Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's All About You and Me

Happy Autumn!

Okay, so maybe Wednesday wasn't the best night for NF; it's kind of quiet tonight, and by the looks of other listings it's quiet all over the Flirtville.  Is it another football night?  When I moved to the south, I thought i got it down - Friday, high school ball; Saturday, college ball and Sunday, pro ball - and then of course Monday Night Football.  Did I miss the news about Wednesday ball?  Oh gosh this is so confusing.

I used to really love football, but then I grew up and got more interested in football players and ... well, I've forgotten everything I ever learned about the sport.  But I never forgot one single linebacker, safety or full-back.  Quarterbacks always get all the attention, but if my man if going to be a jock, then my choice would be a big, thick muscle head.  But I'm kind of getting off-track here ...

I'll be around over the weekend, if not before.  Of course if you want to suggest a time and place for a naughty romp, you can always email me on NF.   'Talk soon.

xxo Ashley

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