Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dressing Up, Dating and the Goodnight Kiss

Whenever I have something to look forward to, I get excited.  I like to pick out what I'm going to wear, how I'll wear my hair and even what perfume to put on.  But sometimes I commit to things and regret it later and then I dread the impending date or party so much that I'm tempted to cancel. 

You guys always ask me why I'm still single - there's many reasons.  The main one is fear of commitment.  You guys should know what I'm talking about because it's usually guys that have this problem, if in fact it is a problem. 

Anyway, I have a date Saturday.  Don't worry boys, it doesn't look promising in any way and honestly I got goaded into accepting this invitation by my friends who thing they're helping me "fix" my life.  No one gets that my life is exactly as I want it for now. 

So while at this party the other night, my friend's husband introduced me to his co-worker.  He was really nice, but I felt trapped.  I like to meet guys in my own time.  I was there to have fun with my friends and now I have this total stranger watching my every move all day long.  I felt like meat on a stick.  And while I might find that hot when I'm on NF, it's really unsettling in person. 

The problem - my date is Saturday night.  Today is Tuesday.  I met him last Saturday.  He's called me three times already - twice on Sunday and once yesterday.  I feel smothered. 

So I need your help - Do I ...
  1. go on with the date as planned,
  2. cancel if he calls me one more time to "chat," or
  3. if I go on the date, do I dress-down instead of dress-up, so maybe he'll find me uncaring and uninterested? 
  4. if I go on the date, do I kiss him goodnight?  or is that inviting him to ask me out again?

If I cancel this date, my friends may never speak to me again; if I do go I may never speak to myself again.

I think I already answered my own question, but any help you can offer would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sundays, You've Got to Love Them

I used to love Sundays but then there was a time when there was so much to do, I never had time to enjoy them anymore.

Sometimes though, the weekend is just so crazy that you have to stop and re-charge your batteries (and replace the ones that have been used up in your buzzy toys too) and Sunday on the couch becomes not only something  you want to do, but it becomes inevitable

Of course, I never said that in order to enjoy a Sunday afternoon (or evening) on the couch that I had to do it alone ... After a nap (that took a little longer than I anticipated) and a long hot shower, I'm still feeling like I just want to ignore the world outside and relax on my couch, but I wouldn't mind if you wanted to join me.  ~Ash

Here's the key to my place, let yourself in ... Key (call button)

Saturday's Still Lingering

Last night was a late one ... it was a wild weekend with my girlfriends.  When we get together it's like we're still in high school - we all talk at once, but we're so tuned in that we all hear what the other is saying. 

I was up and on earlier today ... but right now last night is coming back to my morning (afternoon?) and after a long hot shower ... on this cloudy Sunday, I'm feeling the cushiness of my couch and it feels good.  I might have to take a nap and try to regain my voice ... no, I didn't lose it by being a naughty girl, although I know you'd like to hear that LOL.

But being with my friends this ... I just felt grateful for all of my old friends all of my NF friends. (I do miss you when I'm away ...)

I look forward to a short nap, and to signing back on this afternoon - refreshed and ready for more fun!  Call me after 3:30/4:00 (eastern time) and we'll have some fun.

Lots of fun!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Girl Time ... Let's Try This Again

So it's late (10pm) Wednesday night ... one of my girlfriends is in town this week and she stopped by this morning - she brought breakfast and we drank coffee and caught up on the latest local gossip, hers and mine and by the time she left this afternoon, I remembered I had an article due today.  Oops.  But since it was a title I proposed and they were letting me write, I pretty much knew that I'd have time to finish.  Thank goodness for the East Coast-West Coast time difference.

I'll be here for a while tonight - tomorrow, possibly mid-afternoon, but doubtful, and I won't be back on until Friday night.  So while it seems like a long time it's less than 48 hours - Friday afternoon we're doing the Jersey Shore!  I haven't been to the beach since last September, right before Sandy hit and I was already long gone from the Garden State by the time it did.  Lucky me.  Not so lucky for my fellow Jersey Girls. 

You'll be happy to know that I'm back in the swing though for the most part - certainly on here more than off - I'm just trying different days/hours and basically being on when I can.  I'm back to blogging more regularly and starting to feel "at home" again.  But when one of your Gfriends comes to town, it's time to take a little time to smell the roses.  Plus, when I get back to NF I'm always more refreshed and ready for fun - I miss you guys when I'm away. :)

Oh yeah, I'm working on some new erotica, so I'd love to know what kind of kink you're into or perhaps you have a suggestion ... leave a suggestion in the comment section or email me on NF.  I can't make any promises, but I will take all suggestions - and of course, I can also concoct a personal story by request.  Wouldn't you like a personal Ashley Kink original?  (wink)

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'll be right back.

it's a little quiet at the moment - going to take a little break and have a martini or two.  don't forget to read my last post.  i'll be back around 9:00 est.  ciao for now.

Howl Boys! It's Full Moon Monday!

Full Moon
Ya'll know how I like to stare at the stars ... preferably with my legs in the air (tee hee), so I thought it appropriate that we celebrate the Full Moon tonight - my Full Moon that is :).

Naughty and sometimes notably kinky Ashley (that would be me) is feeling a little frisky and risky tonight. 

Since more and more of you boys seems to like schtooping me from behind in my pink passion spot and some in my perfectly round little ass, I figured we could make a whole holiday out of it. 

(Might I say that normally, I don't go for ass pumping, but some of you have made it quite an erotic and special journey for me - and your cock) ... Plus I always love taking it on all fours, with my head down and a fistful of my hair in your hands - yum. 

So ... email me on my NF email and mention the words "Full Moon" and I'll send you 3 free minutes to call me and celebrate this luscious Full Moon.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keeping Cool at the Pool

I was saying the other day how I was going to the pool in my new suit - but I decided that it was a bit racy for a pool with families around, but I did pull out my favorite blue number from last year and I did get a chance to lay out and catch some rays in between the frequent dips in the pool. We all know how I love being wet.

I chatted up this older woman who was asking me about my camera ... I told her I was going to take some shots for my blog and then she introduced me to Walter.  I thought it was her husband, but when he acted all flirty in front of her and considering how old they were, I was pleased to find out that Walter was Miss Annie's brother and not her husband. 

At first I thought it was some older couple looking for a third wheel.  It wouldn't have been the first time something like that happened.  It happened to me a few years ago on a flight from Florida to New York.  I like older guys - I'm not into older women, although I think it's sweet that couples that age can still be freaky-deakies.  See?  Sex never gets old.

Anyway, Walter was quite the shutter bug.  He started snapping off pics in multi mode and he kept telling me how to pose.  This was his favorite shot (probably because it looks like I'm rubbing my pussy through my suit) - we all know how I feel about being touched with clothes on.  Yummy.

I think Walter had a little bit of a hard-on going.  Come to think of it, after our shoot, I hopped into the pool again and he seemed to disappear for a while.  Awww, that's so sweet - I love that I can make older guys so hard that they have to cum immediately.  It brings me joy. 

After Walter came back (with a huge smile on his face), I laid down on the lounger and oiled up my body some more.  He offered to do my back and the little devil unhooked my top - I barely caught it before it slipped off my boobs.  Simultaneously, Miss Annie tried to give me some of her homemade iced tea.  I graciously accepted, but didn't really drink any - I was thinking either she wanted me to reach for the glass and drop my top or she was slipping me a "roofy" for Mr. Walter's pleasure.  Some people are freaky like that and I have a hard time trusting strangers, even if they are older, sexy men (and their accomplices LOL).

Well, time for nighty-nite.  I'll see you here on Monday.
xxo Ash

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ahhh The Weekend

Happy Saturday ... looks like another hot and sunny day - but after last night, I'm ready to stay home in the AC and finish unpacking, organizing and just enjoying my solo living again.

I woke up really happy today - maybe because I've gotten all my outside stuff out of the way and today is a "free" day - I got my hair trimmed yesterday, I got my shopping out of the way, all of my friends have plans today-so no one should be calling with any tempting last-minute plans, I had a great time last night out with the girls, and today I have no need or desire to leave my cozy little apartment.  Well, maybe I'll go for a swim later just to break things up, but the best part is - I Don't Have to do Anything Urgent for once ... YEAH.  The last few weeks have been, shall we say, hectic. 

Last night we went out and well let's just say we got a little silly.  Thank the heavens for cabs.  I'm not a big drinker, so last night when the girls met up at my place around 11:30 I had to, of course, be the hostess and I poured a few rounds of Limoncello (a lemony Italian liquor) and we did shots.  By the time the cab arrived, we all piled in feeling very happy, giggly and quite very tipsy - boy that stuff really hit me.

I don't remember how we wound up at the club we wound up at or who decided we were going there.  My memory went from getting in the cab to being on the dance floor.  If you ever want to lower your inhibitions and enjoy a little exhibition, try a few shots of ice-cold Limoncello - oh boy.

It was like high school all over again - it's good to be home with  my girlfriends again.  We laughed so much, my stomach still hurts.  We danced and flirted and dirty-danced with guys and with each other and man you can really tell there's a Full Moon on the rise this weekend.

At one point I wound up in the DJ booth, sitting on the DJ's lap - something I don't remember - however, the picture my girlfriend just sent me on my phone and the phone number in my pocketbook that says "DJ - 555-5555" (number not actual) says that I not only DJ'd, flirted, but I scored some digits too.  Too bad DJ is the only thing it says because I don't remember his name AT ALL.  But that's okay - I doubt I'll call him.  I usually wind up with digits because I always refuse to give mine out.  A girl has to be careful.  Tipsy or straight, those digits will never leave my lips - I learned my lesson a long time ago.

I wish I could tell you about what a naughty girl I was, but to fill in the blanks I'll have to wait until one of my girlfriends calls to fill in the blanks - which of course I know they will.  They're all probably still sleeping now. 

How did we get home?  Honestly I vaguely remember getting in a car.  I do know that my car is in the parking lot (thank goodness) and I'm missing an earring.  Hey wait, I do remember now that the DJ was kissing my neck, perhaps he sucked it off my ear - if that happened, then I know there's more to tell, 'cause if I'm on someone's lap, that makes me hot - and having my neck and ear sucked on makes me crazy ... the pieces are starting to come together ... sort of.

I guess I'll have to fill you in when I get filled in - but I do know this - I woke up alone - not ready to share my place with anyone yet until I get to enjoy more of my new-found freedom by myself.  I will, however, share it with you ... I'll be around all day/night - with a possible break and/or interruption some time during the day to slip into my new bikini and head out to the pool.  Oh yeah - my new bikini - I have to post a pic of it ... it's hot.  But I'll do that later .... for now it's time to get back into bed for a while and take a few phone calls (glad to see you're all as horny this morning as I am!).

Call Me!  :) ~Ashley

Call Button

Friday, July 19, 2013

Inside or Out - Such a Dilemma

Heat Wave
So the girls are going out tonight ... at least I think so.  No one can make up their minds.  It's still hot as hell outside and some of us would rather wait for tomorrow when a thunderstorm and "cold front" move in and give us some relief from the heat and humidity.  Cold front, that made me chuckle - what is a cold front in July?  80 degrees?  LOL

Well, I'll at least be on for a while tonight but if you missed me, I'll be on tomorrow in the AM and tomorrow night - that is if we go out tonight.  For some un-Godly reason going out two nights in a row has become "passé."  I remember when we used to call Thursday, "Lil' Friday," and you couldn't keep us in all weekend - not even on Sundays. 

Anyway, I have my little dress hung up and ready to wear - and I do mean little - the less clothes worn in this weather, the better.  I think the strappy sandals I haven't seen since last year (packed away) will do nicely too.  I am definitely wearing panties - I'm still not sure about the bra - the dress is snug across the chest - what chest its covering (tee hee) I can't imagine wearing any more layers than necessary - unnecessarily.  (Yeah, I think all this phone fondling is making my boobs bigger - I may have something Hollywood!) 

I'm definitely in the mood to dance - so I can 't wait to go to a crowded, but air conditioned, club.  I just hope these girls come up with a decision soon - but if this is my only problem, then I'm doing pretty good.

Sometimes I wish I could keep a normal schedule, but it's obvious even to me that life (at least for me) doesn't work that way.  I do try to keep you up to date as much as possible though.  And besides some find my unpredictability cute.  I can say this, it's fun and spontaneous is always good.

Ciao for now ... Ashley

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's 'Lil Friday! (aka) Thursday

I'm so happy the weekend is coming up - I'm so ready for it ... with all the apartment-related stuff, like unpacking and organizing, etc. I'm losing my SC tan and it makes me sad :( - even though I do have lovely olive skin, I still like to have a little "sun-kiss" on my skin. 

So today - I'll be working on an article and I may not have a lot of time to check emails before 3:00pm - then I'll probably take a little break and I'll be back around 6pm or so and I'll stay on for the night.  As usual the best-laid plans can go awry, but hopefully we'll have uninterrupted time together tonight.

The reasons I can't always check emails while writing are this 1) I have to concentrate so that my editor doesn't fire me (however any volunteers to pay my rent will be welcome to); and 2) I have a split hard drive on my computer - the innocent side and the naughty side.  (Could you imagine if something from the naughty side got sent to someone in my "innocent" life? I'd be mortified and I'm sure the recipient would be in for quite a shock.)

Oh man, it's sunny and there's a heat wave here in NJ this week - I want to go to the pool and relax in the water a bit (I love swimming - in fact, once in the pool, it's hard to get me out).  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to go for a bit (no articles due 'til next week after today) - if I do go tomorrow I'll just go in the afternoon, so you can still find me here on Friday morning.

Why am I explaining all this ... well, sometimes ya'll (still SC in me) write me emails and if I'm working on my articles, I don't always have time to check emails.  I don't like to spend a lot of time emailing back and forth - but sometimes it's necessary to discuss schedules, make dates, or if you can email me and tell me a certain scenario you're looking for so that when you call me we can go right into role play and get down to the nitty-gritty.  LOL ...

Ya'll seem to like my blog and the silly stories I tell on here ... so bookmark this page and come back often to find out what I'm up to, where I'll be and when.  I'm a bit of a free spirit, so I don't always stick strictly to a schedule, but I do try.  If I'm ever not busy, but also not "in-the-mood" that's another time when I won't sign on ... it wouldn't be fair to either of us if I did - so know that when I'm here and I'm signed on, it's usually because I'm super "in-the-mood" (which is often) - and ready to play. 

Well, I better get back to work now - I'll be logged off the "naughty" side for a while (kind of like those sci-fi movies where the ship orbits a planet and when they hit the dark side of the Moon (or asteroid or planet) all communication goes down until they come back around) - the ship is still orbiting the planet (the "taking calls light is on) but communication is down (I'm not answering emails). 

Okay that was a bit of a stretch, but see what a great imagination I have?  Imagine what my imagination can do for your fantasy - it's an exotic, erotic chemical reaction.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Morning .... Uh, Afternoon with Ashley

Any day of the week there's always so much to do, but when it's Sunday, it kind of gives you license to sleep a little later, get dressed when you feel like - if you feel like it (which usually when I'm home it's as little as possible), and just escape from all of your responsibilities at least for a while.

Although I didn't get up too late today, I did manage to get an extra hour or so in, and now that it's noon (ESDT) I'm wondering whether I should get some errands done or just hang out in my panties ... hmmm panties/errands, errands/panties ...

In the meantime, I'm hoping from chair to couch to stool - bouncing around my new apartment, hanging pictures and making it feel like "home," which it is.  I think I've found a new sport - apartment aerobics.  Bending, lifting, climbing, bouncing ... that's one way to get a workout - but you and I know the best way to get a real workout, don't we?

I think I'll be wild and crazy and opt for both (errands and panties, that is).  Maybe it's time to get dressed and out of here for a while.  But you know I can never stay away for long and I'll be back later this afternoon into early evening.  Maybe you and I can go for a swim in the pool (skinny dipping?) or spend an evening on the couch watching naughty movies and proving that we can do much better than those cheesy actors and actresses. 

Challenge me with a new move or a new role play - I'll be right here waiting for you (wink).

xxo Ashley

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Life - Life of Leisure or One Big Glitch

I guess it depends on how you look at it, but someone living my life might view the last year as a year of growth (not my hips), introspection, challenges, joys and a series of foibles, mishaps, interruptions which can all be categorized under one big glitch.

I've finished moving stuff into my apartment, although I'm still in the middle of getting it to "work" for me ... putting things where they belong, trying new methods of organizing and streamlining - I've solved the nosey neighbor problem and she now texts me when she wants to hang out and I have the option of saying "no" without an explanation (which ... hello, I don't explain myself to anyone unless I choose to).

All was settling down nicely compared to the last month of driving 800 miles with my life in tow, interrupted in the middle by a quick flight to visit a sick relative and then retrieving the rest of my life which was in storage in two different places.  I've certainly sweated off a few pounds, which is good, 'cause when you're on the road all the time you can only eat so many salads and healthy food is not easy to find.  By the time I got to unloading my pots at home, I couldn't wait to cook up something for fun that I could enjoy - on the floor or leaning over the counter.  Still have to get a table and chairs.  I also have a filing cabinet and a chair that have no desk, but I'm getting there. 

This week, however, I was entrusted with watching a friend's house and her precious little pup.  After 8 months of climbing stairs to my room with a wonky Achilles tendon, I moved into a ground-floor, one bedroom apartment (yeah!) and now I'm watching a bi-level house complete with gardens front and back that need watering, a pool that needs backwashing (hell if I know what that is and if you didn't show me, cest la vie), a dehumidifier that needs constant emptying and oh yeah, the fish - but they only need to be fed once a day. 

My ankle will be happy when Thursday rolls around and I'm set free from responsibility once again, which just coincides with the day my couch gets delivered. 

So I'm inviting you to come visit me on Thursday and maybe you can come help me break in my new couch - bend me over the side, jump me on top of it - there's so many ways to make this couch all mine and get me all for yourself - (wink)

xxo Ashley

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" ... and a little Dirty Dancing

Lately, whenever I've had a busy, mind-boggling day, I've ended my day by relaxing and watching old movies.  Yesterday's movie du jour was "Dirty Dancing." 

Were there dirty old men and naughty young sluts in the 50s, 60s, 70s?  I'll bet there was - they were just better at hiding it - I guess they had to.  Glad it's not so taboo to be sexually expressive these days. 

As for, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," gosh, I hope that's not true.  Being the bad girl, being punished or just sitting in the corner of a room, straddling a chair backwards in some sexy-hot black lace panties and thigh highs with a hot pair of 5" heels on, waiting to surprise some lucky guy seems pretty hot to me.  I'd do it and I'd do it willingly.  I like playing games.

Or perhaps ... a dominant and demanding teacher, putting me on my knees in the corner of the room for being bad, lifting my plaid skirt (which I still have from catholic school and it still fits pretty good, except now it's just really, really short) to grope my panties, give me a swift spanking (love that sting and the way spanking makes me wet), or sliding my panties down and taking me hard and fast - (or all of the above) - yep, that's hot too - in fact, my hips are gyrating right now just thinking about it ...

So although the movie was corny, it was also fun and sexy in its own way, but I have to disagree with the "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" line - no one asked Baby what she wanted (not that submissive girls ever get to say what they like), maybe she'd liked it in the corner ... maybe she'd like being in the corner, facing the wall with her knees bent and her legs spread - now that is the kind of Dirty Dancing I like! 

If that's the kind of fun you like, we should definitely get together - Call Button - Call Me!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks and Fourth of July

I consider myself a patriotic chick - besides I look great in red, white or blue (tee hee).  No, really I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fourth of July.  I know a lot of people go on vacation this time of year and at the very least have off for the day - I too will not be around on the fourth, I have a family thing that day - well maybe I'll be around in the morning before I go, but I can't promise that because I don't know what time I'm supposed to be leaving yet.

June was a fabulous month - between moving and my birthday and having understanding friends like you who didn't just forget about me when I was away or sent well wishes ... Thank you.

I hope to be on a lot more in July while I'm settling in to my new digs - of course I can't always check emails while I'm unpacking boxes, but I'll do my best - at the very least I'll be on the phone more.  But for now I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Fourth of July !!! and here's to a month of "fireworks" ahead for you and me ... and us :)

xxo Ashley