Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wanna Cum by Tonight?

This weekend was a blast but now it's the unofficial end of summer and everyone's pretty much gotten back to life as normal, including me.

Lots to do today, but I'm only busy until about 7pm EDT, so even though this has already been a long day (it's not even 2pm yet), I'm feeling a little frisky (what's new?).

Oh yeah - I got called out by someone here who wrote me about not being around this weekend - and he's not even the type to punish me (damn!) but in a way I get what he was saying - I said I'd be on one morning but I had no idea that my date from the previous night would keep me detained (that was delicious - I have a weakness for handcuffs).  That's my life, but he's right.  That's why the post today to tell you all when I'd be on next.

It's hard to pin down the time I'll be on NF on any given day - it depends on a lot of factors, so without the ability to "schedule" I'll make this blog the place I send updates, and they're probably going to be on a day-by-day basis until I figure out a better way.   But actually, this may be a good thing because you'll have to read my blog more often - or at least when the cock crows.  :)

In a way I feel like an old, married woman (glad I'm neither) who has to schedule sex - eewww.  I'm too spontaneous for all that mess.  But I did want to give you head ... a head's up.

Hope you can get away from your busy life so we can whip up some fun tonight.

xxo Ashley

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