, while at my local pool, I noticed something familiar.

I like to dive deep into the water and swim beneath the surface - it's the mermaid in me I guess.  Just beneath the surface you can escape what I call "pool buzz," where people big and small are splashing and screaming and dishing out the latest gossip.  I love the water and the quiet - swimming for me is the most peaceful thing you can do - ever.

While I swam from one end of the pool to the other underwater, navigating kicking kids and entwined lovers and people jumping into the water feet first like torpedoes, I noticed myself smiling in a way I haven't felt for almost a year.  I was happy.

I noticed something else, my eyes weren't itchy when I surfaced, as they usually are due to my allergy to chlorine.  It's a bearable allergy, and even if it weren't, I would still endure it because the price of not being able to swim would be too high a price for me to pay.

I licked my lips, and didn't taste chlorine either, but still the taste was familiar.  It wasn't like the ocean - salty like a good margarita.  It wasn't tasteless either, but it was familiar.  I had felt this once before while swimming in a lakeside pool in South Carolina - a beautiful spot that I'll never forget.  It was the commercial version of a salt water pool.

Mermaids are very happy in salt water.  It not only attracts the Sun, giving your skin a nice glow, it makes your hair plump up like a super model who has spent hours in the stylist's chair and it's a far better feeling than swimming through a pool of chemicals that ruin your best suits or bleach your hair.  It makes me happy that even though my apartment complex leaves a lot to be desired, they had the good sense to switch from chlorine to salt. 

Well, I hope you're not disappointed that there were no sexual overtones to this post. Although if you use your imagination, the idea of meeting a mermaid could be hot, especially if she were the kind of mermaid who upon becoming beached, transforms into a leggy, bikini-clad girl with a thirst for adventure.

I just wanted to share my feel-good feeling with you - the feeling I get when I'm swimming (which is right up there with the feeling I get when I'm getting wet while playing on land).  It's not quite the same, but equally as pleasing.

I won't be around much today - time for more fun in the sun and a trip to my friend's pool to celebrate another birthday.  I'm not quite sure why we celebrate birthdays and the whole getting older thing, but it is a great excuse to get away from work, have fun, goof-off and if we're lucky, graciously accept gifts and well-wishes. 

I'm sure while I'm out with my girlfriends though that we'll share some stories about our latest dating escapades, which can sometimes be translated into a good story and maybe into a fun role-play.  So if you think about it - you benefit by my absence.  Plus, I come back to NF feeling refreshed, renewed and very, very happy - and that can benefit you as well.  Win-win.

Sorry if I missed you this morning, but as you know, I'll be back soon.  Also, I'll be posting my new schedule for the coming week either tonight or tomorrow (you know that means tomorrow), and I hope you find time in your schedule where we can come together.

Ciao for now.
xxo Ashley

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finding Ms. Ashley

Slinky Saturday

After an almost full day recovering from several pre-birthday celebrations, I feel rested and relaxed today.

I started my Saturday morning with a bit of NF fun (what better way to start the day!) and if the morning is any indication of the day to come ... or the weekend to come, it looks like it's going to be a fun couple of days.

My BFF has a date tonight (I don't :( - at least so far), so it's quite possible that I'll be around this evening.

Of course today, after NF and doing a few things around the house, I'll be heading to the pool, which is finally open - geez they really make you wait.  I'm hell-bent on regaining that tan that I had almost year-round while living down south.  Time to break out my new, unworn "birthday bikini."  

Mermaid Fantasy

For as long as I could remember, my birthday wish was always to be a mermaid.

Honestly I love swimming - if I could be a mermaid, I might consider it.  I'm happiest when I'm floating in water and swimming.  I love getting out of the pool and feeling the heat of the Sun on my skin.  I usually wait until my hair is almost dry and that's usually my signal that it's a good time to get back in the water. 

The only setback I could think of about being a mermaid is that I wouldn't have any legs to spread or throw over someone's shoulders - so I guess I'd like to be a mermaid kind of like Darryl Hannah in "Splash," the movie.  When she got out of water, she materialized legs.

Legs on land, flipper in the water ... yeah I could do that for sure.  You know I'd be out traveling far and wide in search of boats full of naughty sailors ... speaking languages I don't understand and really, would I care?  I'm not as interested in their conversation as I would be in their ... (tee hee) ... cocks.

For now though, I'll just be trolling the store, NF and of course the local pool.  It should be an interesting day/night - hopefully.

Of course, I'm not scheduled to be on tonight, but I think it's looking like a distinct possibility that I will be on (unless something happens while I'm out, of course).

I hope if you're around that you'll join me.


Friday, June 27, 2014

About Last Night ...

A Failure to Launch

No, it's not like you're thinking - the failure to launch doesn't refer to a date I had last night - although that kind of does explain where I was.

My birthday is coming up in a few days and being that my friends are scattered all over the place with obligations and schedules of their own, I've been trying to fit in the few people who asked to spend my birthday with me.  Last night it was my girlfriends.

Out of a group of five of us, three were in town - so the Three Musketeers went out and had a little fun.  Honestly, it was just supposed to be an "early dinner."  Both of these girls are married - it was a weekday, and so when I added it all up in my head, I figured and "early dinner" also meant an "early night."

Well, that was another lesson in why we should never ASS-U-ME. 

I guess the fun part of life is allowing for a few surprises once in a while.  My girls surprised me with dinner at a place I'd never been before, which also happened to be a bar - one that served really good martinis.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and it was a much longer night than I anticipated.  Sometimes you have the most fun when it's least expected.

However, this morning was no picnic.  I woke up late, and that meant my day started off in a panic.

I had to use my brain, but the one I was working with had been turned to a throbbing mush - my first hangover in a long time. 

It's now 2pm and although I've gotten through most of my assignments for the day, I'm scheduled to sign onto NF at 3pm - that is after I get my ass to the store for some aspirin. 

What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry I wasn't able to be around last night, and ... I may be a little later than expected today.  I plan on ripping off my clothes and jumping back into bed after I take those aspirin.  Meaning, it's probably going to be prime time to catch me in bed - naked and basically helpless.  So, if you'd like to take advantage of my weakened state, this afternoon would be the time.

I was thinking of playing hooky again and going to the pool - it turned out to be such a nice day, but being that I lost my sunglasses last night (heaven knows where) - I doubt I'll be happy in the blazing Sun.  No, I think a cool, dark bedroom is more my cup of tea for the day.

It' a nice roomy bed, with a good hard mattress - great for sleeping - even better for a little fun!  Hope you'll join me.

I'm never too tired (or hungover) to get naughty.  In fact, it's my birthday - and you'll probably want to give me exactly what I'm asking for ... a really good schtooping to knock this hangover into oblivion. 

See you soon. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

TGIF Night

Blowing Off Some Steam

It's Friday night and you may be wondering why my schedule has such odd hours posted on it for today, or why I'm even signed-on on a Friday at all. 

Well I just need to blow of some steam and get out tonight.  I wanna dress-up, go out, get down and party and maybe (if I get tipsy enough) even let someone in.  Basically I feel like branching out in all directions today.  I'm giving partial credit for my Friday excursion to this fabulous weather.  It's sunny, a fabulous 72 degrees and there's a wonderful breeze blowing in the un-humid air.  The rest of the credit goes to my ridiculously tireless jumble of a schedule.  All work and no play makes Ashley ... cranky and no fun.

So, really if you think about it, my going out tonight is something I'm doing for you (like how I turned that around?). 

Besides, I know you don't want anything to do with a cranky, no-fun Ashley, and I certainly prefer to be happy go-lucky (what the heck does "go-lucky" mean anyway?), and feeling refreshed and revived. 

That's why I'm putting on my shortest, tightest dress, my highest heels, my best perfume and maybe a few wrist bangles (I call them wolf calls) and having fun. 

Part of me knows I shouldn't get too excited,  It always turns out to be a dud of a night when you're wanting a full-on party (and the opposite holds true as well), so I'll shut up now before I jinx myself - right after I tell you that I can almost taste that dirty martini now. 

The olives will serve as dinner, the alcohol covers everything else.  I'm not a huge drinker, but I don't think I have to tell you that when I do something, I give it my all.

So, if you miss me today, let's wake up together tomorrow.  :)  


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pre-Weekend Quiet

Hmm ... Where is Everyone?

[Cricket, cricket, cricket]
If you're looking for me tonight - Thursday night, I just signed off of NF.  It wasn't completely quiet, but the ring-to-cricket ratio was steadily increasing in the crickets' favor. 

Math may not be my thing, but even a lil' ol' PSO can do that kind of math.

This is one of those reasons why sometimes you may not find me "on "when I say I'll be on, just as there are times when I have a little extra time and a little extra urge to play and I'll sign on even when my schedule says I'll be gone.  Surprise!

I know ... I get it.  The benefits of a schedule are not lost on me (yes that was directed at you - you schedule lovers), but sometimes the universe has other ideas.  If I was really good at math, I think I could probably come up with some sort of "uni-flex schedule" that fluctuates based on the needs and wants of people and the universal mood meter (since no one seems to be in the mood tonight but me).

(And the audience sighs, "Awww.")  Okay, that's the end of my pity party.  Tee hee.

Ya' Talking to Me?

Ha, ha - I just love saying stuff like that; I'm goofy like that.  Plus no one can say that like a New Yorker, right?

If you are, in fact looking to talk to me - I'll keep my NF window open until my scheduled time (11pm).  If you're in the mood for some "Kink" then I'll be checking my email looking for a little "wink" from you.

I'll be back tomorrow if I missed you (Friday 3pm-8pm).  Ciao for now...