Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crazy Weather - What Not to Wear

Hotties in Hoodies

So the weather here has been a little nuts.  Just yesterday it was 82 degrees or more and in the afternoon it got super humid.  We had about 7 seconds of rain and then it got cold.   Today, it's about 25 degrees cooler than the the high of yesterday, which I found out as soon as I opened my front door to go out.  My arms were actually cold; I was shocked.  I had to run back in and grab one of my hoodies and throw it over my tank top. 

Speaking of hoodies.  I was talking with not just one, but two people, in totally unrelated conversations and the subject of hoodies came up in passing.  Both were guys and both said, "I love girls in hoodies."  Really?

I didn't realize that hoodies were considered hot?  To me, it's what I throw on when I'm dressed down, feeling chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket, or to wear to the store or the beach.  Most girls do.  Most girls wear "hoodies" with the matching pants or they pair it with some yoga pants. 

There's another piece of clothing that has come up in conversation - and another piece that I'm told is "hot."  Yoga pants, huh.

Couture for Amor

Honestly, if I had ever been told the "hot workout gear" stories earlier, I might have saved a lot of money on outfits of the less-sporty type - not to mention the shoes; those five-inch heels are killer on a girls feet.  I usually refer to them as my "sitting shoes," 'cause that's about all they're good for.  Well that and they do look hot upside down in the air (tee hee).

Don't get me wrong, wearing sexy clothes makes you feel good inside and out, and wearing lingerie underneath is what I consider "hot," but honestly, it's not always that comfortable.  You guys haven't really got a clue when it comes to the pains us girls go through just to look good.

Truth be told, half the time us girls wear that stuff just so you'll rip it off! 

That is what I call a two-prong solution  1) the bone-lined corset gets tossed on the floor, and you can resume normal breathing, and 2) you both can get down to business and have some fun and maybe even orgasm your ass off. 

Everyone wins!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

And the Unofficial First Day of Summer Begins

Memorial Day practically eclipses the Summer Solstice - I mean, once the pool is open, it's basically summer, right?

This is the one day this week that I'm actually going to an official Memorial Day Party and I'm excited.  Times have sure changed ... people used to go away on Memorial Day, but it seems that the streets here are as crowded as always.  I used to smell 24/7 barbeques outside on this weekend, but not this year.  I'm sure that half of my neighbors don't even know what this holiday is about. but c'mon, everyone loves barbeque, no?

What I do know that it usually means to most people is three days off from work.  There's a reason to celebrate on its own.  What it means to me is all the girls go shopping to catch all those big sales and they leave the men at home - free to mow the lawn, put their feet up on the patio furniture and of course, they're free to pick up the phone to call me for some hot, sneaky, taboo sex.

I love hot, sneaky and taboo ...

I've already visited my friend's pool; it was open last week.  It was the coolest thing that was made up more like a movie set pool than a typical swimming pool.  I find it incredible what creativity goes into the latest in background patterns and stones and all.  I wonder how many of you guys say, "I want to grow up and create marvelous places for chicks in bikinis to swim."  Haha ... Well I bet the guy who invented my friend's pool never thought, "I want to grow up and create unique pools where chicks will stretch out naked and let me take pics of them," but that's what happened at my friend's house.  He designed this pool and the least I could do was celebrate his creativity (and christen his pool). 

I swear I would be a mermaid if I had a choice - except ... I'd wouldn't have legs to spread - that would be a problem for me.

How could I resist this pool?  If someone came by daily to play with me and feed me, I'd probably live in here. 

I just plastered this page on my newly revamped listings (still a work in progress, but they have to be a working work in progress - so please be patient with me).  I got hot and horny just taking the pic - of course, what happened afterwards was fun too.  It's quite possible that I have a new MP3 coming to describe it (cliff hanger).

So before I get dressed for my party, and while the girl in your life is out with your credit card, take some time for yourself ... call me.  Let's play and celebrate the day in our own way. 

It'll be our little secret.  Ssshhhhhh.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Unofficial Start of Summer

I wrote this post last night - and poof the electricity went out.  Now imagine that reading the post - kinda scary.

Memorial Day - I can official wear white


 Happy Memorial Day Weekend Boys!

I'm sitting here in my nightie with the back sliding door wide open - the fresh, cool air feels refreshing.  It's warm enough to ditch the winter clothes and cool enough to just feel good.  Thank goodness there isn't too much traffic through my backyard - anyone walking by would certainly get an eyeful, but since my door is facing the woods I feel fairly ... well ... free to be me.

I'm certainly glad that the weekend is here (as I'm sure you are too). 

I took a break from my hectic schedule this week long enough to take advantage of the few hours of sunshine this week to get in the spring/summer mood. 

Yes, me, Ashley hauled her tight jeaned ass to the hardware store and picked up a big old bag of mulch, a big old bag of potting soil, a few pots and some flowers.

BTW - I'm happy to say that I've finally - once and for all - come to grips with the whole "annual and perennial" question that I tackle each year around this time.

It was hard to wrap my brain around how something called an "annual" wouldn't come back yearly.  I feel sorry for anyone learning English as a second language - it's enough to boggle an English-speaking brain sometimes. 

I'm really not the farming/landscaping kind of girl - I'm more of a beach/city kind of girl.  Unless it's a chance to get busy with a strapping farm hand, you probably won't find Ashley walking "amongst the rows."  I despise bugs and dirt just leaps onto my nice clothes - and yeah, no, that's not me. 

Still, barring the ability to call a landscaping company to come in and spruce up my sprawling property, I decided to dig in and make my view something I actually wanted to view.  My modest apartment patio is now something that actually makes me smile. 

I can't say that the whole annual/perennial thing was worth debating or figuring out - I'm hoping not to be here next year to see those annually-sprouting perennials, but it would be nice to leave my little mark on this portion of the world.  Maybe someone else will appreciate my effort ts down the road. 

But speaking of efforts (and leaving a mark or spot somewhere - like on the sheets) I'll be around for a bit just admiring the view and ... yep, here it comes again, listening to the rain, waiting for you to call. 

If we miss each other though, I hope you have a great (and fun) weekend.  And if someone gets you to celebrate the weekend by digging in the dirt and beautifying  your surroundings, just think about how much they'll appreciate it ... not just then, but every day they get to see their little section of Zen.  Make someone happy - they just may return the favor (over and over again).

xxo Ashley

Friday, May 23, 2014

Lights Out

While I was posting to this blog ... and explaining how peaceful it was to have the sliding glass door open listening to the night sounds, the rain and admiring my potting abilities (plants in a pot that is), the lights went out.

Gotta' tell ya' - it's a bit scary, and I don't scare easily.

I had to switch to the hotspot on my iPhone to get internet access - and I missed a call because my modem runs on electricity.  I'm telling you this is the kind of stuff that scary stories are made of. 

Luckily being a savvy girl - I have internet and phone as long as the batteries last.  But if I missed you tonight, be sure to call this weekend if you can get away from the fray.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Boys.

xxo Ashley

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rainy Nights, a Little R&R (and more R)

I love rain and thunder and I love it especially when it comes at the end of a long week - it gives me an excuse to chill out and pretend the world has just stopped rotating on its axis for a while.

Since I'm lounging about tonight, I figured why not spend some time on NF?  And speaking of spending time on NF, I have rethought my decision to not have a schedule.  So, I'm retracting my previous post about all the reasons why a schedule wouldn't work for me.  It seems that spontaneity has its pitfalls as well.

So, yes, I will post a schedule - I'll even send an email alert once it's posted so that you'll have it conveniently delivered to your email.  So be on the lookout for my upcoming schedule which I'll probably post on Sundays (still deciding on the day).  If you don't receive one, shoot me an email and I'll add you to my email list - if you're not on it already, don't taking it personally; it was probably just an oversight/clerical error (it's hard to find good help these days).

Having said that - you know that sometimes stuff comes up and life happens.  I won't go into the list of all the things that can interrupt life as we plan it - you know because I'm sure it's happened to you - stuff comes up.  So, as much as I'd like to and intend to stick to my schedule, there may be times when I won't follow it to the letter.  That could mean I'll be gone when I'm supposed to be on - and it could mean that I'll on when I thought I'd be gone.  I just felt like it was important to throw in that disclaimer - you know me, once a legal secretary, always a legal secretary.

Once I finish my "to-do list" for the day I'll be ready to sign on and I hope we'll be able to meet up/chat later. 

In the meantime, it's time to get back to the fun.  Since it's so hard to find good help these days, I'm forced to take on all those pesky little chores we all love so much (she said sarcastically).  I guess I'll be on about 8:30 PM tonight.  And I know I typically don't do Friday nights, so it wouldn't surprise me if I'm not on long since no one's expecting me to be on (hence the retraction - a schedule makes sense - for me and you).

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fixing Non-Existent Problems

My Personal Mr. Fix-it

Soon after I decided that I was going to renew my lease, I ran into a maintenance guy in my apartment complex that had flirted with me heavily when I first moved in last year.

I could tell he was interested in me even back then.  I kept running into him in the parking lot, at the mailbox, even at the local convenience store and soon he was knocking on my door asking me if I wanted to replace my dishwasher for a newer model.  He made it clear that he only had a limited number of new machines and they were only going to a select few. 

I took him up on his offer to switch out my dishwasher, and I was very glad that I did.

Over time I noticed that his flirting was amping-up.  The more I ignored his sexually-charged jokes, the more he came up with them.  I didn't want to encourage him, but I also didn't want to piss off the maintenance guy either.  Truthfully, I don't think my reaction either way, encouraging or discouraging, would have mattered.  He just kept coming around more and more.

Another thing I noticed was the ring on his finger.  He was clearly married; he just didn't seem to care.

My dilemma was that he was so freaking cute.  And as off-putting as I found his transparent sex jokes and his stalker-ish tendencies, something tingled inside of me every time he flirted with me.

All of the sudden he was gone.  I didn't see him for months and when I asked my neighbor if she'd seen him, she said, "No, not in a long time."

I assumed he got fired - probably for fucking one of the tenants - or maybe his wife made him quit his job and move to some remote cabin in Alaska where she could keep his libido under wraps.  Oh well. 

In the meantime when I needed maintenance assistance for anything I'd just call the office and they'd send someone over.  Although all of those guys here are flirts, I never really got the same vibe from the other guys - at least not as intense as the vibes from my Mr. Fix-it.  I'm sure that if I offered a return flirt or even a suggestion of one that I would have gotten an affirmative response from one of them, but I just wasn't that interested. 

One Year Later

I got a knock at my door the other day.  It was him.

"Wow, where have you been?  I thought you quit or something."

Turns out that he had injured himself on the job and he had been out of work for all those months. 

He sort of pushed his way in the door and said, "How's your washing machine?"  He walked to the back of my apartment.

"Fine," I said - "no problems here."

I was starting to feel his aggressiveness as something I should be wary of, but part of me was happy to see him.  He was, after all, extremely fit, extremely cute and not surprisingly, openly suggestive.  He told one of his sexually suggestive jokes and when I told him the punchline before he even had a chance to deliver it himself, he looked shocked, surprised - and aroused.

He moved closer - we were closer than two people who are just chatting would normally get.  I could feel that old familiar tingle.  I could smell the minty gum he was chewing.

I'm sure there was a glint in my eye when it happened, and that tingle was quickly becoming a throb.  I could feel my panties getting moist.  I was kind of miffed by my quick and sudden reaction to his closeness.  He moved in closer.  I couldn't help but look deep into his beautiful blue eyes. 

Then, I suddenly got a little nervous.  I wasn't sure I wanted to go there.  Fucking around with the maintenance guy could very well backfire on me in an emergency situation or if he suddenly got mad for whatever reason.  Every possible scenario was playing through my head at once.

I diverted my eyes and moved away.  I jumped up onto the kitchen counter on the opposite side of the kitchen and tried to look nonchalant.  That was my first mistake.

He walked over to me without skipping a beat.  He put his hands on my thighs and wriggled his way in between my legs.  I could feel my nipples getting excited, I could feel that tingle in my panties again and I could hear the voice in my head say, "Aw to hell with it."

He placed one of his hands my neck and pulled my mouth onto his.  He was forceful in his intention, his hand gripped the back of my neck tightly, pulling my hair with it and he earnestly stuck his tongue in my mouth and twirled it around until I was positively dizzy.  His aggressiveness was both scary and intoxicating all at once.

This was like a scene out of a romance novel - where the hunky gardener suddenly gets an urge to see how the mistress of the mansion's garden really grows.  

My hands we still resting on the counter on either side of me when suddenly I found my arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer.  I really don't remember even doing that, but I was glad that I did.  He reached both hands behind me and grabbed my jean-covered ass and pulled me even closer.  I could now feel his sex directly against my body.

He kissed as good as he looked,  Our tongues danced around each other for what seemed like hours.  Eventually I had to take a tongue break.  I could barely breathe; my heart was racing.  I put my head on his chest and looked down first noticing how much my nipples had poked through my shirt and then noticing the huge cock bulging through his jeans.  I found myself licking my lips, imagining what it would be like to wrap my lips around that monster cock.  Then I closed my eyes imagining how it might feel as it was thrusting inside of me.

He groped my breast through my t-shirt.  Gosh you guys know how I love having my body felt through material - it's that unique sensation that gets me every time - the anticipation of losing those clothes and feeling skin against skin.

I knew it was wrong.  I wanted to say no, but I also wanted him to fuck me hard like a guy who had just been released from prison after a decade.  We kissed again - feverishly feeling each other all over. 

I ran my right hand across the bulge in his pants.  I found that it was as ample in girth as it was in length.  I felt like I could cum right then and there from the excitement  and anticipation.  Certainly I was wet to say the least.

And then his radio chirped.  It was his boss looking for him.  Everything came to a very abrupt end.

Turns out that the radio chirp was actually coming from the alarm clock on my cell phone.  It had all been a dream - a very racy, salacious dream.

Needless to say that when I ran into him later at the mailbox, I blushed.  Plus, I couldn't help but glance at his package.  I'm sure he noticed. 

After I retrieved my mail and locked the mailbox, I turned back towards my apartment.

"Hey," he said.  "How's that washing machine running?"  I pretended not to hear him and kept walking. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

About that Schedule

You Think You Want to Know

You know a few of you ... well actually a lot of you, have actually asked me many times, "When are you going to be on; what's your schedule"?  

So here's the funny thing.  When I post a schedule, I get less calls - that's not what I want - sexually and otherwise.

It could be due to a few factors, 1) the weather is getting nicer now and everyone is around less, 2) my schedule doesn't jive with yours, or as I really suspect 3) scheduling spoils spontaneity.

Plus, let's face it guys, we're all human, and the human experience dictates certain things about our personalities, one being that we like a certain air of surprise. 

Here's an example:  Say we lived together and I wanted to entice you.  Which of the following scenarios would excite you more:  1)  I call you at work and tell you to expect to find me dressed in heels and a string bikini when you come in the front door; or 2) You came home and find me in the kitchen sitting on the counter in a string bikini with my legs spread and one heeled foot resting on the opposing counter? 

Exactly.  I know without even asking for a poll on this, that number 2 is the winner in that scenario.

You'd like to find me like that, you wish you'd find me like that, but if you expected to see me like that when you walked in the door, the element of surprise would be ... uh .... let's say, less impactful.

I mean yes, you want sex-on-demand, but in order for it not to get old and stale, the scenarios have to change sometimes.  There has to be a certain air of mystery and unexpectedness about it - it just makes the sexual soup more savory when there's a dash of spontaneity thrown in.  Don't you agree?

The other thing about this whole scheduling scenario has more to to with me, I guess.  As you know, I say that the only times you'll ever find me on NF is when I'm feeling horny.  Can you schedule horny? 

Having said that, thank the heavens that I'm more like a guy in that I am pretty much horny all the time.  Still, there are factors that can creep in during the day that distract us or otherwise disturb our randy desires - it's just a part of life.

My nightmare scenario is that I put up a schedule, it doesn't work for you, I get zero calls and as a result, I don't pay the rent on time which means I soon receive an eviction notice.  Do you think I'm gonna be hot to trot with an eviction notice in my hand?  I can tell you the answer, in case you haven't guessed - that would be a resounding "No."  But that's just my nightmare, worst-case scenario.  I honestly don't foresee that happening, but I have to imagine the worst sometimes in order to do my best.  When I'm spontaneous, I'm at my best.

Of course - if I get that eviction notice and you make me hold it in my hand while you have me bent over the counter telling me that you'll make it go away if I let you fuck me 'til I'm sore ... that's another story.  That has a slightly diabolic bent to it that I find ... intoxicating.

The Semi-Schedule

Having said all that - let's try something new this week.  Let's try a semi-schedule.  Think light structure as opposed to tight schedule.  Think flexibility (I know you like that).  Think spontaneity - hit or miss -  the exciting you-just-never-know factor.  Because as much as I think you'd like to have that hot little schedule at your disposal, I also believe that you'd probably rather go ... "Ooow, Ashley's on ...."

Truth is that it's worked this week so far - at least for me ... if you feel otherwise, then you should let me know (write me on NF email).

Getting Loose

I'll be here Wednesday and Thursday night - as well as the mornings on those days.  Friday the morning is booked with other stuff, but there's a distinct possibility that I'll be on in the late afternoon/early evening.

The weekends will be as normal - on in the AM as well as probably the evenings ... well you just never know about weekend evenings (because I don't always know).  And of course, there are those few times when it's just slow and although I love when people peruse my listings, I don't care for paying for clicks (and losing money) when the phone is not also ringing - that would cause me to sign-off and if I were "scheduled" to be on, that would mean yet another update.  I like posting blogs and updates, but I also like to do that with a bit of creative spontaneity. 

So I think I've made my point - there are existing factors that just lend themselves to have a loose schedule as opposed to a tight schedule.  But then of course, I like when you take charge, so if you disagree, I will certainly take that under serious advisement.  For now, we'll let the matter rest and play out in its present state - a state of perpetual change.

So today is Wednesday and I am telling you here and now that you can and will find me on NF tonight.  Hopefully, we'll get to "chat."  ;)

Under the Wire

You have to remember that a lot of my friends don't know that I do this, and most of them are off of work when I'm working - our schedules clash sometimes, especially on the weekend.  I can't say "No" to going out with them all the time, but I can say "No" occasionally. 

And of course, there's always that distinct possibility that I'll go back to working full-time soon so having a schedule now, would dictate that I have to come up with a new schedule later.  That's a lot of updating.  To me, it's just another thing to do and trust me when I tell you, I have enough to do without adding 'schedule updates' to the list.  If I get overwhelmed when it comes to obligations, that won't work well for my libido - and we don't want that, now do we?

So tell you what - we'll try it my way this week and if it doesn't work, then we'll go back to having a schedule.  I'm willing to play it out and seeing if it works, if you are.  And when I feel like I will or won't be around, I'll probably write a little blog post that will tell you what I'm up to during the day (because I like when you read my blog every day).

I'm on now, but I'm signing off at 11 AM - will I be back tonight?  I'm planning on it, so you should too.  I'll probably and hopefully see you around tonight just after 8 PM.  Hope you can join me.

xxo Ashley

The Schedule
I tried to fly without a flight plan this week.  We're only up to Wednesday, but already I'm seeing a difference between having a schedule and not having a schedule.

When I signed on a few times this week, I heard the old lines I used to hear pre-scheduling days such as, "It's nice to find you on here," or "I was hoping you'd be on."   Those appreciative lines not only make me feel wanted, I can also hear the excitement in your voices.  They also do a lot to make me feel like - hey ,if you're that happy to see me, then I'm going to go out of my way to make you happy that you found me. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"I Need a Man"

Up Close

Being Single - It's Everything it's Cracked up to be ... Sometimes

I have very little patience for those girls who say, "I need a man," but I have to admit that as a single girl there are those times when I find myself thinking the same thing - although I would never say it aloud.

Truth is, I suck at relationships - there, I've said it.  Been there, done that - I suck.  I'm good at the kind of relationships that don't involve commitment - I rock at those.  (And when it comes to sucking, I don't do too bad either, if I do say so myself.)

Time - The Precious Commodity

Today has been and continues to be a real sit-around-and-wait kind of day, aka the hurry-up-and-wait kind of day.  At 8 AM this morning, I was standing in the lobby of an auto repair place where I spent two and a half hours waiting to get brake pads changed and rotors cut.  Sure, there was TV and coffee and loads of magazines to keep me occupied, but I had a long to-do list sitting in my bag.  Every once in a while I could hear it say, "Ashley, don't forget about me ... we've got a lot to do today."

I started thinking that if I had a boyfriend who either knew how to fix cars or was able to take me around town to finish all of my errands while he paid someone else to fix my car, I wouldn't be wasting time sharing a sitting room with strange people who keep gawking at me.  I'd be getting all of my stuff done (and probably paid for) - sounds silly, maybe even selfish, but that's basically a statement of fact.

Sometimes I look at those cute old guys pushing shopping carts, holding purses and opening car doors and I think, awww, how nice that must be for her and him as well - for both of them.

Lobbying Around

I was getting antsy as I watched people come in for repairs - they all came in after me and they all left before me.  I was sure that they were tinkering with my wheels trying to extract more money out of my under-employed, 'she doesn't know any better,' brake-needing ass.  If I had longer nails, I would have bit them all off.

I'll let you in on a little "girl secret."  As the fairer sex, there are two places that we believe that a man is most likely to take advantage of a single woman.  One is the bedroom, the other is the auto repair shop.  Those are the two places we fear the most.  Both usually have favorable outcomes, but it's the not-knowing factor that gets us every time.  And certainly the most uncertain thing about it (or them) is the cost.

To get you in the bedroom, for instance, a guy might talk about relationship-related stuff (usually when a girl lets it be known that she "needs a man") (gosh that drives me nuts when girls do that).  A guy can smell that desperation and so to get what he wants, he'll get a girl's hopes up that he may be "the one."

In the auto repair shop he's the grease-covered know-it-all holding your car hostage who doesn't fully get his jollies off until he tells you just how many things are wrong with your car, how you really need to fix them and then ... wait for it ... the real cost of tea in China.

In my point of view - in Ashley's view of the world, there are only two times a guy will smile his widest - when you've got his cock in your mouth or his when he's leering at you over the cash register counter saying, "Well maybe there's a way we can work this out (wink)."  Oh brother.

I may like a little rough-play and maybe even being tied up once in a while, but if you plan on holding my car and my wallet hostage, you better watch out.  I don't need a man, mechanic or otherwise.

That's why I work my ass off (literally) to pay for the stuff I need and that's why, although begrudgingly, I reach down deep to find the patience to sit in those skanky waiting rooms.  I proudly pay for my services and then I walk out the door, knowing that Mr. Mechanic Man wishes that I had been just a little more desperate.  Nah-ah Mr. Mechanic Man.  When I get a lube job, it's because it's what I want when I want it - trust me.

So have no fear guys, despite the deception in the title of this blog, there's no deception going on with me.  I'm single, I love it and I like not having a man (except when I'm horny, of course).  Sure it may cost more, in time and money, but being able to pull my panties up as quickly and willingly as I took them off is priceless to me - mostly because it's what I want - it's who I am.  Thank heaven for that.

Of course, if anyone would like to make a donation towards Ashley getting her "struts" done - I'm open to receiving - that is one costly procedure.  In the meantime, I'll be on NF tonight (Tuesday) - someone's gotta' pay for that brake job.

For now, I have to go get ready to hurry up and wait some more - on the line at the store and in the chair while getting my hair trimmed (no fears boys, the hair will remain long and it will be stronger for the grabbing).

As for tonight - it would be nice if I didn't have to sit around and wait for the phone to ring - so make sure you call me - I have a lot of pent up energy to expel - too much sitting around and waiting.   And keeping in mind the two reasons why guys smile their widest - I'd love to make you smile :).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Schedule Update (Big Surprise LOL)

Actually, it's just a minor adjustment.  I have to give someone a ride. 

Okay, I'll pause a moment while you let that line resonate - thinking what you're thinking about me giving someone "a ride."  Tsk, tsk.  (Tee hee.)  I really mean it though.

I have a friend in need.  (Wow, I keep throwing those suggestive lines out there ... whatever could I be thinking?)

Updated Schedule (click here)

No, actually this is a friend-friend and nothing more.  Besides, do I look or act like the kind of girl who would consider dropping her panties for a guy who in her own car?  Well, okay I'll say, "Maybe," but still ...

This is the way my life goes.  I'm single, I'm available and all of my friends know that if they need me, I'll be there.  Plus, I'm spontaneous and the word "no" really doesn't exist in my vocabulary if it means doing something good.

Just to prove that I can be a good friend and a "good girl" in general, I'll see you here later tonight.  So although I won't be here at 8:00 pm as my schedule suggests, I should be back by 9:00 pm (ESDT) or a little smidge afterwards. 

So - I hope to see you here later.  Ciao for now ...

xxo Ashley

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo

No Fiesta - No Siesta

Happy Monday everyone - it's 10pm Monday night and my day has just about ended - no, not on NF ... I was on this morning for a little bit, but as for the rest of Monday and Tuesday ... Ashley's out.  As much as I'd love to tell you I was out celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a few shots of Petrone, truth is I was working my tail off (again, not on NF).  I don't really drink much, but I actually feel like I could use a shot right now.  In fact, if I could I'd like to be doing that shot on a beach somewhere in Mexico or some other tropically-centered place.  And for anyone thinking of buying me a ticket, throw in a new bikini and a beach chair. PLEASE (pouting my cutest pout).  Just kidding - not.

I just turned on the "boob-tube" - aka the television - I should refrain from boob references when I'm not actually talking about boobs on here - sorry, didn't mean to get you excited (we'll save that for later).  I see the Jack Bauer and "24" is back in the TV lineup, so I'm kind of relieved because I'm thinking you're all sitting in a lounger watching it instead of thinking of calling me on NF (whew).  Jack Bauer to the rescue again.  Now I don't feel so guilty for not being around.

Truthfully, I don't do Mondays often but as you may remember, I have an actual schedule I'm working off of now ... and so that brings us to the reason we're here.  Yep, you've got it ... here's my NF schedule for the week beginning - today - Cinco de Mayo.  (If I were fully awake, I would plug in a YouTube of the song "Tequila," but I'm done for the day.)  I just couldn't end it without checking in, saying "hi" and letting you know I'm thinking of you. 

Wednesday:  AM hours (roughly .... please :) 8-11am
Wednesday:  PM hours (more please) 8-11pm Update:  9-11pm

Thursday:  AM hours (roughly .... please :) 8-11am
Thursday:  PM hours (more please) 8-11pm

Friday: No morning hours ... but maybe PM ... (hey, a girl's gotta have some fun, but so far no plans)

Saturday:  AM hours 8-11am
Saturday:  PM hours .... well, I'll be home all day (told everyone I was busy) so I may sign on in the afternoon and I'll definitely be around at night.

Sunday:  I doubt you'll all be around, but try me here on Sunday night.  It's Mother's Day so I'll understand if you're busy - you do it for me :) and I always appreciate that.  You know I do.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday After-noon

Sunday Schedule Update

I got home late last night ... boy would I love to be able to sleep in this morning, but even though I'm here on NF now, (9am) I'll have to run soon ... but I will be back this afternoon, and this evening as well ... hope ya'll can get away and play.

Man, I wish I could re-wind the weekend and have this be Friday again :) but there's still time to salvage the weekend ... with your help of course.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Super Switch Saturday

From Sub to Girl with a Rub

I had two very enjoyable calls this morning.  The first from someone I play with pretty often - he is definitely a TOP and I love being his BOTTOM.  It's easy for me to get addicted to being a pleaser ... call it a personality flaw, but I'm happiest when I'm making someone else happy.  I think that's the basis for a great bottom. 

The second call was from someone who appeared to be someone who just wanted to bend me over and "schtoop" my brains out, but I quickly learned that they wanted to wear my panties, they wanted me out of my panties so they could get into them as well as to "out" them to their friends and family and they wanted me to post their name on my blog.

Now while I don't object to men in girl's panties, mine are precious, so I don't really relish sharing them with others, but he was so nice, I decided I'd be nice too. 

You know I'm not a dominatrix, a life-ruiner or anything close - I just don't want to be responsible, culpable or have anything to do with outing anyone - that's on them.  It surprises me how much information guys are willing to give you - personal information that would really, actually ruin their lives.  Nah-ah - not me.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions.  I'll help anyone who wants my help - that's just me - but if you want me to do it all and have you not take any responsibility, the answer will be .. "Nah-ah."

What I like is to be the "good girl/bad girl" - though this particular person allowed me to be myself in that I could be accepting of his fetish, I didn't judge his need to wear panties or even his wish to be a girl. 

There is a sexiness to being persuasive and seductive, but it's typically not the venue I choose to do that in.  Still, I enjoyed it.  It felt good to give someone permission to be free and be themselves.

Still, it was call number 1 that got my day off to a good start - the most satisfying and gratifying of all the things I do is making myself feel good while making others happy.  Plus, caller number 1 really knows how to persuade me into pushing my boundaries - constantly.  He's not forceful about it - but he is cunning and extremely persuasive in making me think that it's all my idea (giggle).  He's smart and that is the sexiest part about it - that's why I love dominant men.

That's also why I like to hear men cum for me, then I know I've done a good job.  Again - the pleaser in me is what drives me.

And on that note - for those of you who like to call up and get me all worked up while you stroke it and then you hang up just before you cum - not fun for me - in fact, it brings out the side of me that can be a bit vindictive in that I'll probably block you unless you apologize (hmmm guess I do have a bit of a dominant side).  But truthfully I expect very little from the men I play with - and the least someone can do is confirm my hard work with a good hard cum. :)

About Tonight

I'm going out today to play in the Sun and have some fun - it's going to be close to 70 degrees out and I just love warmth and fun in the Sun.   But since I got up so early this morning when I could have used some extra ZZZZs, I'll probably be home fairly early - maybe 10pm - so keep that in mind if you're home and horny.  I'll be signing on to get some fun in - maybe you can give me such a workout that I'll sleep like a baby - which means I'll wake up tomorrow feeling frisky and ready to play.  That's just how it works for me - hard play, hard sleep equal more energy for the next day. 

Hope to see you on NF later ...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Once Upon a Time ...


Some of the best stories (naughty and otherwise) I've ever heard, read or envisioned are all, at least in part, based in truth.  One of the most famous expressions that my friends and I say about stories we've told each other is, "It's funny 'cause it's true."  And perhaps you've heard people use the expression, "You can't make this stuff up."  That's because the best stories are based on real-life stories.

So while I've been sitting here trying to think of the subject matter of my next short story, it occurred to me that I should ask you what you'd like to read about. 

One lesson you learn as a writer is, "Know your audience."  And while I do feel I know you all to some extent, I'm quite sure that I don't know everything.  Each person is pretty specific in what they like sexually, but there are some similarities - the kind of stuff that gives me juicy ideas, but as all writers do from time to time, I doubt that the subject matter of my stories is something that will go over well. 

There are two types of writers, in my opinion - the ones who write what they write and they don't give a crap about what anyone thinks of it and then there are what I feel are the majority who love to create, think they've concocted some fabulous story and then bite their nails in doubt, wondering if anyone will really ever read it, never mind like it.  No, I don't bite my nails anymore, but that doesn't mean that I'm not curious about public opinion and it doesn't mean that I don't want to give the people what they want and crave - what do you crave?

Need Your Help
That's why I'm enlisting my audience (you) to offer up some ideas about subjects you'd like to see in short-story form.  Oh yes, I have my own ideas, and if you've ever read any of my previous pieces, you know that I have a lot of tempting ideas for all things erotic, but I'm not completely oblivious to the needs of my fans - I want to get inside your minds (just the way you'd like to get inside my panties).  I never mind getting help to get my panties off - in fact, I find it sexy to have someone undress me, so why shouldn't I ask for help on ideas too?

Tell me what you like or call me and act out a role play that's been lurking just beneath the surface, maybe that will help me cum ... uh i mean come up with some ideas ... and cum as well (who are we kidding?).

Send your ideas to me on NF and I'll be sure to take them all into consideration (as long as you don't write anything too taboo and get me kicked off of NF) LOL.

xxo Ashley